Here is our collection of short films and TV show reviews; most of these are embedded and viewable on this site.


01/26/1995 (2008) – An episode from a series called “Lasagna Cat” based on the comic strip “Garfield”; here, the grumpy cat has too much coffee, which has a psychedelic effect on his visage

05/16/1987 (2008) – Another “Lasagna Cat” installment; in this one, Garfield becomes a Christ figure to the strains of “Suicide is Painless”

100 Years (2015) – Nightmarish animated remembrance of the Armenian genocide

1982 (2013) – Faced with a son who’s afraid of the dark, a father recalls his own childhood in this touching memory piece

20015 (1994) – Fairly successful attempt to recreate an LSD trip on a low budget

21-87 (1964) – Experimental montage using discarded film footage

8-Bit Trip (2009) – Some of the most spectacular Legomation we’ve ever seen, accompanied by techno music

8 Bullets (2014) – A father reaches for his opportunity at revenge on a man that smells of fried fish

The Adventures of Mr. Coo #4 (2007) – Seeing the previous three episodes will not help you make sense of this surreal flash animation

The Alchemy of Light (2012) – Performance art demonstration of projection mapping, a method of panting with light on three dimensional surfaces

Alma (2009) – Pixar-style animation about a little girl who sees a doll in a toy shop that looks just like her

Am I Awake? (2014) – The judges dubbed this surreal animation, one of three winners for a contest to create a video to accompany They Might Be Giant’s latest single, “Murderous Puppet Typewriters”

Android 207 (2006) – A skeleton android wanders in a labyrinth full of traps

And the Day Goes On (2018) – Peppy music video featuring Microsoft Paint-style animation with muzak-quality instrument samples

An Animated Short Film (2007) – An intensely creative animated film with an original piano score hiding humbly behind a generic title

Anna Blume (2009) – An animated version of the Kurt Schwitters nonsense Dadaist love poem

Anthophobia (2015) – Flowers rise up against their oppressors

Apocalypse Miaou (2011) – Kitties, 80s style graphics and electronic music adorn this experimental advertisement for a Barcelona get-together

The Archaeologist (2015) – A future archaeologist discovers the remnants of the Internet and psychically plugs in

The Art of Drowning (2009) – Animated poem about your life passing before your eyes at death

Asparagus (1979) – Surreal 18 minute tour de force featuring obscene iterations of the title vegetable. Included on The Films of Suzan Pitt.

At Land (1944) – Legendary experimental filmmaker Maya Deren’s short odyssey of a sea nymph’s unhappy visit to our dry world

Attaboy, Fraser! (2016) – Director Fraser Munden recreates a scene from Kingpin and has Donald Trump sign his hat in a short film that’s actually an advertisement for another Munden short

At the End of the Cul-de-Sac (2017) – Julian’s public mental breakdown is caught (in one continuous shot); his neighbors wait for a reason to intervene

Autumnir (2005) – Experimental, impressionistic montage of a German park in autumn

Ave Maria (2014) – Cult singer Jan Terri’s disco version of the Christmas hymn “Ave Maria” includes cigar-smoking angels who shoot pink waves of peace from their fingertips

Baaa (2011) – “Experiments in ovine geometry”

Babobilicons (1982) – Lobster-clawed coffee pots, phallic mushrooms, and ceramic fish

Baboon (2011) – Trippy, disjointed, and violent animation beginning with a blow to the face

Baby Doll Receiving an Injection Needle (2016) – A disturbing video of uncertain intent: is it an art piece, or the product of a sick mind?

Baby Listens (2015) – Childhood is full of complicated feelings

The Backwater Gospel (2011) – Strange and violent animated Western about a town haunted by a supernatural undertaker

Bad Vibes (2014) – Appliances misbehave with deadly results

Bang, (2010) – Hunting is a metaphor for courtship in this weird romantic comedy

Baobab (2005) – Weird animation with an African edge

Be A Manwolf Today (2011?) – It’s an advertisement (?) for a motorcycle gang… or a skateboard gang… or maybe sneakers?

The Believer’s Heaven (1977) – Rev. Ernest Pirkle [sic] explains what Heaven will be like (it’s even bigger than New York City!)

Believes in Reincarnation, Hates Hugs (2015) – Surreal animation with fantasy landscapes, aliens, and absurd captions

Belly (2011) – Surreal but touching story of an anthropomorphic elephant’s trip inside the belly of a whale

Bendito Machine (2006) – Some silhouetted villagers worship a giant machine which dispenses eyeballs, while others seek to destroy it in this strange award-winning animation that spawned two three sequels.

Bendito Machine IV (2012) – More baroque Spanish animation, with an even more pronounced environmental theme

Benigni (2009) – A lonely claymation man grows a friend from his armpit

“Between Two Ferns: Episode 1” – The first installment Zack Galifiankis’ absurdist web talk show, with an uncomfortable Michael Cera as the interview victim

Bimbo’s Initiation (1931) – Another bizarre and surreal Flesicher Brother’s cartoon. “Wanna be a member?”

Birdboy (2010) – Weird animated post-apocalyptic fable from Spain; shortlisted for a “Best Animated Short Film” Academy Award nomination in 2012

Bistro (2010) – Monty Python-esque tale of a pig man ordering lunch in a strange bistro; winner of the Electric Shorts 2010 competition

Black (2016) – Two Japanese astronauts are left in orbit with not much to do outside of monitoring the nuclear war on land

“Black Holes” (2017) – Proof-of-concept mini-pilot for a proposed TV series about an astronaut teamed with a sentient cantaloupe for a Mars mission

Black Shore (2012) – Music video for the Icelandic band Úlfur; the beats are as bizarre as the visuals

Bless You (2013) – A surreal subway sneeze

The Blissful Accidental Death (2017) – A collector takes a surreal train ride on a quest to determine the authenticity of a piece of art history

Blood Diary (2015) – 100 red, white and black gifs, made on consecutive days

The Bob Monroe 24/7 Out of Body Experience News Network (2015) – Bizarre computer animation designed to be played in the waiting room of an out-of-body experience clinic

La Boca del Leon (2013) – A young girl must follow instructions over a cell phone to perform an exorcism on her father

Body Memory (2011) – Beings made from string unravel in a railroad car

The Boundaries of Life and Death (2012) – Morphing black and white animation inspired by Edgar Allen Poe

Bout (2011) – A rapacious audience incites masked wrestlers to absurd levels of violence

The Box Man (2002) – Very creepy, Kafkaesque stop-motion animation inspired by a Kobel Abe novel

Boys (2009) – Men have mock umbrella swordfights and play with the Matchbox cars in their pants in this surreal exploration of masculinity

The Brainwashers (2002) – Two chimney sweeps are injected into a man’s brain in this claymation featurette from the National Film Board of Canada

Brazzaville Teen-ager (2013) – Michael Cera stars and directs this absurd comic short about a son and his dying father

Breadheads (2013) – Famished soldiers take advantage of a disease that turns civilians into bread

Bright Future My Love (2014) – Substantial (30 minute), dystopian, dialogue-free Serbian film set in an industrial wasteland

The Broken Flute (2012) – A middle aged man takes the fact that his son doesn’t want to play the flute surprisingly hard

Brother Cobweb at the House of Shadows (2018) – An excerpt of our own Alfred Eaker‘s performance of his Brother Cobweb character at The House of Shadows in Gresham, Oregon

Bulb (2008) – A simple change of a light bulb has far reaching effects in this well-made experimental film

Bump Classique (2016) – “A short film about bursting”

Bydlo (2012) – Humanity tears itself apart fighting over a bull in this mythic animation

The Caged Pillows (2016) – Surreal animation set to the music of Daft Punk, Death Grips, Future Islands and Devendra Banhart

The Carnival of the Animals (2017) – A wild cut-out animation to accompany a performance of Saint-Saën’s “The Carnival of the Animals”

Caterwaul (2012) – A lonely old fisherman becomes romantically obsessed with his latest catch

Catherine (2014) – Catherine returns to the office, where everyone is oddly detached

Catnip: Egress to Oblivion? (2012) – The startling facts behind the mind-melting fad sweeping the feline world: is it worth the rush?

The Cat With Hands (2001) – Very spooky horror short about a cat with hands (and other human body parts)

The Cave (2007) – An adaptation of Plato’s cave allegory from “The Republic,” done in claymation to bring out the underlying creepiness of the metaphor

Cell (2017) – Nazis place two prisoners in a cell as guinea pigs in psychological b-movie experiments

Chapel Perilous (2014) – A door-to-door salesman pitches his ability to unlock the full potential of his unlucky subjects through decoding their “mystery DNA”

The Chaperone 3D (2013) – A chaperone takes matters into his own hands when a gang of bikers try to crash a school dance (note: not available in 3D)

Charlay Verenne (2016) – Jamir falls in love with a poster of the title character, then has a nightmare about her

Charleston Parade (1927) – In the future, an African explorer learns an indigenous dance from a Parisian flapper and her pet monkey in this uncharacteristically experimental silent short from Jean Renoir

Chasseur (2013) – Legend has it that, if you desire to sell your soul, the Devil will meet you at the crossroads to seal the deal; but sometimes he sends a personal representative instead

Chick (2008) – A cyclops cleans up and dresses to catch the gaze of her date

Chick Chick (2014) – An infamously jarring Chinese music video featuring some ridiculous dance routines and sound samples

Chicken – Part 2: Resurrection (2011) – Four strange people share a strange meal in this experimental film with a trick

Children Purple (2007) – Experimental mix of film and animation over fast-paced beats

A Child’s Toy (2007)Child’s Play meets Eraserhead in this creepy stop-motion animation

Chingaso the Clown (2006) – A man seeks revenge on the clown crime cartel in this calling card for a feature that was never made

Choban (2014) – Wearing only his underwear, a perpetually-worried, magic-staff-wielding shepherd searches for his kidnapped dog

Christmas Cracker (1963) – Three whimsically weird animated Christmas tales; a short film Academy Award nominee

Circle of Abstract Ritual (2014) – Impressive 12-minute stop-motion/time lapse experiment, two years in the making

Cody’s Positive Affirmations (2015) – Cody’s self doubt pokes through his facade of positivity

Colera (2013) – A town violently deals with its scapegoat, a man with cholera, once and for all

Combination Spawns (2009) – Psychedelic experiments with fractal imaging software

Contact (2018) – Jason is left to assess what is happening when his partner disappears

Contact the Star People (2008) – Laughing pharaohs and spaceships hiding behind a distorted soundscape and shifting fractal patterns

Control (2010) – A panic attack on film

Controller (2013) – Proof-of-concept telepathic sci-fi action short that has since been optioned for a feature

A Cowboy Never Dies (2011) – Post-apocalyptic cowboys-versus-punks short film featuring a catchy 80′s electronic track

Crabs in a Dollhouse (2011) – Delivers exactly what it promises in the title

Cream (2017) – A miracle cream solves all of humanity’s problems—from curing acne to regrowing amputated limbs to evolving us to higher states of consciousness—or does it?

Creswick (2017) – A daughter helps her father move out of a house that may be haunted

Curriculum Vitae (2007) – Surreal comedy about a man whose resume escapes him; this version is abridged

Cycles (2010) – Giant teddy bears stuck in mutating traffic patterns; oddly hypnotic

Crooked (Orcus) Rot (2008) – Experimental stop-motion animation filled with creepy imagery

The Cub (2013) – Parents’ plans to drop their child off to be raised by wolves backfires

Dada (2008) – Style follows subject in this comedy about a pair of stereotyped Frenchmen trying to get their hands on an art masterpiece/shovel

Daddy Christmas (2014) – A drunken father gives his son his own take on the meaning of Christmas

Danish Girls Show Everything (1995)‘s contribution to a Danish short compilation is a tale of telepathy, invasion, survival, and weird CGI

David (Episode 1) (2016) – A Tarot reader tells David a black rock is growing in his chest and gives him five weeks to live in this opening episode of an absurdist webseries

David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee (2011) – Leave it to David Lynch to use an utterly baffling ad to sell coffee

Däwit (2015) – Woodcut-style animated tale of a mother leaves the fate of her newborn son in the hands of the ocean

Dear Raymond (2012) – Dressed as an angel, Blue Mahler pays tribute to the late autistic artist Raymond Thunder-Sky

The Death of an Insect (2010) – An impressionistic, experimental portrait of the death of a butterfly

Death of a Shadow (2012) – A deceased soldier goes to work for a mysterious shadow collector in this Oscar nominated fantasy with a steampunk look

Death of the Firstborn Egyptians (2014) – A lighthearted musical animation depicting the slaughter of the Egyptians as told in “Exodus,” a freestanding excerpt from an upcoming film by Nina Paley

Death to the Tinman (2007) – Guy Maddin meets The Wizard of Oz describes this impressively bizarre fantasy

Decoration (2011) – A vase living inside of a girl directs a play about its host squeezing a hamster to death

Deer Flower (2016) – A Korean boy is brought to a deer farm to practice a custom that will help him become a grown-up

Dependency Loop (2018) – A corporation creates a “bio-fracking” industry to harvest organs and tissue. CGI animation.

Derealiser la Faille (2010) – Frightening, visually assured non-narrative experimental film; remarkably, made by a high school student

Descent (2107) – The Black Plague descends on a computer desktop

Destiny/Fate (Keep Going) (2018) – Destiny licks Fate’s feet as Fate urges Destiny to “keep going.”

Dichterlieb (2000) – Director Oliver Herrmann’s music video version of  Robert Schumann’s romantic composition

“Diesel: the Magic of Christmas, Episode 2” (2012) – A fashion company hypnotizes their models into believing they’re five years old in this odd celebration of Xmas

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham (2015) – A future society has replaced the death penalty with something far more horrifying

The Divide (2014) – Animated satire about our disconnect from nature

The Divine Miracle (1972) – Kitsch/surreal version of the passion play

El Doctor (2006) – A melancholy Mexican médico makes his miraculous rounds. Included on The Films of Suzan Pitt.

Dogs of Life (2015) – A story of redemption set apart by its symbolism, deliberately sloppy animation, and glitchy voice acting

Dokidoki My Heart, Also a Rabbit (2016) – Short line animation about a man who gets a surprise while hunting a rabbit

Don’t Ever Change (2017) – Recently released from prison, Karen receives a visit from a true crime fan

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared (2011) – Children’s puppets stumble upon the dark side of creativity

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 2 – Time (2014) – The fuzzy gang is back for a typically terrifying rumination on the nature of time, which is running out for all of us

Door on the Left (2015) – Five contestants cheer each other on in a new game show, until they realize what’s on the line

Doxology (2007) – An experimental head trip containing floating carrots, dancing cars, and a tennis ball crashing into the moon

Dream #7 (2009) – David Lynch’s 42 second entry in the onedreamrush short film collection

The Dreaming Boy (2016) – A grotesquely fat man/boy has an out-of-body experience while dreaming

Dream in Green (2007) – Gustafer Yellowgold’s acclaimed animated children’s music has fanciful storybook pictures for the kiddies and infectious melodies for adults

Dr. Fausen’s Children (2009) – Surreal, paranoid fantasy about a man who thinks he’s related to a blue cow

Drifters (2012) – Strange animated dreams on a train

Drifting (2012) – A young boy watches adults literally drifting through life

Earthworm Heart (2014) – Earthworm ghosts get revenge on a cat fisherman

edicisum (2008) – Experimental film sets dissonant music to equally dissonant visuals

Elapse (2009) – Floria Sigismondi’s 42 second entry in the onedreamrush short film collection

Eli (2014) – An Israeli soldier follows a Palestinian kid in a bunny suit down a rabbit hole

Electrone #2 (2016) – An epileptic seizure-inducing experimental short

El Elegante (2003) – Absurd but sweet comedy about a homeless woman and a mute man meeting on New Years’ Eve in an abandoned hotel

Elms (2014)Guy Maddin and co-director Evan Johnson created this impressionistic experimental short to accompany the Criterion Collection release of My Winnipeg

Emotions Market (2007) – In a drab city, the sale and purchase of emotions are strictly regulated, but not everyone wants to follow the rules

The End of History Illusion (2017) – Servants in an elaborate fallout shelter lose their minds in elegant fashion

Epidermis (2008) – Odd urban philosophy from cult tour guide Speed Levitch, who compares walking down a city street to foreplay

Erodium Thunk (2018) – Segments of old commercials are cut into pieces and cleverly pasted together in a tribute to Micheal Snow’s experimental short A to Z (1956)

Essays on Reality, Chapter 2 (2012) – Three bizarre, comic, metaphorical mini-movies

Fabricated (2016): Stop-motion short, reminiscent of or the , about a creature assembled from scraps of metal and bone searching for its purpose

A Family Portrait (2009) – If you thought your family portrait was awkward—well, at least mom’s nostril didn’t engulf dad’s head

The Fantastic Adventures of Cloudman (2010) – Claymation, traditional animation and live-action mix (often in the same scene) to tell the fantastic story of Cloudman’s sojourn among the Earthlings

Fearless Love (2016) – Barry’s firing fatefully coincides with a Tony Robbins-style seminar

Fever (2017) – Four teenagers around the world get too caught up in individual moments to act rationally

Find the Truth (2015) – 360 video exploring the search for the elusive “Newspaper Bandit” in Nakano

Fits & Starts (2002) – Award-winning absurdist comedy beginning with two people carrying on a conversation via tape recorders

Flesh Nest (2017) –  A hellish digital afterlife separated into nine levels

Food (2015) – A remixed compilation of weird food-themed shorts

Food for Fraught (2017) – a husband prepares an unappetizing pastrami sandwich for his wife in a short playfully advertised as a rejected sequence from Fantasia

The Forbidden Zone Theme (2015) – “Raunchy Rose and the Radioactive Chicken Heads” beat on bongos in this musical promo for Forbidden Zone 2

Forever Ago (2012) – An old man’s memories are stirred by the sound of Christmas music

Fortunes (2013) – The movie accurately describes itself as “an experimental comedy on our relationship with consumerism, household rituals, and our objects of worship.”

Fostered (2014) – An elderly man laments a past act that has left him in a mental purgatory

Foutaises (1989) – Rubber-faced Dominique Pinon lists things he likes and things he doesn’t like, a technique director Jean-Pierre Jeunet later recycled for Amelie

The Fox and the Rabbit (2006) – Dreamlike music video from the indie band Xiu Xiu

Frankenweenie (1984) – Charming pre-fame Tim Burton Frankenstein parody about a boy who reanimates his dead dog

Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life (1993) – Franz Kafka struggles to write the first sentence of “The Metamorphosis,” but finds himself constantly interrupted by loud neighbors and strange door-to-door salesmen

“Fred and Barney for Bush Beer” (1967) – Flintstones characters extol the virtues of binge drinking in this odd artifact of its times

Free Fall (1964) – Ten minutes of gospel music, ants, baboons, experimental editing, cellular biology lectures, and eye closeups figure in this surrealist short

Fride Chick’n Man (2014) – A blind detective provides insight on the case of the Fride Chik’n Man murders

From Behind (2005) – Who are those skeletal creatures stranding behind the claymation people and manipulating them?

From the Big Bang to Tuesday Morning (2000) – Claude Cloutier illustrates the evolution of life on Earth in a bold and just-weird-enough way

The Frozen North (1922) – Buster Keaton Western parody

The Funeral Director (2016) – A funeral director searches for purpose in a job that consistently incapacitates him with grief

The Future (2017) – A dark-humored look into a future where water is nowhere to be found

Futur Sauvage (2016) – A reckless boy with a gun is disciplined by the leader of his tribe in this dialogue-free animation

Gainers (2012) – A bleak look at consumption through a blend of animation and photography

The Giant (2017) – an eerie CGI fable about a giant’s discovery of music

Girl Seizure (2014) – Two-thousand frames of surreal pen and ink animation set to an uncomfortable soundtrack

Git Gob (2009) – Two bizarre creatures argue whether their new discovery is a hole in the ground or a hat

Glucose (2017) – A video game character questions free will, and gets knocked unconscious by his opponent

The Goat and the Beehive (2010) – Mystical parable from a Dying NASA Scientist

Going to the Store (2011) – A naked man-thing shows off his unusual gait

Goodbye (2015) – After a car crash, a man is welcomed to death by “the Interviewer”

Gordon’s Surreal Senior Project Film #2 – Young Gordon shows some promise in this experiment with a self-explanatory title

Grandpa Walrus (2017) – A family finds closure over the loss of their chain-smoking grandfather in their own surreal way

Greener Grass (2016) – Soccer moms Jill and Lisa strive for the perfect nuclear family

Green Porno – Fly (2008) – Representative episode from the Sundance Television series with Isabella Rossellini describing the mating habits of insects in a weird but scientifically accurate way

“Green Screen Cookies” (2009) – What’s in those psychedelic cookies Thu Tran is making for “Food Party”?

Grounded (2012) – An astronaut’s hallucinations on a faraway world

Guns, Beer and Demons (2009) – Humorous prologue for a proposed post-apocalyptic webseries involving the titular triumvirate

Half Wet (2014) – Gus ponders aging according to the declining percentage of water in his body

Hallelujah! Gorilla Revival (2008) – Experimental film sequence beginning with a preteen girl playing a sax solo in front of a deer corpse

Halloween Trash (2007) – Something called Shaye St. John verbally abusing trick-or-treaters!

Ham (2014) – The rude antics of a grotesque man lead to a shootout

The Hamster (2015) – A father reluctantly buys his daughter a pet, fearing that the creature has secret plans to harm the girl’s innocent psyche

Happiness Has a Hole (2014) – Evocative music from chanteuse Mary Louise set to surreal gray-scale 3-D animation

Happy Ending (2010) – A simple story about post-apocalyptic Japanese teenage mimes

Happy Happy Yay Yay (2011) – Two kids are cured of their boredom when they receive a concussion from a rainbow

Happy New Year 2013 (2013) – Brief but bizarre Japanese video game parody from “Space Shower TV”

Harvie Krumpet (2003) – Eccentric Academy Award winning claymation about a character with Tourette’s Syndrome

Hate or Glory (2013) – A gangster has himself gilded in gold

Headlessness (2004) – Trippy “journey to the holy mountain” cartoon

Heart (2011) – The appearance of a red heart disrupts a black and white world in this surreal animation

The Heart Collector (2005) – A man collects others’ hearts, until one day he loses his own

The Heart of the World (2000) – Guy Maddin’s award-winning short love letter to silent Soviet cinema

“Heaven’s Countryland, U.S. Americans Part 4” (2014)  – North Korean propaganda explaining why 9 out of 10 American children turn into geometric shapes

Heavy Chemistry (2018) – A couple obsessively in love with each other, their roommate, pizza, and life altogether

He Did and He Didn’t (1916) – Roscoe Arbuckle’s “humorous, expressionistic nightmare.”

Help! Dying! (2016) – A man’s relaxing evening is impolitely interrupted when a cop is shot outside his window.

Helping Johnny Remember (2010) – A DIY-er uses basic editing software to turn a short about getting along into a comic nightmare

Help Us (2016) – Pleas for help pitched halfway between a nightmare and a pledge drive

Henri (2007) – The depressingly hilarious monologue of a housecat filled with ennui

Henri 2, Paw de Deux (2012) – This sequel finds the existential French kitty reflecting on the continuing meaningless of domestic life

The Herd (2016) – Is Louis unnaturally attached to his family’s livestock?

Hesperus (2006) – Apocalyptic, Rotoscoped sci-fi tale with a unique visual sense

He Took His Skin Off for Me (2014) – As a romantic gesture, a man does just what the title says he does

High & Gruesome (2014) – Scrappy and Pearly search for their lost dog in this absurdist tribute to 1930s comedy

Hillary Clinton: Meme Queen (2016) – Fake, “dank” 2016 U.S. Presidential ad aimed at a younger demographic

Hi Stranger (2017) – We’re not sure whether listening to this supportive, seductive stop-motion figure is soothing or insanely creepy

Home Makeover (2017) – Worm people help out a nuclear family with a surprise home makeover in this animated “Adult Swim” short

Horn (2016) – A biker guides a boy through his upcoming life

Hound (2015) – Absurd animated sketches about man’s best friend

How to Make a Nightmare (2014) – The creatures behind nightmare manufacture get too involved in their work

Hugh the Hunter (2015) – Artist Hugh Hayden imagines himself as a hunter identifying with his prey

Human Resources (2017) – Bizarre comedy involving a corporate cult, among other strange behavior

Hunger (1974) – This animated fable about greed and lust with constantly morphing images was nominated for “Best Short Film” in the 1975 Oscars

Hydra (2017) – Interpretative dance: a girl is swept up and indoctrinated by a group of veiled women

Hyper-Reality (2016) – Near-future satire in which technology has advanced to the point where the virtual world is plastered over the physical

I Am Tom Moody (2012) – The roots of Tom Moody’s performance anxiety

Imagenes mentales de un Hombre Perdiendo la Raizon (2004) – Effective amateur stop-motion insane gore

Inside (2002) – The interrogation of a man with multiple personality disorder

Inside (2016) – Underneath the skin, a man is transforming into something terrifying and new

Interno (2009) – A family shares dinner while soundbites from TV shows and commercials overpower their dialogue

Introducing Bobby (2013) – Impressionistic short documentary about an ex-con who dreams of being on “Survivor”

I, Pet Goat II (2012) – Possibly a political satire—frankly, this impressive animated short is so weird we just can’t tell!

I Remember Nothing (2015) – A hallucinatory drama structured by the five stages of an epileptic seizure

Italian Spiderman Trailer (2008) – Viral sensation is a hilarious send-up of a grindhouse genre that never was

It’s Intermission Time! (2007) – A trip to the drive-in snack bar brings unexpected consequences in this zany parody of movie popcorn pitches

I Was Married to a Mermaid (2014) – An old man insists that he was once married to a mermaid

Jabberwocky (1971) – Jan Svankmajer‘s nonsense warmup for Alice; included on Cinema 16: European Short Films

Jagdschloss II (2013) – Something with vintage German marionettes and arcane symbols

Japanese Donald Trump Commercial (2016) – Trump is elected President of the World, much to the delight of his female Japanese fans in this political parody commercial

Jericho (2009) – A despondent old man is visited by his childhood toys in this weird but moving short

La Jetée (1962) – Dreamlike time-travel classic that set the standard for the sci-fi subgenre

The Journey (2015?) – Never accept a ride from a rainbow DeLorean driven by a guy who looks like Bobby Peru

Joy Street (1995) – A suicidally depressed woman and her whimsical animated ashtray have decidedly different views of life. Included on The Films of Suzan Pitt.

Judy’s Smile (2011) – A narrator reflects on his sister’s omnipresent smile in this subtly disturbing re-purposed hygiene short

Just Ancient Loops (2012) – Decaying visions of heaven created from archival film mixed with CGI (excerpt only)

Kangaroos Can’t Jump Backwards (2013) – A stop-motion animation economics lesson that ends with a sea squirt eating its own brain

Kasio Christmas (2008) – Conehead aliens do weird dances to Christmas carols played on a Casio keyboard

Keep the Change (2015) – An autistic playboy courts a girl with a similar disability in this touching drama starring high-functioning actors on the autism spectrum

The Kids (2014) – A man is brought before the King of Children and his celebrity jester

Killer Cuisine (2010) – Today’s recipe is hummus with a side of angst

Killer Cuisine 2 (2010) – A cooking show for cannibals

Klementhro (2015) – Without his paddle, he’d have nowhere to go

Kunbstbar (2002) – a wonderfully weird animated bar with Pablo Picasso on the menu

El Ladron de Caras (2013) – A detective assists a woman in tracking down thefts of facial features

Lady Blue Shanghai (2010) – David Lynch was given relatively free reign to make this impressionistic “commercial” for Dior (a handbag features prominently)

Lance Lizardi (2017) – Lance Lizardi and friends showcase their obsession with, and similarities to, their reptilian friends

Last Door (2015) – Promising short experimental film by a 16-year-old director

Late Bloomer (2005) – Sex education and H.P. Lovecraft mix in this comic short

Late for Meeting (2013) – Further adventures of the strange naked latex man-thing from Going to the Store

Laugh Years Light Trax (2011) – A speculative look at how aliens see human laughter

Lazy Daze (2016) – What do dogs dream about?

The Legend of Turbosledge (2013) – A boy puts a turbo engine on his snow sled, with somewhat weird results

Leucotopia (2013) – Robot chickens drive a mechanical Dr. Manhattan through a florescent world

Life and the Mirror (2007) – Short, surreal film from Julio Pereira

Life in Transition (2005) – Dali-esque animation from the creator of the TV series “Courage, the Cowardly Dog”

Light is Calling (2004) – Lyrical decaying footage from the silent feature The Bells (1926) set to an avant-garde music score

Lima Bean Man (2018) – A tiny man lives in Sabrina’s cupboard behind the lima bean can; he sings a short song

Little Clumps of Hair (2003) – Martin catches up with some friends at a pub, hoping that the tape on his upper lip goes unnoticed

Little Fang (2014) – A cute puppet is trapped in a psychedelic horror movie in this video for the song of the same name from Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks

Logan’s Run (2012) – Herky-jerky, trippy digital animation about an antler-headed humanoid wandering a chaotic neon world

Long Term Delivery (2017) – Agent 4505 of the USPS Department of Long-term Delivery sets out to deliver a package that has been in limbo for ten years

La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura (2014) – Van Gogh and Gauguin discuss art while interacting with their canvasses

Look at Me Only (2017) – A man tries to break away from his snake-like girlfriend who insists on being the focus of his attention

Loop Soup (2016) – Connie gets a little too excited over receiving an old cooking tape in the mail

Lucky (2014) – Director Jakob Bilinski was handed a script and given 24 hours to shoot this 8-minute horror film in a library

Luminaris (2011) – Charming dialogue-free fantasy about a man working in a lightbulb factory

The Lunchbox (2011) – Absurd student comedy film about a man who accidentally kills his boss’ cat

The Magic of Christmas (2012) – Odd ad featuring models who’ve been hypnotized to think they’re five years old on Christmas morning

The Making of “Godard & Others” (2010) – Strange and cynical mini-documentary on the making of a low-budget independent movie

Manly (2014) – Manly, a destroyer of worlds, tries to live up to her godlike father’s expecatations

Mariko Takahashi’s Fitness Video for Being Appraised as an “Ex-fat Girl” (2004) – Commercial director Nagi Noda’s notorious, prankishly surreal entry in a short film prepared for the 2004 Olympics

Marvelous, Keen Loony Bin (2005) – Animated surrealism featuring a monkey with a helium-filled balloon for a head

Master Muscles (2014) – A romance between a submissive man and a female body builder teeters between love and mental illness

Meatball Machine: Reject of Death (2007) – Produced as an extra for the Meatball Machine DVD, this gory, absurd and politically incorrect music video is weirder and more interesting than the feature film

Meat Market (2013) – Disturbing, degrading music video starring a beautiful woman and a plate of raw ground beef

Meatsack Worhippers (2015) – Manipulated found-footage montage of people doing weird things with meat, from “Memory Hole”

Membrane (2012) – A twenty-year-old boy prepares for death with a bowl of bloody corn flakes

Metachaos (2010) – Black and white manikins twist and jerk uncontrollably in the accelerating chaos

Metube 2: August Sings Carmina Burana (2016) – Street performers put on an otherworldly act when a generous boy donates a few coins to their tip jar

Michael (2013) – A tabby cat’s romp through a weird pink animated world, from “Space Shower TV”

Milky Shot (2017) – Earth is visited by a giant, floating, spoon-obsessed alien

Mind Frame (2016) – Surreal morphing faces from white-out animator Jake Fried

Mine (2016) – Walter leads his wife, Diane, through a minefield to find a time capsule he left forty years ago

Minotaur (1999) – A lonely Minotaur’s socialization skills are put to the test when he gets an unexpected visit from a young girl

Mirror, Mirror (2008?) – You’ll wonder which is weirder, the music or the visuals, in this experimental video

Moira and Me (2012) –  A little girl has a very strange playmate

Mole (2016) – Animation scored to jarring Russian electronica

Mompelaar (2008) – After being scolded by his transgendered mother, mumbling Lubbert goes out to the woods to visit his treasure trove of plastic bags filled with rotting objects

Monkey Love Experiments (2014) – A monkey in a university animal testing facility believes that he will soon be sent to the moon

Morpho Towers–Two Standing Spirals (2007) – Ferrofluid rises and spins hypnotically around two magnetized spiral towers in this ballet of liquid metal

Mound (2011) – Clay figures morph and undulate as a man croons “It’s Raining Today”

Mr. Freeman, Part 0 (2009?) – Fluid, morphing black and white Russian animation that’s managed to create quite an Internet following considering most fans don’t understand what’s being said

Music for Babies (1996) – Animator ‘s abstract visual companion to Howie B’s electronic beats

Mutant Sperm (2010?) – Fish filled with various glittering, neon colored objects are brutally impaled to a song about pregnancy

MUTO (2008) – This YouTube sensation shows meticulously photographed graffiti art crawling across the walls of urban eyesores in Buenos Aires

My Favorite Things that I Love (2010) – Affectionate, weird send-up of big-eyed puppies, unicorns, and other forms of girly kitsch

Mynarski Death Plummet (2014) – Experimental short in the style about a Canadian airman plunging to his death

My Wrongs #8245-8249 & 177 (2002) – A madman takes the advice of the Doberman he’s dogsitting, much to his detriment; included on the European edition of Cinema 16: European Short Films

Nachtmahr: Geistergang (2008) -Nightmarish amateur experimental short

Nagasaki Ding-Dong (2008) – A nauseatingly surreal meal

National Gymnastics (2017) – An experimental animation depicting a Korean national school exercise routine from the late 20th century

Neighbor Kids (2015) – The neighbor kids clean their house (and the streets) in preparation for the arrival of their new roommate

Neon Parallel 1996 (2015) – A “lost vaporwave classic” about virtual reality in an alternate history

Next Floor (2008) – A gluttonous feast collapses under its own weight

Nice Day for a Picnic (2008) – The absurd cycle of daily rituals in animated form

The Nightmare (2016) – A wolf cub’s disturbing dream

Night Mayor (2009) – A man converts music from the Aurora Borealis into video, and broadcasts the imagery throughout Canada. By .

No Man Is an Island (2018) – Named after the John Donne poem, this short portrays the madness of isolation

Nowhere Line (2015) – Rotoscoped reimagining of a refugee’s experiences in an Australian detention camp

Nuclear (2016) – After a day of video editing, Oliver heads to his apartment, catching the milkman leaving just as he arrives

obskura atomika (2011) – Low budget film with echoes of Begotten and Eraserhead

Obsolescence (2011) – Hostage story with a sci-fi twist

Odilon Redon (1995) – A father and son witness a train wreck and compete for the love of the sole survivor in this silent-film styled throwback from Guy Maddin

Oh, Mr. President (2014) – A Claymation dog won’t greet its owner after her shower until she recognizes his birthday

Old Man (2012) – An animated rendering of Charles Manson’s insane telephone rants

Once There Was a King (2011) – This Polish fairy tale/lullaby is sure to bring the wee ones nightmares

Once Upon a Pretzel (2018) – A four-eyed turtle monster is beckoned out of its cage by flute music and pretzels

One Pill (2009) – Atmospheric meditation on memory and forgetfulness

One Week (1920) – Buster Keaton tries to build a house following sabotaged instructions

Operator (2013) – Bob comes into contact with a bio-mechanical parasite while hard at work at his robotic job

“Orangina Commercial” (ca 2011) – The French see inter-species bestiality as a perfectly natural way to hawk orange soda

Orhesticulanismus (2008) – Mathieu Labaye’s animated tribute to his paralyzed father

Otto and the Electric Eel (2011) – Electric eel: it’s what’s for dinner

The Outside Voice (2009) – A maladjusted loner takes a terrifying walk in this vodka advertisement

Overload (2015) – A man returns to Earth after an extended stay in space

Ovo (2012) – Three men prepare for their death on a barren planet

The Owl Man (2015) – Mockumentary about the not-so-reclusive Owl Man

The Palace (2014) – A boy seeks sanctuary from the world that is crumbling around him, but it seems every open pathway dissipates before his eyes

Pamon (2016) – Cute little animated critters who communicate via chest hair

Parametric Expression (2013) – Putting the human face through its CGI paces

Parasite Choi (2012) – Morphing digital magic in a post-apocalyptic desert

Parking Lot (2013) – A surreal, animated drive in a geometric world

The Passion of Judas (2014) – Recreation of an odd Spanish Easter ritual—the burning of Judas in effigy

Past Forward (2016) – An elegant, Hitchcock-esque dream from auteur

Pauline (2016) – A woman bemoans the haunting of her kitchen stove

Peter and the Paper Wolves (2012) – A magician teaches Peter how to get a song out of a clown’s head

Philip Seymour Hoffman on Happiness (2014) – An animation of the late actor ‘s thoughts on the titular subject

The Piano (2011) – A trip to a piano factory turns into a surreal recital where the instrument consumes the performers

Picnic (1987) – A combination of classic animation, depraved stills, and experimental music

Pierrot Lunaire (2002) – Arnold Schoenberg’s atonal poems given avant-garde visuals

Pioneer (2001) – A man tells a bedtime story to his adopted son about how he met the boy’s mother, but it couldn’t possibly be literally true

A Place We Call Reality (2018) – Kristoffer Borgli takes a break from acting and directing to search for meaning in his life through the guidance of a vaping Taiwanese bodybuilder

Plastic Bag (2009) – A plastic bag wonders about the purpose of its existence when its owner discards it. Narrated by Werner Herzog

Playhouse (1921) – Buster Keaton dreams of a vaudeville show starring Buster Keaton

Playing for Keeeps (2011) – Greedy animated men go to despicable lengths to best each other over a few coins

Plunge – An animated man falls from an impossible height into a surreal world

Poen (1967) – Leonard Cohen reads his own Poen accompanied by a collage of fascinating and disturbing still images

Praying Transnomia (2012) – Headscratching art installation featuring two German men reciting repetitive phrases

Prebirth (2018) – Babies have their durability to drum and bass tested by what can only be described as a trio of Imperial Army Pyramidheads

Prie Dieu (2012) – Award-winning experimental film bringing you praying mantises as you’ve never seen them before

Prospect (2013) – A teenage girl and her father prospect for minerals on a distant planet

Pupa (2014) – A pubescent boy sees adults as monsters and fears what he will become

Puppets (2011) – Two directors wearing people-puppets clash over the direction of a scene

The Pure and the Damned (2017) – Music video with as a zombie crooner

The Purgatory of Monotony (2014) – A bored rich woman plays imaginative games with her possessions

Quasi at the Quackadero (1975) – Underground cartoon about a duck sent to a psychedelic time-travel amusement park as part of a murder scheme

Rabbit (2005) – Award-winning, scary animated anti-greed fable about a girl who finds a magical idol inside the body of a rabbit

Rabbit’s Blood (2017) – A girl is caught in a bloody conflict between her people and camera-wielding rabbits

Radioactive Flesh: Sculpture (2010) – Sculptor/filmmaker J.S. Avila takes us on a creepy cinematic tour of his 2010 piece “Radioactive Flesh.”

Ratimis (2017) –  Manipulated horror movie imagery from adorns this Brahm music video

Rat Pack Rat (2014) – A Sammy Davis, Jr. impersonator shares an extremely uncomfortable visit with a dying boy

Rattle (2003) – Effective animated depiction of man’s lifelong dedication to walloping his fellow man

A Real Indication (1992)David Lynch-directed music video for a song that made the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me soundtrack

The Recipe (2014) – A weird Thanksgiving turkey recipe

Red Hot Drops (2005) – Weirdly drawn music video by animator/musician Chad Vangaalen

Reduction (2010) – Animated illustration of an odd theory about the subconscious

Regenerative Being (2017) – Animated, atmospheric music video in which a man watches an operatic concert through a hole in a hotel room wall

Remember Me (2013) – A man fears that he will cease to exist if someone else is not thinking of him at all times

Renegade (2014) – Camp-laden parody of 1950s men’s adventure magazines

Rest (2012) – Wordless undead drama about a zombie seeking peace

The Return of John Frum (2010) – A prophecy from a religion that never was

The Reveres (2013) – Internet paranoia in the NSA age

Right Place (2006) – Award-winning short from Kosai Sekine about a Japanese clerk with obsessive compulsions

Room 8 (2013) – A new prisoner finds his bunkmate has a weird secret he keeps in a box

Royal Game (2007) – Two porcelain-faced beings play a mystical game of chess, accompanied by an original score for guitar and percussion

Ruminations; Ppl Are Not Flowers (2011) – This impressive, bizarre stop-motion animation was actually a high school project!

Le Sacre du Printemps (2004) – Stravinsky ballet reimagined as a Santeria voodoo ritual

Salad Fingers – Cupboard (2007) – this representatively bizarre episode from David Firth’s weird animated web series sees Salad Fingers driven into his safety cupboard by unpleasant radio broadcasts

Salma (2011) – animator uses weirdness to protest unexploded ordinance

Saucer Man (2015) – An alien’s relocation to this planet is told in primitive-CGI graphics that make it look like a 90s video game

S-Bahn (2011) – Strange creatures ride the subway in this mix of animation and live action

Scavengers (2016) – Two astronauts collect samples from a bizarre alien biome

Sea Devil (2015) – A fisherman smuggling two Cuban immigrants finds an unusual catch

Seed (2004) – Stop-motion horror with some arresting imagery

See Spot Squeal (2017) – An afternoon of dog sitting gets off to a bad start

Sefton’s Dream (2012) – A lazy, dreamlike animation using paint and a Sega graphic-board video game

Self-Assembly (2015) – A married couple impulse purchases a ready-to-assemble cabinet through a questionable internet ad

Semáforo (2013) – The thesis of thius animated film is there’s a circus going on inside stoplights

The Separation (2003) – Surgically separated, stop-motion Siamese twins yearn to be reattached

“A Sharp Education” – 1950s newsreel of mom throwing knives at her daughters

Ship of Fools (2016) – An animated art experiment that skips around to different characters in different timelines, gets existential and serious, and then jumps to lowbrow humor

Sick (2015) – Young mother Ellie daydreams in the hospital as her baby is admitted with a mystery illness

Sick Leave (2012) – Speedy shifting animated surreal landscapes

Sight (2012) – An alien figure seeks to take the life of his bound and sightless victim

Singing Babies (unknown) – VHS relic: an unintentionally horrifying skit of singing babies that turns nightmarish as the sandman snatches the tots

Sissy-Boy Slap-Party (1995) – It’s what the title says it is; pre-code homoerotica based on a Three Stooges fetish

Sisters (2013) – A woman gives her sister a surprise visit after a paranormal experience

S.I.T.E. (2008) – Military sightings of weird aliens in the desert

Skin for Skin (2017) – The governor of the largest fur trading company in the world follows his insatiable greed to its inevitable conclusion

Skinlines (2009) – A peek under a man’s skin reveals a bizarre world of organs spouting eyeballs

The Sleep of Reason (2002) – There’s a strong Guy Maddin feel to this evocative short about a mental patient undergoing shock therapy

The Small Space [Der Kleinere Raum] (2009) – Claustrophobia via claymation

Smoke (2008) – The term “Lynchian” is overused, but it fits this smoky, surreal, professional impressionist piece by Grzegorz Cisiecki

Snakes in My Belly (2016) – A cartoon rabbit gets snakes in his belly and a real snake drinks from a water glass

Snowballs (2011) – Another Harmony Korine provocation, this time poking at Native American stereotypes as well as white trash

Snow White Cologne (2017) – Animated poem describing the narrator’s sister’s experience as a teenage drug addict

Socialist Circle (2015) – Anarchic animation with a number of crowded tableaux that get busier as they go on

Solipsist (2012) – Colorful, award-winning experimental short with humans evolving into colorful, flowery, abstract forms

Sombra Dolorosa (2004) – A widow must win a wrestling bout with death before an eclipse arrives to save her daughter from suicide—FROM SUICIDE!

Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade (1994) – This proof-of-concept short for Sling Blade takes place inside the mental institution before Karl Childers’ release

Somewhere (2013) –  An animated astronaut journeys to another planet, leaving his left arm behind with his lover

Spacious Thoughts (2009) – Experimental animated music video from N.A.S.A., featuring the voices of Kool Keith and Tom Waits

Splendona (2017) – Nightmares of a disfigured model

The Stain (1991) – Disturbingly deadpan tale of a dysfunctional family inspired by an odd obituary notice

Still Life (2015) – Drowsy visuals of a truck on fire and a dissolving Alka-Seltzer tablet escalate into… something else

The Stolen Bible trailer – There’s no way this movie could possibly live up to the brilliance this garbled, carnivalesque trailer – is there?

The Stop (2018) – Gloria and her friends are flagged down by a Border Patrol officer while waiting for psychedelic drugs to kick in

The Stork (2001) – A bizarre image—babies as bombs—drives this overpopulation allegory

The Strange Ones (2011) – A boy and a man who may or may not be his brother break into a deserted motel pool

Strife on Mars? (2011) – From Gibby Goo Bop comes this uplifting, impressive musical nonsense starring a tree-hugging hippie and his imaginary friends

Subconscious Password (2013) – A man’s subconscious is visualized as a game show, where he tries to remember the name of the old friend he meets at the bar with the help of “celebrity” guests

A Subjective Story of an Object (2014) – Philosophical mediation on the nature of thing-ness

Sugarplum Santa – Scenes from Santa’s Enchanted Village (1964) (produced by ) paired with the Portsmouth Sinfonia’s humorously amateurish rendition of “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy”.

Sultana Meadows (2006) – Amateur, but highly Lynchian, short film from Spike McKenzie

Summer Light (2001) – A “Victorian Fantasy” with headless antlers jumping out of lakes and a pyromaniac toddler

The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal (2016) – A computer wonders if its user reciprocates its love for her

Sunspring (2016) – Dystopian sci-fi script written by an artificial intelligence program

Supermercado (2012) – Weird supermarket prank by a crazy consumer

Table D’Hote (2014) – Abstract animation centered around factory farming

The Tale of How (2006) – An operatic story about flightless birds being devouredby a giant tentacled monster

The Tale of the Floating World (2001) – A surrealistic montage of Japanophilic iconography

Tarboz (2015) – Stream-of-consciousness sci-fi animation

The Taste in My Mouth (2018) – Abstract clones of various sizes interact with each other in this dialog-free short

Teeth (2015) – An elderly man tells the cringeworthy history of his lifelong obsession with teeth

Theodore of the Absurd (2012) – A filmmaker tries to get a romantic musical made in an alternate world where the avant-garde is mainstream and linear movies are considered outre

Think About This (????) – Looks like a vintage industrial safety short, with bad gore effects and a ballad soundtrack that turns it unintentionally surreal

This House Has People in It (2016) – Courtesy of Adult Swim comes this surveillance footage of a family meltdown when the daughter starts sinking through the wood flooring of their kitchen

This Is She (2015) – A woman tries to settle into her new apartment, but there’s a strange spot on the wall that she can’t seem to cover up

This Moment Is Not (2011) – A New Age-y meditation demonstration put through psychedelic paces

The Threatened One (1999) – Sexy animated take on Jorge Luis Borges’ melancholy love poem

Three… or Apple? (2009) – Experimental, nearly silent tinted short from Serbia refers to Buñuel and the Biblical story of creation

Through the Weeping Glass (2011) – Quay Brothers documentary about medical oddities

Thumb Snatchers from the Moon Cocoon (2012) – A Texas sheriff battles thumb-snatching aliens in this nutty stop motion spoof

Thunder Road (2016) – An officer gives a unique eulogy at his mother’s funeral, which includes a karaoke performance of one of her favorite songs

“Tim and Eric Awesome Show Good Job!: H’amb” – an ultra-black clip from the cult TV show, starring William Sanderson and Karen Black and involving murder-suicide and bargain lamb substitutes

Timelines (2015) – A man tries to keep his youthful appearance by any means necessary

“Time Slime” (2012) – Episode 1 of “the Bravest Warriors,” an absurdist spoof of kid’s superhero cartoons, introduces us to its weird characters as they face an insidious time loop

Tom R. Toe (2011) –  A shirtless tomato farmer sings a hypnotic ode to his favorite crop

To Oblivion (1993) – Low budget short film combining three H.P. Lovecraft dream stories

Too Many Cooks (2014) – It starts as an 80s sitcom, then turns into a surrealistic massacre

To Shoot a Rurf (2007) – Surrealistic urban short with a strung-out, despairing feel

Toys (1966) – War toys prove a downer for kids

Transporter (2013) – A nerdy member of a human trafficking gang believes he has the power of teleportation

The Trick Is the Treat (2013) – Angus Scrimm narrates this psychedelic essay on “the euphoria of the Halloween candy score… and the paranoia of the Halloween candy predator…”

The Trip (2009) – Experimental music video incorporating public domain footage from LSD scare films; highly psychedelic

A Trip to the Moon (1902) – The whimsical sci-fi fantasy that started it all

A Trip to the Orphanage (2004) – A soprano sings a sad lament as a man mournfully marches in the snow and curtains billow in this re-purposed deleted scene from The Saddest Music in the World

A Truncated Story of Infinity (2012) – A small glimpse of the infinite variations of a man who, in at least one universe, is named Vincent.

Turning (2010): A young boy’s surreal sixth birthday, highlighted by a visit from three elderly flamingo-women

TV Sale (1975) – If you missed the absurdist horror of television in the 1970s firsthand, this contemporary animated satire will allow you to relive those horrifying days

Twelve Days of Black Mass (2009) – Another creepy Christmas short, this one featuring a spooky doll performing mysterious rituals accompanied by “Sesame Street” style graphics

The Twin Girls of Sunset Street (2010) – Horrific, dialogue-free stop motion animation about twins selling taboo goods

Ugly (2018) – A mystic Native American shows concern for an unfortunate and ugly cat in a computer-generated world with Styrofoam physics

Umo (2007) – A psychedelic, tribal music video from the avant-garde Japanese band OOIOO

Undone (2008) – Fishing is a metaphor for Alzheimer’s disease in this melancholy stop-animated short

Unicorn (2012) – A young woman demonstrates what a unicorn is

Unicorn Blood [Sangre de Unicornio] (2013) – Teddy bears hunt unicorns in this twisted animation

The Unreal Rabbit’s Riddle (2010) – The surreal adventures of a stuffed rabbit

[user assumes risk] June 18, 2008 – Remarkable performance piece set to electronic noise, for director John Hand’s band

Valentime’s Day (2013) – A six year old girl tells an adorably weird story about two kids who refuse to believe it’s “Valentime’s” Day, acted out by adults including Cassandra Peterson

Valeria (2016) – The subject of the world’s first successful face transplant believes that her donor is psychically contacting her

Vessel (2015) – A mentally ill woman takes her young son on a midnight trip to the supermarket

Vic Berger Presents Jim Bakker’s Buckets (2015) – Absurd re-edit of an already absurd televangelist segment about preparing bulk food to survive the tribulations

Vienna Waits for You (2012) – Strange horror-comedy about an apartment that refuses to adapt to its new resident

Vincent (1982) – Impressive, expressionistic stop-motion animation debut by Tim Burton, about a 7-year old boy who wants to be like Vincent Price

The Violence of a Civilization Without Secrets (2017) – Experimental short documentary about the controversial “Kennewick Man” skeleton

The Virgin Herod (2011) – Adolescence as depicted in this grotesque, surreal short is almost as nightmarish as it is in reality

The Visitor (2005) – A solitary old woman senses that invisible presences surround her in this modern silent film with an original piano scroe

A Vodka Movie (2008) – Uncomfortably absurd, commissioned ad for Absolut Vodka, starring Zack Galafinkas and Tim & Eric

Voice Farm Cult House (2012) – A peek at an alien-worshiping cult, courtesy of a San Francisco based electropop duo

The Waiting Room (2012) – Jumpy line drawings illustrate the evolution of a weird waiting room

Wake Up (2010) – Clever and fun amateur piece by college students using simple techniques that proves you don’t need a budget to get in the weird spirit

The Walk Home (2014) – A boy weaves through a world of surreal urban violence on his journey home

A Walk on the Weird Side (2008) – A strange morning stroll, created to promote an exhibition of Surrealist art

Waltz for One (2012) – A solitary astronaut goes insane in space

War for Dogs (2018) – Vision of a dystopian future where dogs are almost forgotten

Weird Movies (2018) – An unflattering portrait of the average weird movie fan

We Ate the Children Last (2011) – An experimental cancer treatment causes patients to hunger for garbage

We Were Once a Fairytale (2009) – Odd little short film directed by Spike Jonze and starring Kanye West (playing himself) as an obnoxious drunk

The Wingeater (2011) – Surreal mix of live action and stop motion with creepy masks and dolls

Wofl 21o6 (2006) – Strange, stylized animation mixing wolves, UFOs, opera and video games

Wolfgang, Wolfgang Jr. (2015) – An obsessive architect seeks immortality through one last design

Women Are Mean (2018) – A man vents about his marriage and goes to a shoreline to self-reflect with other emasculated men

The Wonder Hospital (2010) – A stop-motion trip to see a surreal plastic surgeon

World of Glory (1991) – Depressing absurdism about the bourgeois cowardice of Swedes from Roy Andersson; included on Cinema 16: European Short Films

World of Tomorrow (2015)‘s melancholy, psychedelic stick-figure animation about a time-traveling clone and a four-year old girl was nominated for a Best Short Animated Film Oscar

World of Tomrrorow 2: The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts (2017) – Emily’s 6th clone visits the now five-year-old girl in this similarly reflective sequel

Worm (2010) – A man’s brain is infested with worms

Write of Passage (2010) – An alcoholic author discovers his typewriter writing by itself

X-Mess Detritus (2008) – A joyous, memento mori stop-motion animated Christmas short, from Voltaire

You Are Awake (2015) – An illness puts its victims into a death-like sleep for days at a time

You Seen My Goat? (2014) – As advertised, the search for a goat constitutes this absurd comedy short

Yum Yum Shampoo (2007) – If you think Japanese commercials are weird, this comedy but suggests that the people influenced by them are even weirder

The Zebras from Peenemuende (2010) – Experimental piece by “BpOlar” created to accompany a dark ambient musical composition

Zoe (2018) –  A hitwoman discovers her newest calling in life as a stand up comic

ZVP (2016) – The legendary blind samurai Zatoichi faces his strongest enemy yet in this mock film trailer


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