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UPDATE 11/5/2013: I Remember This Movie, an entire website dedicated to solving mystery movies, is now open! You may continue to post your questions here for the time being, but we prefer you use I Remember This Movie and plan to move all our movie-answering operations there by 2015.

This page has become very popular, which is gratifying. Unfortunately, it has also become a pain to maintain, which is not. As a solution we have created an entire new site organized around the concept.

I hope I Remember This Movie will prove easier to use: your mystery movie will now have its own post to which people can respond if they have a solution. I think this will be much better organized and easier to follow. We also keep a leaderboard showing how many movies each user has solved, and hope to add prizes at some point in the future.

I will keep this page up for the time being while we work out the kinks, but I encourage you to try out I Remember This Movie instead.

As a heads up, I find that the badmovies.org “What Was That Film” board can be the best place to ask these sorts of questions, particularly if the film your looking for is in the horror or science fiction genres.  It may be a good idea to ask there as well.

Some idea of when the movie might have been made is helpful. If you saw it in 2005 then say so so we won’t suggest movies made later. Remember, something like “I saw it when I was six” isn’t that helpful because we don’t know if you’re 16 now or 60!


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  1. A movie in which a bunch of teenagers may be 10 or 12 nos are in a forest and there was a small cabin in the woods where some creepy guy lived trying to kill these kids, this movie also has a scene where a girl is removing her shorts and had a white panty I saw this movie in 2006hbo please hbo help

  2. I think it was in the ’80. A movie about a boy who can stop time and about some evil green dwarfs. I remember a scene where he stops time and pee all over his parents food because the evil dwarfs had some green stuff that would brainwash you or something. I think the dwarfs were green to and i remember they were realy scary :) apreciate your help. Ty.

  3. I can find out the name of this movie but I think it was made in the early 2000s buy I remember this man gets cursed it something by the devil and every time he got mad he turned into a super demon or something like that. I know at the end that he kills the devil

    1. Not a lot to go on there, but it sounds like sounds like Faust: Love of the Damned (2001).

  4. I am looking for a movie I think it was on betamax when I was younger, it was a guy with a dirtbike we use to wear a brown coat I think at the end he takes on a truck thanks

  5. I can’t remember this movie around 2003 – 2008 a father and his family move into a house near a lake the father starts sensing evil in the house so when he goes to the basement evil spirits are found and the father gets possessed at the end the father wakes up to his family and they say the house was changing you and that’s all I remember this movie has been on my mind for a decade and I would love too know what it was

  6. There was a movie that I saw part of when I was probably 6ish. It scarred me for life and I still have memories of it. I’ve tried finding it so many times but I’ve never been able to find it. The part that I remember is a lady who is driving maybe through a foresty area. She hits a deer and pulls over. Now I don’t know if she had this weird thing before she hit the deer but she is able to make her mouth huge and eats things in like one bit with it. I guess she dislocates her jaw to eat. So she ate the deer she ran over and that’s all I really remember. It has bothered me for years. If someone know please tell me!

  7. What was that movie with a gang member who falls in love with a girl and her brother is in a different gang fights with the guy who likes the girl and in the end they both die

  8. anybody know a horror move about a girl who comes to this family and appears to be a nice girl which is not…… and she seduces the young boy in the family and his father too…the youngirl in the family finds out that she is not a human.. she is a ghost… do anyone remember any movie similar to a story like this it is a old movie i think

  9. ok I think this movie was mid to late 90s. it had a teenage girl and a couple of guys who found some magical power source. They all get powers. but the girl ends up turning bad and using her powers to hurt people so one of the boys has to stop her. it’s kind of like the Chronicle or the covenant but I know it has a dark headed girl in it with powers.any clues?

    1. I don’t know if there were guys in it, but if it was a dark haired girl with magic powers that turns evil and gets killed by another dark haired girl with powers at the end, then the film you are looking for is The Craft… it has, if I remember correctly, actress Paget Brewster(criminal minds, etc) in the lead role, and one of the cast members from charmed as the villain(not sure which one)… i hope this is the film you are looking for

    2. No,it wasn’t the craft I know for certain that there were a couple of guys in it I think one of the guys might have been the girl’s brother and the other guy fell in love with her and he was the one who had to stop her in the end

  10. this movie that I’m thinking of has a bunch of trolls are goblins. I can only remember bits and pieces of it but I remember there being green corn and green butter and green kool-aid and green tea. everything was green and this little boy tries to warn his family not to eat any of it but its too late so then I think they start turning into goblins or trolls. any clue?

  11. another movie that I’m thinking of without a name has these cute little bear like creatures in it that wear Brown robes that look something like potato sacks.

  12. this is a horror movie from the 50’s. A guy, I think he was a nice guy, was stabbed and fell into a lake and he came out of the lake with the knife still stuck in him. He came out as a tree (with the knife still in him) but now he was a bad guy. Ok, give me a break! I was s little kid then, but that’s all I remember. Help please :)

  13. It was a Movie that came out in the late or mid 80’s. Don’t remember to much of it only bits in prices. In the beginning the the mom was taking a shower and her little boy and girl were playing outside on the swing set. A man came into their back yard i think it was their father. Well he kidnapped the two kids and the little girls mitten was left stuck on the swing. Then there was a part that the man was playing a piano. When the little boy played with the piano the man/father kept yelling your playing the wrong tune! I remember towards the end it was by water were he was taking the kids to get them in a boat to get away from his ex wife. I kept thinking about this movie can’t get it out my mind. So one please help!

  14. Okay this movie is from the 80s or early 90s. It used too come on one of those Saturday movie tharters. I just re
    Member that a woman is working on a painting. Eventually she figure out that there I another painting under that painting. Meanwhile, the wmomans friend is having a romance with this man, whose connected to the painting. It turns out that the man is a Prince from the past. Somehow he has comes to present day, where he meets and falls in love with thus woman, whom he ask to return with him. She agrees. The interesting thing is the painting shows the prince and the woman, which her friend recognizes as her at the end of the movie.

  15. I was trying to figure out what this movie was I watched it in 2012 on Comcast but that’s not the date the movie was made about these two or three old guys in a very rich mansion with amazing art and things inside all I can remember was Comcast had it in 2012 and at the end it zooms out to show the mansion in a giant field of green sorry can’t be more helpful but it had kinda of a wierd creepy feel to it

  16. I saw this movie 3 years ago and I don’t remember the name. I remember that there was a girl a bit older than 20 and she swang in a swing in a circus and there was a circular mirror behind the swing and she swang through the mirror and she went to another demension. The demension kept on changing or she traveled through another weird place to a other. Then I
    don’t remember what happened next but I remember that she met a boy. After a while there was a giant fat women on a hill and the girl and the boy was small compared to the fat woman. The women help them run away from some people and went to hills where there was long ladders where it went to the clouds and they were climbing up running away from the mens. I don’t kown if this happened before or afer, they were on a boat and came across a bridge there was a half snak and half women she was like a queen. Towards the end she and him were on the boat again and she slelpt with him and the dimension changed or I don’t know but she was in a party in a mice dress and stuff and ya thats all i remember.

  17. I don’t remember the name of this movie, its either from the late 80’s or early 90’s, but a young woman goes to some underground world where she meets a guy in a hard hat and just after meeting him goes into some bar and he eats a burger that is alive and moving, there where weird looking people, and that’s about all I can remember. Its killing me that I can’t remember the name any help would be very much appreciated.

  18. Hey looking for a movie I saw years ago think the in 1980s horror comedy, one scene at the beginning was a small town at night a man locking up a store an he gets attacked by a werewolve creature he turns into one too, it’s also like the dead are walking around , there’s also another scene I remember a young man is sitting in a car at lights and he sees a young girl with a 50s 60s cardigan like a letterman style think it was cream or white an she’s dead
    But doesn’t know hope this helps anyone thanks.

  19. hello, does anyone know the movie where the boy has a friend which is a girl and she is a bit of a demonic and she eats human flesh, there was a scene on the trailer where the girl was inside a luggage. I forgot what the title of the movie and i really wanna watch it, if anyone knows please do tell thanks :)

    1. hi, Pamela – I believe you are referring to the Sweish movie from 2008 called, “Let the Right One In” about a young boy whose first love is his vampire neighbor. It is remade in the US in 2010 under the title, “Let Me In” with Chloe-Grace Moretz starring as the little monster. Both are really good. I actually watched the original with subtitles and it was well done. Hope that helps :)

  20. There was this weird movie I saw as a kid, I think on USA up all night or maybe Showtime (sometime in the early 90’s or late 80’s).

    It was a post-apocalyptic movie and if you had sex, you died. Your corpse looked like it had been burned. So gangs of men get together and gangs of women get together and fight each other for resources. The final deal with the movie is this guy and this woman are captured by this crazy scientist in a bunker who is keeps injecting people with this serum to stop the virus so the world can repopulate. The main two charaters are captured, injected and have sex and… dont die. That’s kind of all i remember about it.

  21. Looking for movie was based in 50s or 60s and young boys put candle in another boys bunghole and one boy spies on his older sister in bathroom through a hole in the wall

  22. It’s a movie I watched in the early 2000’s. Two men kidnap a teenage girl and tie her up. They pull her teeth out. Throughout the movie the police are looking for her and at the end they find her dead hanging in some sort of abandoned warehouse.

  23. This was a movie from the 90’s I believe… There was a pregnant woman who was either pregnant with one or two babies…all I can remember is that there were two ‘souls’ inside her (of the baby(s)) one was a dark soul and the other was a light soul. The woman somehow interacted with the fetus or something I wish I could remember what u was. It may have been a TV movie but I’m not sure. Also it could have been earlier than the 90’s.

  24. Strange sci fi.
    Cop had pair of real hands that he locked girl in car
    Satan was a man in red Cadillac.red suit.in desert.boy tried to find them.by a sign in desert.went in a time warp..disappeared
    People linend up on desert cliff waiting to go in.

  25. i remember seeing a movie when I was a kid. I only remember parts. But what I do remember is that some guy was acting like Jesus or the anti Christ and he would perform miracles he had holes in his hands. And one time a girl walked into a barn turned the corner. And saw him attached to a cross surrounded by barb wire.

    Someone help.

  26. I am looking for a title of an old horror movie. I remember close to the end or it was the end where this guy is in a dark room with foggy lighting and two demons appear, they made sounds and took his life away.


  27. About 15 years ago I recall a scene from a film with a man who shoots a monster he saw i think on his front porch with a shotgun. Then it ends up being someone he knows. The police arrive and he explains the shotgun went off while he was cleaning his gun after stashing the body of course. Can anyone help me find the title to this particular film?

  28. An old movie – maybe black and white. Farm people, the father was walking with his little boy – who either drowned or a tornado hit them. Sad movie – anyone have ideas?

  29. There was this movie I watched as a young gal that I seemed to remember some sort of parts that had to do with an ending for the person or child that walked through those kind of really nice garden setting like a little green house on to the other side and become a normal human from eating certain types of people and I seem to take a good guess that it was like some sort of monster at the beginning. Eating people and the monster had like blue glowing eyes and a weird head shape like Jimmy Neutron speaking. Somehow, the monster was let out at some certain points to eat the people as the parents would feed him? But I really am eager to know about what movie is it! It’s been bothering for like forever now.

  30. This was a movie I watched on TV in the 80s, I can’t really remember if it was a full-length movie or just part of an anthology. It was about a boy who found a very mysterious book, there was a warning stating that the book should never be opened. Sorry, I just have like flashes in my mind, then I think the curious boy started to open the book, there were like monsters (or strange creatures) inside and as he was flipping through it, the creatures disappeared from the pages and came to life. Then at the end, the only way the kid could catch these monsters was by opening the book wide when he found one of these beings. That’s all I have. Please, could you help me to remember the title and the exact year. I’m pretty sure it was from the early 80s. Thanks.

  31. I saw what I think was a science-fiction movie on television in the early 2000s. All I remember are two things:
    1) an old man blowing into a tissue and there being a large amount of blood
    2) a young girl (orphan…recently adopted?) going into her bedroom and putting her shoes on her nightstand. The adults don’t understand why she does that, but then water floods the room. She somehow knew this was going to happen.
    I feel like part of the movie took place in a white & bright setting (especially the part with the old man) and maybe it was related to a disease outbreak? I also think that the title may be a number, but I’m not sure.

  32. I was wondering what movie I watched a long time ago
    Only thing I can remember is that theres a guy that can turn into this big monster and he fights monsters destroying the city on monster has a cord with an eye and its between gis legs and he throws it

  33. Ok so I what I remember is that there is a mother and daughter living in what I believe is a farm house and the mother is very strict and keeps her daughter locked away from the world. Eventually a man somehow sees her and they fall for each other and go on a brief outing and the man takes her to a bar where a biker starts flirting with here and the guy she’s there with fights the biker and they leave and I believe go back to her place and the mother is furious. I’m not sure but I feel like there is a maze like scene where they escape the mother

  34. I was really young like five (now 20). Not sure if I am really remembering something or had a dream of this movie. I think if it’s real, it’s a lifetime film. So I remember a scene, a little girl in her room playing with a doll. Her brother whose not much older comes into the room holding a knife and she asks him what he is doing and will tell on him but I think he says there’s nothing anyone will do. I also remember a shack and either the young boy or someone older is tearing up (or placing) floor boards that are hiding this boys dead family members. The scenes I remember are blurred and the frames are created as if to be slow motion freeze. Like the characters move so fast it’s blurry but the movements pause as well. Like the screen is buffering. The audio is fine but the visual is blurry and stuff like I described. Like what the viewer is seeing is a flashback too. The mom is wearing white and has short blonde hair (I think. And I think it’s pixie cut too) can’t remember entirely. Please help! This has been driving me nuts for 14 years!

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