What Was That Weird Movie?

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Some idea of when the movie might have been made is helpful. If you saw it in 2005 then say so so we won’t suggest movies made later. Remember, something like “I saw it when I was six” isn’t that helpful because we don’t know if you’re 16 now or 60!


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  1. I want to know about the movie which is from 1990s. The movie is about a girl. A family take the child because they have no children. Later they give birth to their own child. The girl seems to make disturbing things.
    End of the movie the mother dies. The movie ends with the father, the girl and the infant who is at the cemetery near the mother’s grave.

  2. I saw this movie in the early 90’s. I remember i thought it was an older movie, so it could be from the 60s.it was in color.
    It’s probably set in the 17-1800 because of their clothes.
    Its fantasy/adventure and i remember very little of it.

    It’s about a poor woman. She somehow befriends this other woman that lives in a mansion/castle by a mountain, i think. and maby by a lake or sea.
    Their in this cave and there is a small stream there( i think theres a stream :/) the poor woman gives the other one a beautiful item(something like a lily made of diamonds) and the rich woman gives the poor woman a dress in return. They go to a “ball” in the womans mansion, and robbers/pirates come. I think the poor woman knew them and that it all was planed.

    Been looking for this for many years now. Hope someone knows it:)

  3. Looking for a movie where at the end a teenage girl was driving in a car with her two younger sisters singing a song. I believe they were victims of abuse?

  4. I only remember a scene. But I remember a group of people standing near those telephone poles that look like people wearing dresses and theses flying saw blade type things coming after them

  5. Do any of you know this movie? I dont remember much all I remember is a family lives in a small house and the husband I think goes somewhere on a horse and he doesn’t come back for awhile and the horse ends up coming back on its own and the wife goes and finds the husband head cut off in a BA and the bag was hanging in a tree and then later on in the movie the daughter is I think kidnapped by a tribe or something and is going to be sold

  6. It’s a cartoon or small clip where
    A robot in a space ship is trapped in space with one other robot that wants to kill him
    In the end I think that he died

  7. There was this movie where the boy records his family doing weird stuff and then post it on the internet.. after seeing how much money can be made the family agree to join in and they also bring a external character to the house as hire… anyone has any idea what movie is this from ??
    there was a scene where the guy records his sister masturbating….

  8. So there was this movie I watch when I was very little but I remember it was about a guy that I think was being hunted by aliens and they looked a little like E.T but in a worm for but it was in black and white and I remember it was almost the end of the film and a baby was crying so he looked over and it was one of the aliens and at the end everything was silent and then he’s head poped off at the end and it was one of the aliens head

  9. I remember this movie from when I was little probably around the year 2002 and all I remmeber is a girl climbing a rope ladder up to a treehouse type thing that was by a lake or body of water and it really is bothering me I can’t remember what movie it is! If I remember right it has the song “do you believe in magic” in it! Any ideas of what movie this could be?

  10. Hi um so I am looking for this movie I seen on syfy when I was a kid it was about these group of adults in some haunted building with ghost after them all I really remember is one of the ghosts had a chain that he wrapped around a chicks neck and strung her up on a fan (till she was eventually cut in half when the ceiling fan started running again) ANY HELP B APPRICIATED BEEN LOOKING AGES!

  11. And yes it’s horror based besides some comady that’s all I really ever watched…even as a kid haha ….well and some anime naruto one piece Pokemon yugi oh bakugan baybLades and digimon that’s about all I was into back then…………….sixth sense was one of my all time favorites going up but anyways if anyone knows the movie name plz lmk getting tired of searching the web for dead ends

  12. I’m looking for a movie or tv movie made in the late 80s\early 90s. Its about a group of men being hunted by an unusual man, rather beastly, but human. He preys on the men in the wildnerness. There’s a scene in which a man plays dead as a spider\insect crawls on his face\neck. I recall the end of the movie showing the hunter being thrown from a cliff onto some rocks. Can someone please help?

  13. i watched some shorts of a movie nearly 20 years ago and all i could say is there was a bleach blond psychic with a funny voice going on an adventure with a couple of guys and at the end it looks like shes getting possesed and talking in tounges. may be comedy horror but unsure

  14. Im looking for this movie? It’s about a alien species that sticks on people backs and controls them by there tail. This is an older movies I think its from 1980’s or 1990’s. It starts of where these people find these crates an the alien species or creature gets a hold of them and they stick to there back and the tail of them starts to control them. Then there tension is to start spreading it from person to person they put them in trucks and in people’s mail boxes. If u rip it off you back your will be back to normal. These creatures look like ugly slimy, grey, butterflies. But there not pretty at all. Its definitely not the Body Snatchers its some thing else. They can get you when you are a wake or asleep. There is good people that try to kill them an try to kill them.

  15. I need to find this movie! It was made back in the day early 1980’s and 1990’s. It a a horror film based on these slimy, ugly creatures that have a long skiny tail then end of it is shaped like a needle. They attach to people on there back and stick there tail in the back of there neck so they can control them. They also mate by being close together while the are attached to a body. There is a scene in the movie where people start finding them in there mail boxes. Trucks are transferring them across the countries so they van attack other people. Please help me with this movie???

  16. So Ive been searching for years. Back in the 90’s i was at my families house and i was watching a movie on cable. It was about a woman who cut her husbands penis off and then a dog ate the penis and she followed it to a field and got the dog to a vet to have the penis removed and i dont remember much afterwards. Ive looked and there is only court things and a documentary of Lorena Bobbit stuff. If someone could tell me what movie it was, it could be 80-90’s but i think more 90’s, early. Thanks

  17. Thanks Brittany for the comment but its definitely not Pet Cemetery. I watched both movies the 1st and the 2nd an those are not it. Thanks so much!!!

  18. I need help trying to find a movie about a girl that I think the name was Ginger but I’m not sure and that her and her sister go to the wood and then Ginger gets bitten and turns into a wolf and then she finds a kind inside a cell that is also a wolf and that they have to kill them and then the sister if Ginger asks her at the end of the movie if she’s cold and ginger responds with no because in the beginning they ask each other and they are cold please help I need to know the name of this movie

  19. I’ve trying to figure out this movie for so long, I hope someone could help me.

    I can’t remember much, but I guess it’s a 2000s movie. The scene that I remember was the girl was sleeping then I think 3 guys broke into her house and tied her up and blindfolded her, then they told her they are going to film her and so one of the 3 guys started a scene with her and the geek guy on te computer made it a live streaming, maybe like a porn site, then the black guy holding the camera started saying he wants to have sex with her too then everything went on chaos because the 2 guys wanted to “protect” the girl, then I the lastt thing I remembered was all the 3 guys died and the girl saw how much much money her video made and I think she didn’t called the police anymore.

  20. Hi everyone! I’m trying to find the name of a movie I saw in the early to mid 90s. It was set in a desert, like in the middle East. There is a young girl, Caucasian, and she’s looking for something, and there’s a native boy helping her. They’re both teenagers, and the scene I remember the most is they are in some kind of building hiding, and the guy starts unbuttoning her top, and they start kissing, and that’s all I can remember. I think it was a family movie, because it didn’t get any more graphic than that, and because my parents actually let me watch it haha. The guy looked Indian, or maybe Egyptian…..agh it’s driving me nuts I can’t remember the name!!

  21. I watched this movie when I was younger so I cannot remember much but it drives me insane not knowing what it’s called. I remember a girl and a red outfit like two piece I want to say, a cat, I remember an evil man and a mirror and getting stuck in the mirror
    On the other side and I want to say it’s like an evil forest world I don’t know but I remember vines like wrapping around her and I remember a tall thin tower and seeing the moon. I understand this is very vague but hopefully someone can tell me what it is!

  22. Okay so I remember this movie where these two girls were like bestfreinds growing up and the older girl gave the younger one a necklace but later got n a car accident and the older chick broke her legs and got serverly burnt and years later the younger one became a cop or dectective and got called to this house where this little boy/girl said sumthing waz watching it sleep and long story short , there waz this deformed monster thing that lived n secret part of the house and later the cop and the deforme monster confronted eachother and the thing reliazed it waz her bestfreind cuz she had the necklace on that she have her and the cop realized that the deformed monster thing waz her old bestfreind lol soooo does anyone know Wat that movie’s called?

  23. There’s two movies I’m going to ask about.One is from the late 90’s early 2000’s where it features two girls about 10-12 years old who are best friends.One is a shy good girl with a sarcastic wit.The other’s a bossy but good hearted girl herself.A boy shows up that girl #1 knows.Her best friend tears him a new asshole by being she’s visciously cruel to him,she says he deserves it as she walks away proud of herself.If i remember correctly it might also be the movie where one of the girl’s is on a school bus.She puts her hand up to the window but than she ends up flipping someone off instead.

    Another one is where two teenage girls are living the regular life of today’s youth.They act like sisters but one has a mother who doesnt care as much as her daught would appreciate but her friend loves it.she can influence her to be wreckless,stay up late and hang out boys.keep in mind they are also minors.

    in both movies one girl has blond brownish hair and the other has black hair.it might be the same movies its just been years since ive re watched it.it’s a hard one to track down.

    Cheer’s mate.

  24. I remember seeing this movie after the like first resident evil movie I think. I remember like little bits and pieces of the movie. I remember like the girl and guy. The girl had short blonde hair and the guy had black hair and I think they were like in a factor building or something having sex on a mattress. Then like these three people walked in and it was like a woman and two other men and they chased the woman all the way through the building to outside. But the man she was sleeping with was trying to save her or something like that. I can’t remember but yeah that’s all I remember to be honest

  25. Hey, there is this movie I watched years ago. I remember it was some kind of circus and it was french. There was a guy with kind of a dreadlocks hairdo and at some point he was drunk and threw a bottle from some stairs. That’s all I got, but maybe you can do magic.

  26. So I saw this really weird erotic movie In the earlies 2000s that I want to remember but I cant, is about a normal couple but then the the husband or boyfriend blindfolded his wife and let a mam inside his house to have intercourse with her, then after that the movie got even more wild she went to clubs to find man to have sex with and one time she found like 3 guys and one of them was skinny then the other one was muscular, the skinny guy was having intercourse with the one women then the muscular guy came behind the skinny and started having intercource with him the 3 of them were doing it at the smae time, I know its a rrally weird movie but it was judt porn it had something to do with the women changing from normal to wild I think it was european it wastn american if anybody kknows the movie pls let me know

  27. I remember watching a movie a long time ago I believe it was on either on HBO or cineamax or Showtime but any ways it was about a mother with a mental illness runs away from her own mother with her kids and they find a house and start all over again I remember her teenage daughter finds a boyfriend but she is to embarrassed to bring him to her house I know it’s not pretty in pink I remember the girl going to a skating rink can someone please help me find out the name of it

  28. Hi! I’m looking for a movie with an old house, which is in the woods. There’s also a lot of little creatures, like the height of an elf but the look of an ogre. There also might of been a special book involved, but I’m not too sure about that. Thanks!

  29. I saw a movie a Japanese or Asian film that was about a girl who discovered a trunk and I believe it contains something like money was related and she didn’t know what to do with it and I been looking for it for a while its a movie that was made it probably in the last ten to fifteen years

  30. Hi,

    I’m looking for a movie about a school boy that gets chased by some bullies at school and hides down a drain with a girl. They find an underground world. I think there’s treasure involved and a monster that chases them at the end.

  31. A man follows a woman (blonde, long hair), and sees how she makes love to others. Then, he makes love to her in a field, then, a house. After that, they get married (I’m not quite sure on that one), anyway, they live together and she cheats on him with his consent. He likes watching her making love to other men. They even begin to chase men for her (I remember a scene when they followed a man by car, racing to catch him, then they brought him home and when he wanted to watch, as usual, she seemed to have got sick of that, yells at him and the man beats him up).

  32. Movie early 70s maybe late 60’s a man little person, and a very tall man dressed in black suits had women chained in some sort of cave and the brunette escapes. They are doing some sort of experiments with the women.

  33. I’m looking for a european short film – I’m pretty sure it’s french. There is an old woman in her apartment near a train station and it makes the apartment shake, she also has an old dog. There’s a scene was she’s sleeping and well, she has a big nose… That’s pretty much all I remember. I saw it on channel 4 around 2002 – 2003 when I was about 9 and I’ve wanted to know what it was ever since because I just can’t forget about it! Any help?

  34. Anyone know the name of this movie? A teenage boy moves to the country and he encounters a teenage girl. They fall in love and it turns out she is a ghost and was murdered by being hung in the woods. It ends with the boy hanging himself and they are together. I believe a caretaker who may have been her father killed her. Saw it on Netflix awhile back. Appreciate any help!

  35. I watched a movie on TV when i was 5-7 at my grandma’s house, saw it around 2005-2007 ish. I’ve been trying to find it for years, it scared the crap out of me as a kid. It was black and white, looked like it was made in the late 50’s, early 60’s, thriller. The main character was a white lady, 25-30 ish with very dark hair who I seem to remember wearing a lot of scarves and dark sunglasses. She goes to a really big mansion, that I think was owned by her father, for some reason that flew over my head as a child, there was an elderly lady there, 50’s or 60’s, who seemed creepy. The main women seemed to be looking for her father, who I think the older woman was storing his body in the pool, because the main thing i remember about the movie was one scene where the room is lit by candle light, still pretty dark, and there is a grand chair in the middle of the room, the main woman walks slowly up to it and feels it, and says something along the lines “It’s still wet,” and then maybe screams or something? Also at some point it shows a man in a Hugh Hefner style lounging jacket with his eyes closed looking a bit terrifying.
    I know this is a ridiculously vague description, but it’s basically all I can remember, so if any one knows what this movie is, that would be soo amazing!!

  36. I’m looking for a movie, what I remember is that one of the characters is a girl living in the countryside, I think that was engaged in prostitution, there was a guy who was in love with her, in a scene the girl let the boy look under her skirt, as she could not see the dark, lights a match or perhaps a lighter, in another scene the owner of your home rapes the girl as she slept in the attic. Not porn is an old movie.

  37. I saw a movie a long time, the only scene I remember is that of two friends or maybe brothers come home and find her upset father and decides to punish one of them taking it to a small house perhaps the barn where hits with the belt of his trousers, remember that these guys were a gang that had rivalry with another, one of the clashes was who invented the best insult, not if this last was of the same movie or combine stories

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