What Was That Weird Movie? (not actively maintained)

UPDATE 1/8/2015: I Remember This Movie, an entire website dedicated to solving mystery movies, is now open! Please move all your movie questions there. Comments will be left open here for the time being, and we will not stop anyone from posting here. However, we are removing the list of unsolved movies, since it makes no sense for people to keep guessing about movies questions that were asked years ago. Thanks a lot, this page has brought us a lot of traffic over the years—which is precisely why we thought the concept deserved its own site.

UPDATE 11/5/2013: I Remember This Movie, an entire website dedicated to solving mystery movies, is now open! You may continue to post your questions here for the time being, but we prefer you use I Remember This Movie and plan to move all our movie-answering operations there by 2015.

This page has become very popular, which is gratifying. Unfortunately, it has also become a pain to maintain, which is not. As a solution we have created an entire new site organized around the concept.

I hope I Remember This Movie will prove easier to use: your mystery movie will now have its own post to which people can respond if they have a solution. I think this will be much better organized and easier to follow. We also keep a leaderboard showing how many movies each user has solved, and hope to add prizes at some point in the future.

I will keep this page up for the time being while we work out the kinks, but I encourage you to try out I Remember This Movie instead.

As a heads up, I find that the badmovies.org “What Was That Film” board can be the best place to ask these sorts of questions, particularly if the film your looking for is in the horror or science fiction genres.  It may be a good idea to ask there as well.

Some idea of when the movie might have been made is helpful. If you saw it in 2005 then say so so we won’t suggest movies made later. Remember, something like “I saw it when I was six” isn’t that helpful because we don’t know if you’re 16 now or 60!


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  1. I’m looking for this movie that I watched about six years ago and it was pretty weird. A Korean lady was in lab with other people in a dream and she was fighting this crazy man and it was a pretty bloody scene and the man’s child self was there and as she was killing the man the boy was receiving the same wounds as the man was and the boy was dying so the lady put him in water and she woke up from her dream crying on a table while people watched her.

    1. I typed in what u said in google and came up with The Scary Dreams I found the full movie on youtube.

  2. What movie was it where it opens with a girl getting back home, and there’s someone tied up at her house and she kills them, and then she meets these guys, and she tied them up in a soundproof basement Becasue it’s a recording studio and she sets the one guy on fire and then the other is tied to a chair and she torments him and at one point sticks a too, through his cheek making him bleed, and then she has a party up stairs and she cuts up the one guys leather jacket to make a provocative outfit for herself.

  3. It was in black in white but the blood and the hero’s tie were shown in red. I think Morgan Freeman played the bad guy who was called Octopus. (Might have been Samuel L. Jackson.) There’s a scene where Octopus is making a minion and its just a foot with a head on it. Oh and Scarlett O. Hansen is in it. I think that’s her name…. I’m obviously really bad at remembering actors and actresses.

  4. Here is your weekly reminder/invitation to use our spinoff site I Remember This Movie instead of this thread for these questions. Since every question there gets its very own post, and there are several movie-remembering geniuses who hang out there, I believe you’ll find it to be a much superior choice for figuring out the name of your movie. I won’t close this thread but you may notice people seldom attempt to answer these here anymore. (The previous week being a slight exception.)

  5. What is the name of the movie when there are 2 girls sitting in a rollercoaster seat and then the lights go out and one of them go missing and then there is something about a guys that gets a whole in his stomach with a flashlight or something

  6. Here Goes nothing.
    I recall a tv movie that had a scientist who was called by the army? in the dessert where they found this forcefield/ dimension bubble. In this forcefield was a family that dressed old style clothes and couldnt see or interact with the real world. The scientist over time falls inlove with the young lady of the family. Ends up finding a way inside the forcefield. When he sees her and thinks that they have a connection, she ends up turning into a monster with razor teeth and eats him while the army watches from outside. The father of the family realising that someone has gotten in waves his hands and makes the forcefield/bubble disapear where they are never seen again.


  7. What is the name of that old scary movie where these high school kids find a old prom crown or prom dress in the attic.

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