What Was That Weird Movie?

UPDATE 1/8/2015: I Remember This Movie, an entire website dedicated to solving mystery movies, is now open! Please move all your movie questions there. Comments will be left open here for the time being, and we will not stop anyone from posting here. However, we are removing the list of unsolved movies, since it makes no sense for people to keep guessing about movies questions that were asked years ago. Thanks a lot, this page has brought us a lot of traffic over the years—which is precisely why we thought the concept deserved its own site.

UPDATE 11/5/2013: I Remember This Movie, an entire website dedicated to solving mystery movies, is now open! You may continue to post your questions here for the time being, but we prefer you use I Remember This Movie and plan to move all our movie-answering operations there by 2015.

This page has become very popular, which is gratifying. Unfortunately, it has also become a pain to maintain, which is not. As a solution we have created an entire new site organized around the concept.

I hope I Remember This Movie will prove easier to use: your mystery movie will now have its own post to which people can respond if they have a solution. I think this will be much better organized and easier to follow. We also keep a leaderboard showing how many movies each user has solved, and hope to add prizes at some point in the future.

I will keep this page up for the time being while we work out the kinks, but I encourage you to try out I Remember This Movie instead.

As a heads up, I find that the badmovies.org “What Was That Film” board can be the best place to ask these sorts of questions, particularly if the film your looking for is in the horror or science fiction genres.  It may be a good idea to ask there as well.

Some idea of when the movie might have been made is helpful. If you saw it in 2005 then say so so we won’t suggest movies made later. Remember, something like “I saw it when I was six” isn’t that helpful because we don’t know if you’re 16 now or 60!


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  1. I can’t find my previous post?! I failed to see the option to receive notifications. A while back I posted (between August and September) and it disappeared after a couple of weeks. Thought maybe it was taken down and put on the new page, but I can’t find it there either.
    I was trying to find the name of a b&w movie in which a Pinkerton type cop poses as a mechanic and “infiltrates” a dinner party. The hosts don’t know anything about it until the guests show up.
    There is some kind of dangerous mineral or something that has been stolen, and the Pinkerton is out investigating it.
    The cars of all the guests get disabled by the killer, and a lady gets murdered out in some woods near a swamp or bog.
    The title was something cheesy/overdramatic. It’s not much, but if you can please help! And if you come across my previous inquiry somewhere and it has an answer please help me find that, because it has a better description I just can’t remember how I explained it last time!
    Thank you for any help!!!

  2. Trying to find the name of a B &W film from the late 50s to 60s about a young girl who finds out the man who raised her is not her father. Feeling betrayed by her parents sets off to find her father. Happens upon a young man who helps her on her quest to find h e r father by jumping trains.

  3. What’s the short film about some guy who has a bum leg and gets mugged by mad max type characters but he woops most of them with his cane, but ends up on the ground and they get a device in his bag or backpack and he said don’t touch it but they do and this god comes down and kills them all. I cant find this short film anywhere. I saw it on you tube. Please someone help.

  4. Trying to remember a movie where a man and woman are having an argument. The woman is on a wheelchair stair lift. When the woman tries to dismiss the man and go upstairs, he says something like “wait, don’t go!” The woman then pauses half way up the stair lift.


  5. Trying to find old movie. Group tries to find old ship keep warping in some way to another time or space..A Lil less than 10 on the space ship. They go onto other ships to collect supplies and try to fix their ship so they can go home.

  6. Looking any help!!!!!!! PLEASE!

    Been looking for this movie for years and now I’m thinking it’s a made up memory.

    What I can remember is its a colour movie, main character is a older man 30/40 very cowboy rugged man’s man look, has a pick up tuck, is keeping a younger girl 14/16 captive in a secluded wood/ log cabin style home. He chops wood. They fall in love. He goes into town where he’s like noticed… not quite sure.. but he races home, the town guys follow and shoot his cabin, the girl is inside, he protects her with his body while she’s in the fireplace. He geats shot, the men come into like rescue her but she clings to his body… and that’s all I remember.

    If ANYONE can find this movie I’d be amazed!

    1. I happen to be looking for the exact movie. I remember it was one guy kidnaps a girl, lives somewhere in mountain areas I think, secluded. I think when he kidnapped her she was under a blanket in the back, but I forget. I’m still searching for it, but wanted you to know you are correct that it was a movie, I believe in the 80’s

  7. I’m trying to find this weird film I watched years ago! It’s a few different story lines one is this about a girl who likes this Australian boy he’s famous she’s his fan and he ends up raping her and she kills herself. The other story is about teens taking drugs and aliens are also in the film. Lol its pretty weird!!! Driving me mad.

  8. there was this film i watched a few years back, the only real thing i can remember was there was the main character had red hair, was a prostitute and had a demon in her belly and was told the only way to remove the demon was to eat. for some reason i just cant remember the name of it, its one of those obscure films

  9. I watched this movie in the mid to late 90’s. There was this really poor family and the dad isnt able to feed them to where they are full, he brings them cheeseburgers out of the dumpster and they eat them in bed. I don’t really remember much else but my sister and I have been searching and searching to find the namel of this movie! Thank you so mcuh

  10. I’m trying to remember a movie from the late 90s. I think it was on HBO. A kid wins a soda contest to visit a castle and him and his friends get caught in a spell to take them back in time. There is a dragon who is being held captive and I think john stamos was in it as an evil lord with dark magic. Any ideas?

  11. I’m looking for a movie dating maybe 1990-2007 it’s a canibal movie and this mother locks her son in the basement, and this lady wants to investigate and goes downstairs and he then escapes and eats people and at the end the girl investigating and canibal are having a intamit moment and he stabs her but she had A fake pregnancy belly and she then kills him. I think the beginning is in a coffe shop and he and her are talking before he ends up in the basement

  12. What is that movie when friends go on a tour underground and when one of the boys falls of a board and 2 girls go for help but a crazy man gets the 2 girls and chopped them up and then he acts like he was going to help the rest he tries to kill the others at the end the girl. Runs and gets away to a train station and the man was going to shot her but the gun was out so he brakes her neck than they find the boy at the end of a river dead

  13. trying to remember a space move about several people and one man had a 3 sided crystal throwing star/ in one scene the star gets lodged in his arm and when he pulls it the star breaks and goes up his arm

  14. The movie that I have been googling for with no luck is a sci-fi movie shown on VH1 in the 80s that had a love Scene in an old scrap metal movie theater and featured the Def Leppord song love bites. I remember robot assistance that resembled C3POfor the main characters and a very bright Sun desert scene. Please help me find the title of the movie and it’s release date. Thank you

  15. I was trying to find the name of a movie about this kid at a pool at a hotel I think…he was roaming around and saw one of the doors of the hotel cracked and he went in and found a body…and I think the bad guys eventually found out he saw the body and was after him…and I also remember luring them to a baseball field…its been a long time since I saw this movie

  16. What is the movie when theres people stuck on an island and a girl has hairy armpits and another girl sticks a pill in her ass

  17. The movie had a girl who was living with a family. She was seducing the old guy by like leaving the bathroom door open and stuff. I’ll never forget the movie because when they eventually had sex and it was on a washing machine. I believe the washing machine was outside? It was so weird but I hate that I can’t remember what it was called.

    I’ll be shocked if you can figure this out but I saw this movie on IFC one night, years ago.

  18. Sounds like Taking Lives with Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke; although I don’t remember any cannibalism, just plain serial killer murder :)

    Besides the cannibalism, it’s a perfect match for Taking Lives, especially the part about the fake pregnant belly.

  19. So, here goes. I have no idea what the name of this movie is, or when it came out. However, I remember watching it when I was no older than 5, which was in 1998. Here’s everything I remember:

    This little boy’s parents leave him with this old man, (presumably his grandfather), because they have to go somewhere. So, everything is fine at first, but then the next thing I remember is the boy walking in the bedroom. He walks in to find his parents and the old man in bed, but you can only see their heads. They tell the boy to join them, or something to that effect. He pulls the blanket down only to realize they are all conjoined by this monster body. I don’t know if the monster ate them, or if they just somehow managed to become a monster. Any guesses would be super helpful, thanks!

  20. Remember that movie where the guy tortures this girl and cuts off her fingers and then sets her free and she pays him fir the service. Then he ends up in this weird dimension. I have been rackin my brain for 3 years trying to remember

  21. There was a scene where this mutated giant man in a hospital bed with all arms and legs in slings. The man in the bed is screaming and thrashing around, while his limbs grow longer. I saw just that part on t.v. late at night, and I have been wondering what it was for years.

  22. I am looking for an old sci fi movie I remember when I was a boy probably from the late 70`s! All I can remember is that A guy and a girl was going to this planet, in a big bubble and when they made there way in there was this biker gang that causing havoc and they stretched a metal cable across the road and cut some of there heads off?

  23. I need help finding a movie. I am 31 I would say it was around 20 yrs ago. I believe I watched it on hbo. I also think it was based on true events or true story. Believe part of movie was oregon.
    A girl comes home after school from dentist apt to walk in on her recently divorced father killing her mother and brothers. He is stabbing her and the bed. When he turns and sees her he goes after her. He chases her through the woods she hits head on branch. Wakes up and it’s yrs later.apparently she doesn’t remember anything. She starts dating a man the sees news papers how all these young women who look like her keep dying. Memories come back she lures him to the home and kills him with 2 by 4 that has a nail in it. Lol hope someone can help

  24. I’m looking for the title of a movie must have been released in the 70s. About a poor girl who lives in the swamps she falls in love with a man who is more resourced but ultimately is raped and killed by a gang of men in a rainy violent scene. The man avenges her death. I don’t recall much more but it was a poignant story.

  25. I’m looking for a movie I saw with my dad awhile back, he got it from a library and it seemed like a cheap college made movie about a cat wanting to be out of the house so the one day the bathroom window was open and he escapes walks around finds a cat lover then gets lost and finds his way back home before the owner gets back…..

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