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UPDATE 1/8/2015: I Remember This Movie, an entire website dedicated to solving mystery movies, is now open! Please move all your movie questions there. Comments will be left open here for the time being, and we will not stop anyone from posting here. However, we are removing the list of unsolved movies, since it makes no sense for people to keep guessing about movies questions that were asked years ago. Thanks a lot, this page has brought us a lot of traffic over the years—which is precisely why we thought the concept deserved its own site.

UPDATE 11/5/2013: I Remember This Movie, an entire website dedicated to solving mystery movies, is now open! You may continue to post your questions here for the time being, but we prefer you use I Remember This Movie and plan to move all our movie-answering operations there by 2015.

This page has become very popular, which is gratifying. Unfortunately, it has also become a pain to maintain, which is not. As a solution we have created an entire new site organized around the concept.

I hope I Remember This Movie will prove easier to use: your mystery movie will now have its own post to which people can respond if they have a solution. I think this will be much better organized and easier to follow. We also keep a leaderboard showing how many movies each user has solved, and hope to add prizes at some point in the future.

I will keep this page up for the time being while we work out the kinks, but I encourage you to try out I Remember This Movie instead.

As a heads up, I find that the badmovies.org “What Was That Film” board can be the best place to ask these sorts of questions, particularly if the film your looking for is in the horror or science fiction genres.  It may be a good idea to ask there as well.

Some idea of when the movie might have been made is helpful. If you saw it in 2005 then say so so we won’t suggest movies made later. Remember, something like “I saw it when I was six” isn’t that helpful because we don’t know if you’re 16 now or 60!


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  1. Movie where in the beggining guy in elevator gets bloody nose then his body freezes and becomes cracked. There is a virus… I think quarantine

  2. I remember a movie with some children. It was animated but they found a cloud city with giant robots who had been inactive for quite a while(covered in moss). I think the robots could fly with jets but im not sure. There was also some kind of military or group who did not trust the robots so they tried to persuade the children to betray their friendship with them. Also a kids movie please help!

    1. That is the absolutely lovely Japanese film Tenkū no Shiro Rapyuta, or Laputa: Castle In The Sky. One of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies. Just a joy for all ages.

  3. Okay I have a weird one I can’t find:
    I saw it sometime in the early 2000’s (2000-2002) and it was about a guy, I’m not entirely sure what the movie as a whole was about but he has a flashback to his childhood, where his parents are abusive and the apartment looks shifty. The father is making the little boy look at his mom with her legs spread but he doesn’t want to. Then he’s burned with an iron I think on his back. It’s been bothering me all night, I went through so many comments to see if anyone else posted about this.

  4. I remember only one scene from this movie I watched when I was maybe five or six, so around 2000-2001 but I’m not sure if the movie was new or not at the time. I was staying the night at my aunt’s house and she had turned on this movie I wasn’t supposed to watch, she said it was too scary for little kids. Anyway, the only part I remember is the little girl, presumably the main character, ran into this cave where there were a bunch of other kids but they were all dead. I think they had been killed or something really bad happened to them… There were a bunch of voices in the background, all talking at once… I think about this movie all the time and I always get such a weird feeling when I picture it. I know it’s not much to go on but maybe someone remembers this scene?

  5. what is the name of a horror movie in which their is a thick black fluid infecting people and and making them wierd in that movie a group of people stuck in a old house in wood and their friend got lost and then they find their under wear from bushes written her name later on she come in the house but she was infected by that thick black fliud in her vagina and then she exploded ( i watched that movie on tv in 2009 april so its confirmed that movie belongs from 2000-2009 time period ) name wasn’t mentioned if anyone know the name of the movie plz tell ill be very thankfull

  6. This was a movie I watched as a kid in the 90’s, but I believe it’s older. I also believe it’s based off a short story or novel. There is a white beast that has red-eyes and hooves for feet. It also screams a lot. A couple of collage kids and a professor go to this old mansion to do research on the lore of this beast and areally attacked. I have more details but that’s pretty much the movie. Can anyone help me remember the name?

  7. Hey all, i dont have much to go on on what i remember about this weird movie i saw when i was 8 or so. I remember there being teenagers, maybe found a cave? But its got like cult members in it and they kill off the teens. One scene in particular a girl is chained to a table naked while a girl in the cult is touching her bare chest, the girl on the table eventually bursts open. Thats about all i got, ive wanted to see again for years! Thanks y’all!

  8. PLEASE HELP. I’m 21 now and remember seeing a small part of this movie when I was about 9. It was the conclusion of the movie. I believe there was two teenage girls and they were in some sort of club house or something of that sort. Maybe a painting room or something. The main girl finds out her new friend isn’t really who she says, and that this girl kills girls and takes their place pretending to be them. She attacks the main girl with scissors. That’s all I can remember. Was possibly a lifetime movie.

  9. What was the name of this movie where it was 2 teenage girls calling a older man acting like they were someone else (an older woman) and they used to call him and say “Hi Guy”. He ends up trying to kill them. I really can’t remeber anything else about the movie. Sorry

    1. Thanks for the reply but it’s not that just checked it. In the movie the guy killed quite a few people with the same weapon it’s a fist weapon with 3 blades in like a triangle shape

  10. Can anybody remember this movie it was probably made in the 1980s all I remember is a guy cutting out peoples hearts with a knife with 3 blade on it pulled it out of his long coat

  11. I vaguely remember this movie but there was the scene I remember and it always freaked me out as a child

    It was this man that came to this building and he made ever mother come to the front and he had a bag of rocks and they were all white but one was black and I remember the last mother had the black rock (the rocks might have been vise versa) but the man took her child away from her. And towards the end of the movie the mother sees her son all grown up with that man and they smile at her and they have “vampire” teeth.

  12. Ok… So I’m trying to remember a weird and surreal like movie. I remember being to creeped out of it because it was just too weird and it was similar to the dreams I dreamed. I only remember some scenes. There was a troubled young girl in her 20’s (she’s an artist I think) and when she fell asleep she went into this world. There was this evil witch or queen that had the same physique as the girl and kinda symbolized the girl’s demons. Anyways, she needs to solve puzzles to get out of the world and on her adventure she meets this man. This man had a plastic and boxy like face( it is not a mask, it almost looks cartoonish). The scene I most remember was that there was two huge statues. They were made of stone and were laying horizontally in the air. They were a couple (man and women) and they were embracing each other. Something happened and the stone-like women disappeared, so the girl had to climb up and help. I also remembered the ending in which the girl climbed out of a drawing she created and destroyed her other evil self by destroying another drawing (I think). She then wakes up in reality and decided to go to a fair or park, but she meets this young boy (her age) and the young boy resembled like the man with the plastic and boxy face. I was 10 or 11 at the time I watched it in 2008 or 2009. It was mostly shown in the movie channels like HBO or Sundance channel or any other movie channel (can’t remember). I know this is long, but I’ve been wanting to look for it. It kinda resembles Alice and the wonderland, but in reality. It was not pg, I think. And there was a huge twist in the ending regarding the boy, but I can’t remember!

    1. Yeah it is! Thank you! I watched the movie again and it was way different than what I remembered as a child.

  13. Thinking of a movie scene where there are some teens throwing stuff into a portal in a warehouse which then falls through the ceiling of the floor below, any ideas?

  14. There’s a skit I saw when I was little back in the 80s I remember a part where a cave explorers one was laying on the ground and all of a sudden his face starts to move up and down like your chest wld and then all of a sudden a snake like monster comes out of his face it scarred the crap out of me but I been trying to fig it out. Plz let me know asap thanks oh I forgot they were also in a cave I think a cave in our something

  15. I don’t remember the year already but there’s this chinese sex movie. In the movie that Chinese king is so good in sex that he can do push up on the ground just by one hand and the dick leaving a deep hole in the ground afterwards.
    He trained his little son to be able to do that also.
    He can also give nice sex to his dying wife by using acupuncture.
    He got special sex pills also and he passed it to his son little prince when he has become of age.

  16. Ok so I remember this trailer i saw about a movie that was about some white people getting hunted in a jungle by some people and a part of it was a boomerang or a spear or something flying out of the trees from really far away at the the top of a mountain.

  17. Searching for an old movie about a group of teenagers that went into a yacht and then these guys found in a lab a powder that they thought to be drugs when it turns out to be a substance that one horny guy into monster while having sex with a girl which later on affecting this girl that later on lays frog like eggs… please can anyone help me.

  18. What was the name of the movie where the children are contaminated lunch food and they got sick? It was an older movie but very similar to the new movie ‘Cooties’.

  19. I think it was a year or so ago. It was a horror movie.
    Unclear part: (Dont remember if this was from this movie, I have seen to many horror movies)
    I think there were 3 people who were wondering in the dark in a forest and they and up in a bunker, or something like that. One of them gets abducted and they find them later back in a bed in one of the rooms.

    Clear part:
    There are crazy people in the bunker, I don’t think they were zombies but I am not sure. And suddenly they get help from a guard which I think later in the movie gets killed. Maybe he was military. I remember entered the movie in a car with some college’s.

    I don’t remember the end.

  20. I can’t remember the name there was a sexy teacher lived with her father she went out with a guy and they were making out in the car suddenly the teacher wakes up naked in the forest and turns into a monster and there’s another monster like her fighting each other can’t remember the whole movie does anyone know it?

  21. What’s this movie

    It’s about 11 years ago but in the 80s 90s a foreign movie where guy finds girl in yellow jacket by bridge she follows him home they have sex an start living together an she falls in love with him when he doesn’t want that

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