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UPDATE 1/8/2015: I Remember This Movie, an entire website dedicated to solving mystery movies, is now open! Please move all your movie questions there. Comments will be left open here for the time being, and we will not stop anyone from posting here. However, we are removing the list of unsolved movies, since it makes no sense for people to keep guessing about movies questions that were asked years ago. Thanks a lot, this page has brought us a lot of traffic over the years—which is precisely why we thought the concept deserved its own site.

UPDATE 11/5/2013: I Remember This Movie, an entire website dedicated to solving mystery movies, is now open! You may continue to post your questions here for the time being, but we prefer you use I Remember This Movie and plan to move all our movie-answering operations there by 2015.

This page has become very popular, which is gratifying. Unfortunately, it has also become a pain to maintain, which is not. As a solution we have created an entire new site organized around the concept.

I hope I Remember This Movie will prove easier to use: your mystery movie will now have its own post to which people can respond if they have a solution. I think this will be much better organized and easier to follow. We also keep a leaderboard showing how many movies each user has solved, and hope to add prizes at some point in the future.

I will keep this page up for the time being while we work out the kinks, but I encourage you to try out I Remember This Movie instead.

As a heads up, I find that the badmovies.org “What Was That Film” board can be the best place to ask these sorts of questions, particularly if the film your looking for is in the horror or science fiction genres.  It may be a good idea to ask there as well.

Some idea of when the movie might have been made is helpful. If you saw it in 2005 then say so so we won’t suggest movies made later. Remember, something like “I saw it when I was six” isn’t that helpful because we don’t know if you’re 16 now or 60!


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  1. Very weird movie that I saw a very long time ago but it is driving me insane because I can not remember the name so please help!! Okay so theres a group of friends who decide to go out and end up at this weird horrow freak club. If I am not mistaking one the friends sister had actually “ran off” from home but turns out she was killed by the people from the club. What they would do is kill people and have shows of them dancing by electrifying them. So when the group of friends where at this club they actually saw the sister who they thoughy had ran off on the stage being electrefied. This pretty much sums it up and is all I remember.

  2. Looking for a movie I saw in the mid 1970s as a kid at the Drive In. We didn’t stay to see the entire flick because it wasn’t good. I remember that it took place in the woods and the ghost/spirit looked like an upside down string mop. There may have been Native Americans or some type of tribe in it. I’ve been trying to find this movie for decades. Please help!

  3. I watched a movie where there was a woman with pig snout who turns to a very beautiful woman after she’s kissed and wizard kills a witch with sword

  4. I am looking for a movie where humans are invaded by aliens from the late 70s early 80s. There are scenes I remember of a teacher infected, and humans peeled their faces off. Any ideas?

    1. Maybe “V” the TV movie and series? There were aliens who came in peace and looked human, but their skin peeled away to reveal lizard skin. Really messed me up as a kid. They tried a new series in 2009, but it was awful.

  5. I’m looking for a movie I can’t seem to remember it fully in the beginning the have an old black man playing the saxophone. Then in the movie everyone wears these things on their heads. the main character falls in love with some women I (remember they had sex in the shower). He later takes the head set off and tell people that they don’t have to wear them but then he gets shot.
    I know I’m all over the place but please help my I think the movie is from the early 80’s or late 90’s

  6. I saw this one movie where there was this doll that talked, and a guy threw it and it said “you hurt me” and then there was this big warehouse kinda thing that held lifeless bodies on clothing rails because when someone died they would ressurect back into their body and there were people trying to stop that so there was this goth ish girl with a lot of keys who said she was thousands of years old. ITS SO WEIRD KMG

  7. 1970s 1980s science fiction film, family running away crash land on planet, multicolour horse creatures they ride on, tentacle thing in cave catches and pulls one (or more) up and eats it

  8. 80’s/90’s movie where a family move to an old house and the young sone begins communicating with spirits in the basement

  9. I saw once a movie, long time ago, it was a scary movie apparently about a girl that was driving somewhere and she kind of enters another dimension and it is like a creepy weird dimension, where there is like a cop that is following her and what I remember a lot is that he has some hancuffs which are actually hands, like human hands that grab the girls hands…that is pretty much what I remember and I really want to know which movie it is…someone knows?

  10. there was a movie about this girl and her family who was dating this guy. can’t remember a lot about it. I know they had a basement and I think he killed one of her parents. they had an inground pool outside. I wanna say it was after 2010

  11. I wanna say I seen this movie before 2010, I don’t remember exactly how old I was. All I can remember about the movie is that I’m pretty sure the main character was a spy or maybe she was like an agent, but she had long red hair & she got captured by some guys she was going after, I remember they tied her up in water & tried to drown her, & when she escaped or maybe they let her go idk, I remember she showered & all the blood from her wrists was washing away & when she got out of the shower she cut all her hair off & dyed it blonde. & she went back after them. In a fight scene she got shot in the stomach, & she also had a daughter I think it was her child at least, & they got locked in like a freezer or something & she used the daughters baby that like peed or something to get out.

  12. I can’t remember the name of this movie. It’s a point of view movie and I only remember the story of two camera men Going to this chinese school and it turns out to be a cult. Them the kids start killing themselves. Then this lady gives birth to this bull thts the devil I guess. Thts all I remember. Please help me. I have looked every where for this movie

  13. I watched a movie maybe 6 years ago and I was in color and there was a woman cutting vegetables and a men shows up and they start fighting and she had the knife in her hand and the man takes it and try to rape her and they keep fighting and cutting their self. I think it might be a horror movie. It could have been made from 1995-2004. PLEASE HELP ME I’VE BEEN TRYING TO FINA THING MOVIE FOR SO LONG.

  14. It was like this movie where this group of teenagers/early 20s people went on a trip and it was like a scary movie and kinda paranormal I think and there would be a bag nailed to a tree and then someone would be killed and not have eyes and this chick was nailed into something in the river.

  15. Im trying to find this movie and its driving me crazy. Basically i saw this scene on a preview a young man finds a young woman with long straight brown\black hair in this brown like shell encasing as she emerges on the beach. Any info will help!!

  16. Hi I remember a movie it had to be an ifc film i seen about 4 years ago
    It was a little girl and her father in a big house in the desert or Texas the little girl was in a dirty white dress most of the movie and I think she played in a train car box and her father kept saying he was going scuba diving when he would “shoot heroin” do drugs and I think they had the dead body of her mother or grandmother in the house…..strange film that me and the other person remember watching but can’t figure out what it was.please help!!!

  17. Its 3 am and I have to get up for school in 3 hours, but I cant remember the name to this one movie I saw a long time ago as a kid. I dont remember how it started but it had a group of like 4-6 people (maybe scientists) that were stuck in this forest( either in the past or.future or something) and there are these giant white dinosuar like creatureswith a single long claw on their two front arms (they stand on their back legs) and they are hunting the humans, and one human gets help and they trick one into a hole and it dies from the fall. They are trying to get to a tower because of some sort of signal, and one of the girls gets stuck by her ankle and killed. They never end up leaving I believe, and if someone could help me out that would be great! Please and thank you.

  18. I’m can’t remember the movies name but it’s about a boy who gets sent to a world through a book and Meets and orange haired girl that has a flying machine. He also meets two merchants that are like rats? And he is trying to save a dragon from an evil witch and at the end he like names the new princess. Idk I loved the movie when I was little! Any help is appreciated

  19. Its a movie about a group of teenagers going to hollywood or vegas cant remember and got lost in the way to find themselves in an abandoned town and followed by a creep. The movie end revealing that these teens are making this movie so its kind of a movie inside a movie

  20. I’m looking for a (I believe a German) film in which a father does all he can to bring her daughter who’s been in coma after an accident to normal life. All I can remember is that he even takes his daughter to another country (which I think was Switzerland) in order to bring her to normal life again.
    Does anybody know the film’s name?

  21. who will help me remember the title of an Indian movie that I watched on TV a couple of times between 2001-2003. It was about an honest police inspector brutally killed by 5 corrupt rich men for investigating them. His wife forced to take poison gave birth to twin boys, one a dwarf, but were separated when the house was set on fire. The dwarf worked in a circus and embarked on revenging his father’s murder and along the way met his twin brother, a mechanic brought up by another couple. Their names were Raja and Apu. police often mistakenly arrested the big twin for crimes committed by his short brother. A nice drama that I miss watching. HELP ME FIND IT

  22. I saw this movie in about 2009 or 2010 and this black kid and his dad broke into a house then the couple who lived there came home and they caught the dad so they killed, cut, and ate him and also fed him to people kept as slaves or something but the kid got stuck in the house and met another really skinny kid then they escaped and the black kid came back and used a metal stick to beat the couple for killing his dad

  23. I’m not sure the name of this movie or the actors. I just remember a few scenes. All of the car suddenly stopped working and giant spider looking robots began to take over. The town of people are walking and sealing safety. The movie focused on a specific family. Father, daughter, and a son. The father and the son didn’t see eye to eye. Eventually the son got lost. At the end of the movie, they all meet back up. Can someone please help me with this.

  24. its a movie with the boy have problem in mind … he want to kill himself but he find a girl who play games online …. the boy get bullying from other boys in school … that boy dont speak too much or think …///.. he try to meet this girl who find .. but when he look her he didnt do anything … he try to jump in train rails to die but the girl apear behind him and help him … actually the girl wasnt real but he create her to help him with his mind./// i know all the plot but i cant find it this movie … maybe coz not famous … this movie is before 2008 i think and maybe is a drama movie

  25. There was a movie in the late 70’s early 80’s where there are hostages taken in what I believe was a hotel. The hostage taker asks for guns and coveralls with dark shield helmets for everyone including himself and they all appear to look the same while they’re coming out to board a helicopter (I think) and that’s where the drama ends . I saw it when I was younger and don’t know It was a movie or an episode of something. Does anyone recall this movie ??

  26. Can’t for the life of me remember this movie: no big name actors, low budget, perhaps indie film.

    Movie is set in Lousinana or Mississippi during the 70s-80s.
    Beginning shows 2 guys(friends, 30s) outside talking about growing weed to make money because they are broke and do not work..
    At some point they encounter a young girl (20s), red headed I believe and one of the guys end ups tying her up or locking her in the old house they live in..(wooden house on blocks)

    The guys friend devises a plan to get his friend drunk and kill him because he doesn’t want the girl to be hurt and secretly likes her.
    Get his friend drunk, walks him deep into the swamp and think he drowns him.
    He tells the girl what he did and now wants to be friends with her and she becomes worried because he starts acting weird.
    Meanwhile she’s whoring herself to some “rich” guy across town. This guy wears pleated pants, hat and button ups the entire time.
    She asked him to help her with the now “weird” friend but soon discovers the “rich”guy is far worse.
    Movie ends with weird guy somehow saving her from rich guy.
    It’s a muggy rainy day and she’s holding him tight so happy that he saved her(realizing and revealing that he wasn’t so weird after all).

  27. I saw this movie long time ago and i cant remember the name of it. Its about this girl who was locked in a cage by her grandfather because he thought she killed his own daughter when she was giving birth to her , and then the young girl was found by a woman acter a flood happened and she takes and tries to help her but the girl couldnt speak because she was afraid from her grandfather and then when he finds his granddaughter alive he wanted her back but the woman knew that there was something that kept this young girl silent for so many . So in the end the girl speaks out and tells the truth and lives with the woman who saved her . I really if anyone can tell me whats the name of that movie ☺️

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