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Please do not ask “what was that movie?” questions on this page. We set up an entire site here to answer those questions. This page is for suggesting movies to be reviewed.

Know a weird movie? Something strange that glued you to the screen with awe, amazement or reverence, while your more mundane minded friends left the room (or theater) in boredom, confusion or disgust? A movie whose omission from a list of the 366 weirdest movies of all time would offend you on a personal level? Something even I haven’t heard of or considered? There are potentially thousands of forgotten films, critically dismissed films, foreign or independent films that never got a proper release, or misplaced oddities hiding out there that may deserve a place at the table. One man can’t be expected to track them all down. Here is the place to mention those treasured curios that no one else seems to have even heard of. Nominate a movie in the suggestion box and I’ll move it up on my review queue, or at the very least, explain why I’m not going to review it.

NOTICE: The “Suggest of Weird Movie!” feature has become a victim of its own success.  At the time of this update, we have about 250 reader suggestions (!) in queue. (More than that since I last updated the page)! Since we can only do 1 or maybe 2 reviews a week, be aware there may be a huge delay—currently, possibly over a year!—between the time you make a suggestion and the point at which it’s actually reviewed.  I considered shutting down the suggestion box as of 2011, but I decided to let you keep your suggestions coming (if nothing else, it tells us what types of movies readers are interested in seeing reviews of). Just be aware that when you make a suggestion, it may not receive the promptest of attention. The best you can really hope for at this point is to bring something to our attention that we might have overlooked. (Also note that although we prioritize the earliest nominations later suggestions may get reviewed before earlier ones if they receive a re-release on DVD or Blu-ray, or interest us for our own inscrutable reasons).

If you can’t wait for one of our staff to review your movie, why not review it yourself and submit it to us via the contact form?  We can’t swear we’ll publish every submission we receive, but we want reader participation and we are fairly liberal.

All serious suggestions will receive a response, as well as all most non-serious ones.

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  1. Here’s the review queue of reader suggestions that have yet to be reviewed, in alphabetical order. You can always see this list ordered according to (very rough) intended order of publication in the weekly “What’s in the Pipeline” column (published on Sundays). Of course, at this point the list is so long that it is likely we will have to leave the task of reviewing the items at the end of the list to our children, but whatever.

    1Day; The 4th Man; 8 1/2 Women; 9 Doigts [9 Fingers]; The 10th Victim; 12 Monkeys; Aaaaah!; Aachi & Ssipak;Adam’s Apples; The Adolescence of Utena; The Adventures of Picasso; “Afraid So” from “The Films of Jay Rosenblatt, Vol. 2″; The Aimed School; “Alicia” (1994); Alien Alibi; Allegro; Alphaville; Alucarda; Amazon Women on the Moon; “Am I Normal? A Film About Male Puberty”; Amanece, que no es poco; “Analog”; Anatomy of Hell; Andy Warhol’s Bad; L’Ange; Angel in the Flesh: The Confidential Report on Mr. Dennis Duggan AKA The King of Super 8 (if it’s ever released); Anguish [Angustia]; Anna and the Wolves; The Annunciation; La antena; The Appointment (1981); Arise!;Arrebato; Artemis 81; Ascension; As Filhas do Fogo; The Assignment: The Witches Talisman; Avida; Bad Lieutenant; Battle in Heaven; Beg! (1994); The Beguiled; Berberian Sound Studio; Bernie (1996) (depending on availability); Bhoner; Bibliotheque Pascal; Big Man Japan (official review); Big Meat Eater; Big River Man; Big Time; “The Big Shave”; Birth of the Overfiend; Black Mama; Blind Beast; Bliss; Blood, Bullets, Buffoons; Blood for Dracula; Blood-Spattered Bride; “Bobby Yeah”; Body Troopers; Bone; Born of Fire; BoXed; Boxing Helena; Breakfast of Champions; Brick; Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia; Brotherhood of the Wolf; Brothers of the Head; Bruce Lee vs. Gay Power; Bubble Bath; Buddy Boy (1999); Buffet Froid; La Cabina [AKA The Telephone Box]; The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari; Cafe Flesh; Calimari Union; Calamari Wrestler; Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?; Cannibal! the Musical; Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death; The Cannibals (1988); Carnival Magic; Casshern; Cast a Deadly Spell; Catch-22; The Cat in the Hat; Cat Sick Blues; Celestial Wives of Meadow Mari; Celine and Julie Go Boating; The Cement Garden; Chappaqua; Charly: Dias de Sangre; Cheap Smokes; Che strano chiamarsi Federico [How Strange to Be Named Federico]; Christ the Movie; La cicatrice intérieure; Citizen Dog; City of Pirates; Combat Shock; Coming Apart; The Complaint of an Empress; Confessions; Confessions of a Dangerous Mind; Cool Cat Saves the Kids; Cool World; Coonskin; Cosmos ; Crank: High Voltage; Crash (Cronenberg); La Cravate; Creating Rem Lezar; Creatures of Destiny; Crimewave; Criminal Lovers; Dance With The Devil; Dancer in the Dark; Dandy Dust; Dante 01; Dante’s Inferno (2007); Dark Arc; The Dark Side of the Heart; Dark Star; Darktown Strutters; Daymaker; Day of the Wacko; Dead Billy; Deafula; Death Powder (1986); Decasia (second review); Decoder; Deep Dark; Detention; The Devils; The Devil’s Chair; Devil’s Rain; Diamond Flash; Die Fighting; La Distancia; A Dog Called Pain; The Dog’s Night Song; Dolls (2002); Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath; Dreams That Money Can Buy; The Drifting Classroom; Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam; Drunken Wu Tang [AKA Taoism Drunkard]; Dumplings; The Earl Sessions; Earth Girls Are Easy; Earth Minus Zero; Edward II; Eika Katappa; Einstein’s Brain [AKA Relics: Einstein’s Brain]; Electric Dragon 80,000 V; Electric Dreams; The Element of Crime; Emperor Tomato Ketchup; Encounters at the End of the World; Endgame (2000); The End of August at the Hotel Ozone; The End of Evangelion; End of the Road; Essex Spacebin; The Eternity Man; Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend; Evil Ed; Excision; Executive Koala; The Fabulous Baron Munchausen; “Factory Witch”; The Falls; Fateful Findings; Fatty Drives the Bus; Faust: Love of the Damned; Fear X; Feherlofia; Felidae; Felix the Cat: The Movie; Fellini’s Cassanova; Fiend (1980); Fiend Without a Face; The Fifth Season; Fight Club; Finisterrae; Fish Story; Flaming Creatures; Flaming Nipples; “The Flood”; Flying Saucers Over Istanbul; “Flowers and Bottoms”; Following; The Fool and the Flying Ship; Four Rooms; Frankehooker; Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster; Freeway; Frequencies [AKA XVO: The Manual]; From Morn to Midnight; Frontier; Funny Bones; Future War; Galaxy of Terror; Galaxy Turnpike ; Gandu; Genius Party; George Washington; Gerry; “Ghosts Before Breakfast”; The Giant Claw; The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai; “God Hates Cartoons”; The Godmonster of Indian Flats; The Golem (1915); Golem (1980) (depending on availability); Goodbye 20th Century; Gorod Zero; Gory Gory Hallelujah; Gothic & Lolita Psycho; Goto: Island of Love; The Great McGonagall; Green Snake; Grimm Love; Gwen le Livre de Sable; Haggard; Hail the New Puritan; Hair Extensions; Hands of God (2005, d. Alyson Levy); Hanger; “Hansel and Gretel” (T. Burton, 1983); Hanzo the Razor; Happiness; Happy End (Czech, depending on availability); Hard Candy; “Harpya”; Heartbeeps; Heat; Helter Skelter (2012); “Hen, His Wife” [AKA “His Wife is a Hen”]; Hentai Kamen; Hitler: A Film from Germany; The Hole; Homebodies (1974); “Hospital Brut”; Hotel (2001); House (1986); ‘Hukkunud Alpinisti’ hotell [Dead Mountaineers Hotel]; Human Animals Human Nature; The Hunger (1983); Hysteria; I Am Here Now; I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle; Ichi the Killer; The Idiots; I Married a Strange Person; I’m Not There; Impolex; Imprint; “Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome,” I Never Left the White Room; The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a Serial Killer; L’Inferno; In Search of the Titanic; Insidious (2010); In the Realm of the Senses; The Intruder (2004) [L’intrus]; It Couldn’t Happen Here ; I Think We’re Alone Now; It’s Such a Beautiful Day; Izo; Jabberwocky; Jack and the Beanstalk (1974, Japan); Jacky in the Kingdom of Women; Jawbreaker; Jigoku (1960); Jigoku no Banken: Akai Megane [The Red Spectacles]; Johnny Aquarius; A Journey Into Bliss; Journey Through the Past; Journey to the West [Xi you]; Jubilee; Juliet of the Spirits; Junkie; Kafka; Kamikaze Girls; Kárate a muerte en Torremolinos (depending on availability); The Keep; Killdozer; Killer Nun; Killer Condom; The Killing Room; Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors; King Lear (1987, Godard); Koyaanisqatsi; Krysar (AKA The Pied Piper of Hamelin); Kultur Shock!; Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave; Kung Fury (2015); Kung Pow; Kuso; Lakki… The Boy Who Could Fly (AKA Lakki… The Boy Who Grew Wings); The Last Days of Planet Earth; Last House on Dead End Street; Last Life in the Universe; The Last of Us; The Last Wave; The Legend of 1900; The Legend of Kaspar Hauser (2012); Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural; Let the Right One In; LFO; The Lickerish Quartet ; Liquid Sky (re-review); Litan; Little Deaths; Little Murders; Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters; Live Freaky! Die Freaky!; The Living and the Dead; Lo; The Loved One; Love, Honor and Obey; Lucia (2013); Lucky; Mad Detective; Magdalena Viraga; The Magic Toyshop; The Magus; Makkhi; Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood; Man Facing Southeast; The Manipulator; The Man Who Wasn’t There; Marebito; Marketa Lazarova; Marutirtha Hinglaj; The Mask; Matador; “Max Headroom” (TV); Mazeppa; Mécanix; Melancholie der Engel;Memento Mori; Memoirs of a Survivor; Mermaid in a Manhole; Messiah of Evil; Le Météore; Metropia; Mickey One; The Midnight After; Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater; Midori; “The Mighty Boosh” (TV show); The Million Dollar Hotel; Mind Game; The Mirror [Zerkalo]; Mishima: Life in Four Chapters; Moebius (1996); Mom (1986); Monday (depending on availability); Mondo Candido; Mondo Trasho; Monobloc; “The Monster of Nix”; Motel Hell; “Mouse Soup”; Mr. Blot’s Academy; Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium; Mutant Aliens; Myra Breckenridge; The Mysterians; The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians; Mystery Men; Mystics in Bali; Naboer [Next Door]; Nails; Neighbors; Neji-shiki [AKA Screwed]; Never Belongs to Me; Newsboys: Down Under the Big Top; Nick the Feature Film; The Nine Lives of Thomas Katz; Nitwit; Oh Dad, Poor Dad (Momma’s Hung You In the Closet & I’m Feeling So Sad); Om Dar-B-Dar; “One Soldier”; Onibaba; Onirica: Field of Dogs; Only God Forgives; Open Your Eyes; Operation: Endgame; Organ; Orlando; Le Orme [AKA Footprints on the Moon]; The Outskirts; Overdrawn at the Memory Bank; Overturn; A Page of Madness; Palindromes (re-review); Passages from Finnegans Wake; The Passion of Darkly Noon; Pastoral Hide and Seek; “Penda’s Fen”; Penitentiary III ; Perfect Sense (2011); Perils of Gwendoline; Period Piece; Phase IV; Pig; Pink Narcissus; Pistol Opera; The Pit; Plague Dogs; The Point; Pola X; Porcile [AKA Pigpen]; “Possibly in Michigan”; Post Tenebras Lux; Poultrygeist; Prayer of the Rollerboys; “Premium” (if it can be found); The President’s Analyst; Príncipe Azul; “Prometheus’ Garden”; A Pure Formality; Quicksilver Highway; The Quiet Earth; A Quiet Place in the Country; “Rabbits”; La Razon de Mi Vida; “Red, White and Zero”; Remainder; Return to Oz (official review); Revolver; Riki-Oh: The Story of Riki; The Ring Finger; River of Fundament; Rock n’ Roll High School; Rocks in My Pocket; Roller Blade; Roots of Evil (1979); Rows; The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea; Sauna; Savages; The Sea That Thinks; Shakespeare’s Plan 12 from Outer Space; Shakes the Clown; Shinbone Alley; Shock! Shock! Shock!; The Shout; Sh! The Octopus; Siesta; The Signal; Silver Heads; Singapore Sling (official re-review); Sir Henry at Rawlinson End; Sitcom; Skeletons; Slaughterhouse Five; The Slit [AKA United Trash]; “Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions”; Snow White and Russian Red; Something Weird;Sonatine; Space Is the Place (official re-review); Space Thang; Speed Racer; A Spell to Ward off the Darkness; Spermicide; Spermula; Sphere; The Spirit; Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds; Spirits of the Dead; Spookies; Spork; “Star Maidens” (TV show); Static; Straight to Hell; Strange Circus; Strangers in Paradise; Subway (1985); Suddenly Last Summer; Suicide Club (re-review); Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story; Survive Style 5+; Surviving Life: Theory and Practice; Svidd neger (depending on availability); Symbiopsychotaxiplasm; Tag (2015); Takeshis’; Tales of Hoffman; Talking Head; Talk to Her; Tammy and the T-Rex; Tasher Desh; The Taste of Tea; Teknolust; The Tenant; Terror 2000; La Teta y La Luna; That Day; That Deadwood Feeling; Themroc; Theodore Rex; They Came Back; Things; The Thingy: Confessions of a Teenage Placenta; Three… Extremes; Thriller: A Cruel Picture; Throw Away Your Books Rally in the Streets; THX 1138; Tierra; Time Masters; Tokyo Decadence; Tomorrow Night; Totò che visse due volte; Tough Guys Don’t Dance; Tourist Trap (1979); Tout Va Bien; Toys; The Tracey Fragments; Track 29; “Trapped in the Closet”; The Tune; Turbo Kid; “Turkish Star Wars” [Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam]; Turn in Your Grave; The Twonky; Uncle Meat; Underground; Underwater Love; Until the End of the World; Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer; U-Turn; Uzumaki [AKA Spiral] (official re-review); The Vagrant (1992); Vakvagany; Vase de Noces; Vegas in Space; Velvet Goldmine; Vermillion Souls; Versus; Vigasiosexploitation; Village of the Damned (1960); The Virgin Psychics; Visions of Suffering; Visitor of a Museum [Posetitel muzeya]; Viva la Murete; ¡Vivan las antípodas!; Walker Waltz with Bashir; Wave Twisters; We Are the Strange; Welcome Home Brother Charles; Welcome to the Dollhouse; Werckmeister Harmonies; Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats; Where the Dead Go to Die; White Tiger; Who Can Kill a Child?; “Wild Palms”; Wild Tigers I Have Known; The Wild World of Batwoman; Wise Blood; Without Warning; The Woman in the Fifth; A Woman’s Face (1940); Womb; The World’s Greatest Sinner; A Writer of Ghost Stories; You Never Can Tell (1951); Youth Without Youth; Zachariah.

    1. Seems like many of the films on the waiting list fall into the science fiction or horror genres and not exactly what you’re getting at by using the term “weird.” Of course many horror films (if not all) can have weird elements within but there are familiar plot setups that are typical of the genre. I imagine a “weird” film to lie outside expected genre conventions.

    2. The Housemaid (1960), which is also known as “Hanyeo” directed by Kim Ki-young. Thankfully it is on YouTube for easy access.

    3. ‘No Blade of Grass’
      It’s British, looks low budget (it wasn’t), it’s choppy, preachy, and a little self righteous. Flashes of nudity. Lots of fake looking blood. Downer storyline. This film has it all,

    4. I’ve seen many films in your list, and many among the nominees.

      Survive Style 5+ (already nominated) would enter your list on first viewing, and merits second and further viewings.

      Selected scenes (with Eng subs) on vimeo:

    5. Tribulation 99? I did look at the list, but it seems nobody suggested it… maybe it’s not as weird as I think it is… it’s on Fandor if anyone’s interested.

    6. The Ruling Class (1972). You might think to yourself ‘sure the premise it a little cooky but it doesn’t actually start out THAT weird.’ Give it time. It gets there.

  2. ‘PYOTR495’ (2015)

    “Set one evening in present-day Moscow, 16 year-old Pyotr is baited by an ultra-nationalist group known for their violent abductions and attacks bolstered by Russia’s LGBT Propaganda Law, but Pyotr has a dangerous secret.”

  3. Maybe I simply watched it too young, but Four Rooms will always stick with me. There being little meaning to it combined with the fact that I will hands down watch it anyday with anyone ( convinving them is usually the harder part ) only makes it more perplexing to me. Loving something… But not having the slightest logical clue to why… Idk. May not be weird but it’s something.

    It’s already on that long list. But you said you were interested in “popular demand.”

  4. “This Is Not A Movie” (2011)
    Although I haven’t seen this movie in a while (I stumbled across it maybe 5 years ago on Netflix), it occasionally pops back into my head with a jumble of emotions, but the main thing I remember is a definite kitchen-sink mentality. Often, the movie is trying it’s hardest to make a point, but about what it’s never sure. Is it a statement on pop culture warping our brains? Is it a takedown of the governement controlling our lives? Is it a takedown of the kind of people that think that way? Not a clear cut answer. Because of this, I wouldn’t say this is a good weird movie, but it’s aggressiveness in style and constantly shifting narrative I think at least gives it a look-see.

  5. Any Troma movie,if not already listed. Specifically Poultrygeist Night of the Chicken Dead, Decampitated, Klown Kamp Massacre, Meat Weed Madness, Buttcrack and more.

    Also one I’m watching right now, Helen Keller vs Night Wolfs.. Hilariously awful and weird.

    1. In all candor, Tromeo and Juliet will probably be the only Troma movie that makes the List, to represent all of their output. But we’re open to another one blowing us away. I’ll add Helen Keller vs. Nightwolves to the queue, with the understanding that it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever get to it.

  6. I know it’s already been in the queue since long ago, but I must give Fehérlófia a second mention. Visually, it’s the closest thing to what would happen if Jodorowsky ever directed an animated movie.

  7. I second the Fehérlófia second mention. Visually, it’s the also the closest thing to what would happen if the creators of Yellow Submarine quadrupled their LSD input.

  8. Late responses: on March 4, Eric requested a review of The Housemaid (1960). We missed it but can add the film to the queue.

    Bob asked about Walkabout (covered here) and No Blade of Grass (which looks like a standard apocalypse movie—we’d have to be sold harder on its weird elements).

    Dan M.: Diva is a fun movie, but again we’d have to be sold on its weirdness.

  9. I have a serious inquiry as to why Space Jam (1996) starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny hasn’t been optioned. My reasoning is in the plot summary itself:

    “The film presents an alternate history of what happened between Jordan’s initial retirement from the NBA in 1993 and his comeback in 1995, in which he is enlisted by Bugs Bunny and his friends to help them win a basketball match against a group of aliens who want to enslave them for their amusement park.”

    I’ve seen a solid 1/4 of the list so far (working my way up and enjoying every second of it) but to this date I have never seen a movie inherently weirder than Space Jam.

    That summary is just the tip of the iceberg on how strange, and irreverent, movie this is.

    1. I can add Space Jam into the queue, but the honest answer to your question of why we never considered it is that kids’ films inherently have a high level gentle surrealism to them, so it takes something really special and jarring to make one rise above the pack.

  10. Has anyone suggested Casino Royale (1967). Very very Trippy movie it really captured the spirit of the era. As good as the ‘Austin Powers’ series was you can really see what inspired Mike Myers to make his movies.
    All star cast, no plot (I read some place that after they settled on the script, it was rewritten one last time in order to extract the plot[they were inspired by film ‘What’s Up Pussycat’]), at least 50 James Bonds (it all made sense at the time), and of course lots of Bond girls.

    While I got your attention another candidate is ‘What’s Up Tiger Lily?’ I believe this is the first instance of overdubbing a move with new dialogue to make a totally new movie sorta like ‘Kung Pow Enter the Fist’ (Which is another great movie but not weird enough for the list).

  11. Hi,

    Firstly. I don’t have any background or depth knowledge in film so apologies for that I can’t elaborate too well on technical aspects.

    Secondly. I know any “suggestion” is so far down the list now that it will not be reviewed so I do not expect this movie will be plus given what it is that I am about to mention it would hardly garner any enthusiasm to be added to the recommended list let alone a review.

    It is Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (2012) **DA-DA-DAAAA dramatic music**

    I do not believe this movie was weird as such in comparison across the whole spectrum of film however due to the narrow scope of the action film genre and action movie star vehicles it somehow stood out as weirder in some way to me than a lot of “weird” movies including a few movies on the list kinda like any particular brand or genre starts to become “meh” (including “weird” style movies that have somehow become generic).

    I’ll just list things randomly:

    – The soundtrack which would usually be loud and constant was minimal and more droney experimental sounding.

    – Its carrying the Van Damme and Lundgren name (and series) but Van Damme looked like a cancer ridden buddha head and Lundgrens hammy (drunk?) slicked back thinning straw hair past it look performance.

    – Strobe lighting that risks giving non-epileptics a fit.

    – A brothel scene that has a poor mans Winding-Refn look to it.

    – The way that its an action movie but that the “soldiers” brainwashing element is heavily focused on and they seem more like they’re in Colonel Kurtz world rather than gung-ho A-Team toughguys, hoo-rah! get some some. (it does have a blatantly obvious reference to “up the river” moment).

    Ok so thats that. It may not be standard weird but perhaps it somehow becomes weird given expectations within the genre and some aging action stars.

    I dont believe it would be worthy of the list but may somehow actually fit. I mention it more though as it may be worthy of a viewing for those that read this list for movies to check out (especially those that used to or do have a soft spot for some action, gore, etc)

    Apologies for the mess. Bye

  12. Aargh. I forgot to include the plot and other elements are standard as hell. Its just certain part of it within the construct of what you’d expect for what it is that make it a bit odd.

    Again, its not a list worthy film but may appeal as a curiosity to some.

  13. NC: Yeah, I saw Universal Soldier sequel when it came out. It’s not something we’re going to review but you’re right: it was something unexpected and better made than the usual action movie sequel.

    Darryl (near the top of page): be patient, Survive Style 5+ will get it’s day in court.

  14. Two more late entries.
    I am surprised no one mentioned “Welcome To Woop Woop” (1998). This is not your run of the mill Australian post-apocalyptic mutant biker film. There is no apocalypse and come to think of it there aren’t that many bikers either, but it sure feels that way. Maybe it has more to do with the outback and all the mutants at live there. Yes it does have a pretty standard storyline: Boy meets girl. Girl kidnaps boy, makes him her sex slave and holds him prisoner in the outback. Boy escapes, sorta.
    However don’t let that stop you. The soundtrack is all classic show tunes. Rod Taylor’s electric tap dance is breathtaking. The town/prison is full of strange rednecks. The best monster ‘roo since Ice Tea played one in “Tank Girl”. Finally the kangaroos, well one anyway, does get his revenge. So I guess the does have an apocalypse after all. Still not many bikers though.

    Another movie you might consider is “The Magic Christian” (1970), that’s the name of the boat. Ringo is Peter Sellers son, follow their escapades as they see what people will do for money.
    Lots and lots of cameos: Laurence Harvey plays a great Hamlet, Yul Brynner sings, John Cleese, and Raquel Welch is the Priestess of the Whip, to name a few. Great soundtrack, Paul McCartney wrote/produced for “Badfinger”. The best luxury liner since Titanic.

  15. Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack – this must be one of the weirdest films I’ve ever come across.

  16. Don Bluth’s Rock-a-Doodle is weird even for a kid’s movie, and ought to be looked at. The plot is basically a sick child’s fever dream; the live action child gets transformed into a cartoon cat by an owl’s magic breath and is thrust into an adventure looking for a rooster who’s crow is the only thing that can make the sun rise again. Don Bluth films are weird in general, but that one is probably his weirdest; another contender of his would be A Troll in Central Park, where a good troll is exiled to Earth for being too good, ending up in Central park where he meets some children, and the film stops having a plot for a while as they have a bizarre dream sequence.

    Another animated film I can think of that is probably weird enough even for this site is We’re Back: A Dinosaur Story. In it a time traveler kidnaps some dinosaurs and tames them so he can bring them to the present and make children happy, but eventually the dinosaurs and their new human friends run into the time traveler’s brother that runs a circus of fear, turns the kids into monkeys, and upon his defeat is bizarrely covered by crows and disappears.

    Of course you can always cover more Miyazaki films; Howl’s Moving Castle only scratches the surface really when it comes to weird Miyazaki films.

  17. Check out Symbol (2009). It’s Japanese and quite good and funny. A man wakes up in a white room with tiny penis shaped buttons with a random effect each, as he tries to figure out the puzzle and escape. At the same time a Mexican wrestler prepares for a fight.

  18. people need to stop suggesting things without searching if they’ve already been covered

  19. Thanks, “.”, I wish that would happen as well. But to answer the previous two:

    Suren: I can add Rock-a-Doodle to the queue, though I am skeptical. Click here for our complete Miyazaki coverage.

    Alex: Symbol. The main hold-up for it entering the List is that, for some reason, it has no legitimate home video release: not on DVD or Blu-ray or even on VOD, though it did show up on Mubi (a service I don’t subscribe to) a while back.

  20. “Darryl (near the top of page): be patient, Survive Style 5+ will get it’s day in court.”

    This is reassuring, thanks Gregory. The other big “get” (imo) is Mind Game by Masaaki Yuasa, which I’m sure you’re working to make happen.

    And a glorious day will be had by all.

  21. MWM: Tribulation 99 looks like a possibility, I’ll add it to the queue.

    Russ: Believe it or not, Mind Game is not currently in the queue. I am fairly hopeful that it will be released on Blu-ray this year, and so qualify as a new release review. I’ll also add it to the queue.

  22. Gregory, actually it is in the queue list! (I couldn’t find it at first, but a search showed it hiding between The Million Dollar Hotel and The Mirror (Zerkalo). I hate that there’s no proper release as it has acquired quite the reputation; given its popularity, maybe something is on the horizon.

    Tribulation 99 is a good candidate, as are Baldwin’s other sci-fi conspiracy works, Spectres of the Spectrum and Mock Up On Mu.

  23. And wouldn’t you know it: an Amazon listing has gone up for Shout Factory’s 2 disc blu-ray of Masaaki Yuasa’s Mind Game with a street date of August 28.

  24. Joe: I thought we had Samurai Rauni in there already. I’ll add it to the queue, but we’re still waiting on a U.S. release.

    K: Not so sure about The Scarlet Empress, that one will require a second–although Roger Ebert did apparently find it strange (for a Marlene Dietrich movie, at least). Alfred might give it a spin, since as he did a short series on naughty pre-code films for the site.

    1. Samurai Rauni is available in the US for rent through Vimeo. I watched it the other day. Holy crap, it’s amazing!!! Lots of strange Finnish/Japanese cultural amalgamation, musical and dance numbers, choppy editing and some wonderful surreal sequences. Really one of the most satisfyingly odd movies that has come out recently, in my opinion.

  25. I’d like to suggest the Irish film Shackled from 2010. I got a horror pack from Amazon and this was on it. It’s a very strange film that confuses the audience as to what is a vision/dream or real. It is low budget, but the presentation and story will suffice the intention for this site.

  26. Hello,
    What about Disney’s Pinocchio (1940)? For a Disney, it has visuals that are surreal and a story that can be very out there. Personally, I just think the book “The Adventures of Pinocchio” is a weird story to begin with, but just wanted to throw that one out there.


    The Party (1968) – Blake Edwards.

    Also random question, would you considered The Matrix movies to be weird?


    1. No on Pinocchio overall, though the musical segment is wonderfully weird. Also no on The Party—worth checking out for Peter Sellers, but not weird, in our estimation. And finally, The Matrix series is what I would consider to be a mainstreamed version of a weird movie. It’s not as strange as it’s predecessor Dark City, which we judged as just barely weird enough to qualify for the List.

  27. So I’d like to suggest something that will DEFINITELY not make the list, for the simple fact that…well… it’s not a movie. It’s a Netflix series. That series being Masaaki Yuasa’s Devilman Crybaby. Yuasa has already been mentioned on the sight before (Mind Game is in the queue, and Lu over the Wall was mentioned as a recent release), but I think Crybaby deserves, if nothing else, at least a brief mention on the site. After all, where else are you going to get psychosexual imagery, a mid-air fight scene that is also a sex scene, the end of the world, and of course, a gay hermaphroditic Satan who causes said end of the world, yet still remains a (slightly) sympathetic antagonist.

  28. Love this site of yours, even though i kind of lack the the time for watching as many movies as i like these days.
    I also might lack the time to search properly but here are my suggestions anyway: for some reason, i haven’t seen “The Last Winter ” and “Wendigo” on here, both movies by Larry Fessenden.
    If you have not considered them yet, i think they might be good candidates!
    BEst wishes!

  29. Hi how are you? Excited to find out the final 30 or so! If there’s still a narrow chance, given the list above, for a suggestion or few, can I suggest:

    Million Dollar Legs (1932)
    Charleston Parade (1927)
    Entr’Acte (1924)

  30. It looks like 366 has yet to review The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

  31. Catching up…

    LR: We can take a flier on The Last Winter. We do like us some Fessenden.

    P.: Entr’Acte (1924) has been overlooked for too long. Into the queue.

    Justin: Thanks, but we’ll pass on Priscilla: fun cult comedy, but not weird enough, in our view.

  32. Dodesukaden,E la nave va,Take Care of Your Scarf Tatiana,The Bird People in China,The Wretches Are Still Singing,
    See You in Hell, My Darling(Nikolaidis>Lanthimos).”The Wretches Are Still Singing” and
    “See You in Hell, My Darling” must be in the list.

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