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Please do not ask “what was that movie?” questions on this page. We set up an entire site here to answer those questions. This page is for suggesting movies to be reviewed.

Know a weird movie? Something strange that glued you to the screen with awe, amazement or reverence, while your more mundane minded friends left the room (or theater) in boredom, confusion or disgust? A movie whose omission from a list of the 366 weirdest movies of all time would offend you on a personal level? Something even I haven’t heard of or considered? There are potentially thousands of forgotten films, critically dismissed films, foreign or independent films that never got a proper release, or misplaced oddities hiding out there that may deserve a place at the table. One man can’t be expected to track them all down. Here is the place to mention those treasured curios that no one else seems to have even heard of. Nominate a movie in the suggestion box and I’ll move it up on my review queue, or at the very least, explain why I’m not going to review it.

NOTICE: The “Suggest of Weird Movie!” feature has become a victim of its own success.  At the time of this update, we have about 250 reader suggestions (!) in queue. (More than that since I last updated the page)! Since we can only do 1 or maybe 2 reviews a week, be aware there may be a huge delay—currently, possibly over a year!—between the time you make a suggestion and the point at which it’s actually reviewed.  I considered shutting down the suggestion box as of 2011, but I decided to let you keep your suggestions coming (if nothing else, it tells us what types of movies readers are interested in seeing reviews of). Just be aware that when you make a suggestion, it may not receive the promptest of attention. The best you can really hope for at this point is to bring something to our attention that we might have overlooked. (Also note that although we prioritize the earliest nominations later suggestions may get reviewed before earlier ones if they receive a re-release on DVD or Blu-ray, or interest us for our own inscrutable reasons).

If you can’t wait for one of our staff to review your movie, why not review it yourself and submit it to us via the contact form?  We can’t swear we’ll publish every submission we receive, but we want reader participation and we are fairly liberal.

All serious suggestions will receive a response, as well as all most non-serious ones.

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  1. Here’s the review queue of reader suggestions that have yet to be reviewed, in alphabetical order. You can always see this list ordered according to (very rough) intended order of publication in the weekly “What’s in the Pipeline” column (published on Sundays). Of course, at this point the list is so long that it is likely we will have to leave the task of reviewing the items at the end of the list to our children, but whatever.

    1Day; The 4th Man; 8 1/2 Women; The 10th Victim; 11:14; 12 Monkeys; “The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes”; Adam’s Apples; The Adolescence of Utena; The Adventures of Mark Twain; The Adventures of Picasso; “Afraid So” from “The Films of Jay Rosenblatt, Vol. 2″; “Alicia” (1994); Alien Alibi; Allegro; Alphaville; Alucarda; Amazon Women on the Moon; Amanece, que no es poco; “Analog”; Anatomy of Hell; Andy Warhol’s Bad; L’Ange; Angel in the Flesh: The Confidential Report on Mr. Dennis Duggan AKA The King of Super 8 (if it’s ever released); Anguish [Angustia]; Anna and the Wolves; The Annunciation; La antena; The Appointment (1981); Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters; Arrebato; Ascension; As Filhas do Fogo; The Assignment: The Witches Talisman; Audition; Avida; Baby of Macon; Bad Lieutenant; Bad Taste; Bad Timing (AKA Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession); Battle in Heaven; Beauty and the Beast (1978); The Beguiled; Berberian Sound Studio; Bernie (1996) (depending on availability); Bhoner; Bibliotheque Pascal; The Big Crime Wave [AKA Crime Wave]; Big Man Japan (official review); Big River Man; Big Time; “The Big Shave”; Birth of the Overfiend; Black Devil Doll; Blind Beast; Bliss; Blood for Dracula; Blue (1993, Jarman); “Bobby Yeah”; Bone; Born of Fire; BoXed; Boxing Helena; Brain Dead (1990, d. Adam Simon); Brain Dead [AKA Dead-Alive]; Brand Upon the Brain!; The Brave Little Toaster; Breakfast of Champions; Brick; Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia; Brothers of the Head; Bruce Lee vs. Gay Power; Bubble Bath; Buddy Boy (1999); Buffet Froid; La Cabina [AKA The Telephone Box]; The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari; Cafe Flesh; Calimari Union; Calamari Wrestler; Cannibal! the Musical; Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death; The Cannibals (1988); Casshern; Cast a Deadly Spell; Catch-22; The Cat in the Hat; Cat Sick Blues; Celestial Wives of Meadow Mari; Celine and Julie Go Boating; The Cement Garden; Chappaqua; Charly: Dias de Sangre; Cheap Smokes; Che strano chiamarsi Federico [How Strange to Be Named Federico]; Christ the Movie; The Chumscrubber; La cicatrice intérieure; Citizen Dog; City of Pirates; City of Women; Coming Apart; Confessions; Confessions of a Dangerous Mind; Cool World; Coonskin; Crank: High Voltage; Crash (Cronenberg); La Cravate; Creating Rem Lezar; Creatures of Destiny; Crimewave; Criminal Lovers; Dance With The Devil; Dandy Dust; Dante’s Inferno (2007); Dark Arc; The Dark Side of the Heart; Dark Star; Dark Waters; Daughter of Horror; Daymaker; Day of the Wacko; Dead Billy; Deafula; Death Powder (1986); Decasia (second review); Decoder; Detention; The Devils; The Devil’s Chair; Diamond Flash; Die Fighting; Dirty Duck; La Distancia; A Dog Called Pain; Dolls (2002); The Doom Generation; The Double Life of Veronique; Dreams That Money Can Buy; The Drifting Classroom; Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam; Drunken Wu Tang [AKA Taoism Drunkard]; Dumplings; The Earl Sessions; Earth Girls Are Easy; Earth Minus Zero; Edward II; Eika Katappa; Einstein’s Brain [AKA Relics: Einstein’s Brain]; Electric Dragon 80,000 V; Electric Dreams; The Element of Crime; Emperor Tomato Ketchup; Encounters at the End of the World; Endgame (2000); The End of August at the Hotel Ozone; The End of Evangelion; The Eternity Man; Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend; Evil Ed; Excision; Executive Koala; The Fabulous Baron Munchausen; The Falls; Fateful Findings; Fatty Drives the Bus; Faust: Love of the Damned; Fear X; Feherlofia; Felidae; Felix the Cat: The Movie; Fellini’s Cassanova; F for Fake; Fiend (1980); Fiend Without a Face; The Fifth Season; Fight Club; Finisterrae; Fish Story; Flaming Creatures; Flaming Nipples; Following; The Fool and the Flying Ship; Four Rooms; Frankehooker; Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster; Freeway; Frequencies [AKA XVO: The Manual]; Frontier; Funeral Parade of Roses; Future War; Gahjini; Galaxy of Terror; Gandu; Genius Party; Gerry; “Ghosts Before Breakfast”; The Giant Claw; The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai; “God Hates Cartoons”; The Godmonster of Indian Flats; Golem (1980) (depending on availability); Goodbye 20th Century; Gorod Zero; Gory Gory Hallelujah; Goto: Island of Love; The Great McGonagall; Green Snake; Grendel Grendel Grendel; Grimm Love; Gwen le Livre de Sable; Haggard; Hail the New Puritan; Hair Extensions; Hands of God (2005, d. Alyson Levy); Hanger; “Hansel and Gretel” (T. Burton, 1983); Hanzo the Razor; Happiness; Happy End (Czech, depending on availability); Hard Candy; “Harpya”; Heartbeeps; Heat; Helter Skelter (2012); “Hen, His Wife” [AKA “His Wife is a Hen”]; Hentai Kamen; Hitler: A Film from Germany; The Hole; Homebodies (1974); “Hospital Brut”; Hotel (2001); House (1986); Hugo the Hippo; ‘Hukkunud Alpinisti’ hotell [Dead Mountaineers Hotel]; Human Nature; The Hunger (1983); Hysteria; I Am Here Now; I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle; Ichi the Killer; Idaho Transfer; The Idiots; I Married a Strange Person; I’m Not There; Impolex; In a Glass Cage; “Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome,” Incubus; I Never Left the White Room; The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a Serial Killer; L’Inferno; In Search of the Titanic; Insidious (2010); In the Realm of the Senses; The Intruder (2004) [L’intrus]; I Think We’re Alone Now; It’s Such a Beautiful Day; I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse; Jabberwocky; Jack and the Beanstalk (1974, Japan); Jacky in the Kingdom of Women; Jigoku no Banken: Akai Megane [The Red Spectacles]; Johnny Aquarius; A Journey Into Bliss; Journey Through the Past; Journey to the West [Xi you]; Junkie; Kafka; Kamikaze Girls; Kárate a muerte en Torremolinos (depending on availability); The Keep; Killdozer; Killer Nun; Killer Condom; The Killing Room; Kin-Dza-Dza; Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors; King Lear (1987, Godard); Koyaanisqatsi; Krysar (AKA The Pied Piper of Hamelin); Kung Pow; Lakki… The Boy Who Could Fly (AKA Lakki… The Boy Who Grew Wings); The Last Days of Planet Earth; Last Life in the Universe; The Last of Us; The Last Wave; Last Year in Marienbad; Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural; Let the Right One In; LFO; Liquid Sky (re-review); Litan; Little Deaths; Little Murders; Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters; Live Freaky! Die Freaky!; The Living and the Dead; Lo; The Loved One; Lucia (2013); Lucky; Mad Detective; Magdalena Viraga; The Magic Toyshop; The Magus; Man Facing Southeast; The Manipulator; The Man Who Wasn’t There; Marebito; Marketa Lazarova; Marutirtha Hinglaj; Matador; “Max Headroom” (TV); Mazeppa; Me and You and Everyone We Know; Mécanix; Meet the Feebles; Memento Mori; Memoirs of a Survivor; Mermaid in a Manhole; Messiah of Evil; Le Météore; Metropia; Mickey One; The Midnight After; Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater; Midori; “The Mighty Boosh” (TV show); The Million Dollar Hotel; Mind Game; The Mirror [Zerkalo]; Moebius (1996); Mom (1986); Monday (depending on availability); Mondo Trasho; Monobloc; “The Monster of Nix”; Motel Hell; “Mouse Soup”; Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium; Murder Party; Mutant Aliens; Myra Breckenridge; The Mysterians; The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians; Mystery Men; Mystics in Bali; Naboer [Next Door]; Nails; Neighbors; Neji-shiki [AKA Screwed]; Never Belongs to Me; Newsboys: Down Under the Big Top; Nick the Feature Film; The Nine Lives of Thomas Katz; Nitwit; No Smoking; Nuit Noire; Oh Dad, Poor Dad (Momma’s Hung You In the Closet & I’m Feeling So Sad); Om Dar-B-Dar; One Eyed Monster; One Point O; “One Soldier”; Onibaba; Onirica: Field of Dogs; Only God Forgives; Open Your Eyes; Operation: Endgame; Organ; Orlando; Le Orme [AKA Footprints on the Moon]; The Outskirts; Overdrawn at the Memory Bank; Overturn; A Page of Madness; Palindromes (re-review); Paperhouse; Parents; Passages from Finnegans Wake; The Passion of Darkly Noon; Pastoral Hide and Seek; Perfect Blue; Perfect Sense (2011); Period Piece; Phase IV; Pink Narcissus; Pistol Opera; The Pit; Plague Dogs; The Point; Pola X; Porcile [AKA Pigpen]; Post Tenebras Lux; Poultrygeist; “Premium” (if it can be found); The President’s Analyst; Príncipe Azul; “Prometheus’ Garden”; A Pure Formality; Quicksilver Highway; The Quiet Earth; A Quiet Place in the Country; “Rabbits”; Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure; La Razon de Mi Vida; Re-Animator; “Red, White and Zero”; Reflections of Evil; Return to Oz (official review); Revolver; Riki-Oh: The Story of Riki; The Ring Finger;Rock n’ Roll High School; Roller Blade; Rows; The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea; Santa Claus (1959); The Saragossa Manuscript (official review); Sauna; Savages; Save the Green Planet; The Sea That Thinks; Screamplay; The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb; Shakespeare’s Plan 12 from Outer Space; Shakes the Clown; Shinbone Alley; Shock! Shock! Shock!; The Shout; Sh! The Octopus; Siesta; The Signal; Silver Heads; Singapore Sling (official re-review); Sir Henry at Rawlinson End; Sitcom; Skeletons; Slaughterhouse Five; SLC Punk; The Slit [AKA United Trash]; “Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions”; Snow White and Russian Red; Something Weird; Something Wild; Sonatine; Space Is the Place (official re-review); Space Thang; A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness; Spermicide; Spermula; Sphere; The Spirit; Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds; Spirits of the Dead; Spookies; “Star Maidens” (TV show); Static; Strange Circus; Strangers in Paradise; Subway (1985); Suddenly Last Summer; Suicide Club (re-review); Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story; Survive Style 5+; Surviving Life: Theory and Practice; Svidd neger (depending on availability); Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song; Symbiopsychotaxiplasm; Tag (2015); Takeshis’; Talking Head; Talk to Her; Tammy and the T-Rex; Tampopo; Tasher Desh; The Taste of Tea; Teknolust; The Tenant; Terror 2000; La Teta y La Luna; That Day; That Deadwood Feeling; Themroc; Theodore Rex; They Came Back; Things; The Thingy: Confessions of a Teenage Placenta; Three… Extremes; Thriller: A Cruel Picture; Throw Away Your Books Rally in the Streets; Thundercrack!; THX 1138; Tierra; Time Masters; Tokyo Decadence; Tomorrow Night; Totò che visse due volte; Tourist Trap (1979); Tout Va Bien; Toys; The Tracey Fragments; The Tune; Turbo Kid; “Turkish Star Wars” [Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam]; Turn in Your Grave; The Twonky; Uncle Meat; Underground; Until the End of the World; Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer; Uzumaki [AKA Spiral] (official re-review); Vakvagany; Vase de Noces; Vegas in Space; Velvet Goldmine; Vermillion Souls; Versus; Vigasiosexploitation; Village of the Damned (1960); The Virgin Psychics; Visions of Suffering; Visitor of a Museum [Posetitel muzeya]; Waiting for Godot; Waltz with Bashir; The War Zone; Wave Twisters; Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees; We Are the Flesh; We Are the Strange; Welcome to the Dollhouse; Werckmeister Harmonies; Where the Dead Go to Die; White Tiger; Who Can Kill a Child?; “Wild Palms”; Wild Tigers I Have Known; Wings of Desire; Wise Blood; Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies; Without Warning; A Woman’s Face (1940); Womb; Wool 100%; The World’s Greatest Sinner; A Writer of Ghost Stories; W.R.-Mysteries of the Organism; You Never Can Tell (1951); Youth Without Youth; Zachariah.

    1. The director Denis Villeneuve has a new one, Arrival, but its not much like Maelstrom, and it’s probably not “underrated.” I can’t think of anything from 2016 that’s similar, but maybe Swiss Army Man would appeal to you? (As a side note, we probably should put an “if you liked this movie, also check out…” field into our entries).

    1. For eccentric dramas that are only slightly surreal from our list, I might suggest Beasts of the Southern Wild, Heavenly Creatures, Kontroll, Léolo (it’s a bit weirder than the others), Mr. Nobody, Pierrot le Fou, The Red Squirrel (this one is a thriller but it resonates with the tone of Maelstrom to me), A Serious Man, or The Tree of Life.

  2. Wondering if any of you guys were able to catch Los Parecidos? It’s a 2015 release but was released in select theaters this last month. It almost plays like a lost Mexican Twilight Zone episode with a very strange Kafka-esque leaning. Very much recommend if only for the great makeup.

  3. Anything by Stephen Sayadian (AKA Rinse dream). My personal favourite being Dr Caligari (not to be confused with The Cabinet of Dr Caligari which makes reasonable sense) The maddest film I have ever seen, (at least I thought that until I saw Forbidden Zone for the first time last night).

    Xtro (featuring a life size, and quite terrifying Action Man and a woman who gives birth to a fully grown human)

    Little Otik (Jan Švankmajer’s log-baby movie)

    Darktown Strutters (I don’t know where to start with this film)

    Night of the Lepus (rabbit revenge movie)

    Food of the Gods (general giant animals revenge movie)

    Aaaaaaaah! (that is the name of the film, I haven’t just realised something, a film by Steve Oram in which everyone speaks in ape grunts)

    The Abomination (a cancerous lung tumour becomes a cannibalistic kitchen appliance)

    What is It?
    It is Fine Everything is Fine?
    (Two films by Crispin Hellion Glover, I’ve not seen them as you actually have to watch them with Crispin and since he’s never come to my town I am still waiting)

    The Manipulator (Mickey Rooney’s one and only serial killer flick as far as I know)

    The Baby (a social worker goes out to rehabilitate a twenty-something year old baby)

  4. Steve, we have covered or at least mentioned a bunch of the movies you cite (two are even officially on the List; I’ll let you peruse the sidebar to the left to see which ones). Darktown Strutters, however, is one that somehow slipped the net, so I can add it to the queue.

    Burcak, I remember seeing Underwater Love listed in film festival lineups but nothing thereafter. I’ll add it with the proviso that we are highly unlikely to get to it… but you never know. Thanks for the compliment.

  5. How about?
    Long Island Cannibal Massacre
    Weasels Rip My Flesh
    They Don’t Cut the Grass Anymore
    Vermillion Eyes
    (all Nathan Schiff films)
    House (Hausu)
    My Lovely Burnt Brother and His Squashed Brain

  6. Last night I saw another K Gordon Murray film (our local weird movie hosts love them), SANTA CLAUS vs THE DEVIL. It’s another Mexican import, featuring two-faced dancing doll monsters, Santa living in a magic castle with Merlin and Vulcan the Smith, devilish home along hijinks, and lots of druggy references to ‘sleeping powder that brings good dreams’.

  7. Steve: Of those, I’d only want to consider Blue Sunshine. I’ve seen enough low budget gore movies to last me a lifetime (although I do think Vermillion Eyes is already in the queue, mistakenly listed as “Vermillion Soul”).

    Lovecraft: Santa Claus vs. the Devil is an alternate title for the film we list simply as Santa Claus (1959) in the queue. Yeah, it is pretty weird.

  8. WR: Mysteries of the organism is a surreal drama assembled with clips from propaganda films from the director of the certified Weird ‘sweet movie. It also won a certain ‘Luis Bunuel’ award from Cannes.

  9. Cleaning up this thread:

    Sam: Alex Kittle mentions Evolution in her 2015 Fantastic Fest article. I’m not sure if it will get any more coverage but maybe after the DVD release.

    Parker: WR: Mysteries of the Organism is already in the queue.

    Fred: Good suggestions, I’ll add Tales of Hoffman to the queue—I have a suspicion the Criterion Collection may reacquire the rights and put out a Blu-ray of this one in the near future (no inside info, just a hunch).

    Dr. Fox: Men & Chicken is in the same boat as Evolution (above).

    OddTV: Wristcutters is here.

  10. Has anyone seen the movie Deep dark (2015)? It’s a hilariously disturbing movie about a talking hole in the wall, gotta love the weirdness of it.

  11. Russa03: I’m skeptical, but you’re a regular so we can take a flyer on Remainder.

    Patricia: Deep Dark sounds familiar, I can add it to the queue but you see the length…

    TC: Saw Island of Death recently, I’m afraid it doesn’t have a shot to make the List, so given the current length I won’t be adding it.

  12. It’s taken me a year to get round to suggesting this, but here goes:

    Aaaaaaaah!, directed by Steve Oram (from Ben Wheatley’s Sightseers) certainly qualifies as weird, maybe even weird enough for the list.

    No dialogue as such, set in a contemporary world populated by human apes, concerned with a power struggle within a family over the alpha male position. I haven’t really made it sound odd there, let’s just run through some highlights – Oram urinating on a photo of his wife and getting his mate to do the same to prove his loyalty; a very primitive cookery show presented by a bare breasted middle aged woman; video games played with the handlebars from Chopper bycyles; the TV show ‘Pub’. Throw in the presence of UK comedy duo The Mighty Boosh and one time pop punk princess Toyah Wilcox and this might tip the balance for you.

    I’m not sure about US availability- the film was screened at Frightfest in London in 2015 and I think was toured around a bit, then released on DVD at the beginning of last year.

  13. I nominate Ken Russell’s The Devils, even though I have not seen it, because if anything about it in the “Artsploitation” essay was true then it deserves a review from this site.

  14. You’ve got The Trial on The List and F For Fake in The Pipeline, but surely The Lady From Shanghai is the weirdest Orson Welles movie, what with its complicated-to-the-point-of-obscurity plot, inexplicable Irish accent, disjointed studio hackjob editing, and of course the famously psychedelic and beautiful ending.

    1. While I love Lady from Shanghai, I have to confess that I don’t see it as at all weird (maybe if I squint real hard…) Alfred Eaker has covered some other Orson Welles movies, maybe he could tackle this one.

  15. Absolutely love this site. Some movies that come to mind include:
    Rosemary’s Baby,
    The Devils Rain (with William shatner),
    Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (70s movie with quentinterentino feel),
    Vagina Dentina (you got it..a vagina with teeth).

  16. Do Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle films count or are they too ‘Art’? You can watch the entire cycle on YouTube at the moment, which is odd given that he is so opposed to them being shown anywhere outside of his immediate control. His other movie, The River of Fundament should get a listing just on the trailer alone I reckon!

  17. I’d like to suggest two movies–which I may give reviews myself on another site later: Marjane Satrapi’s ‘The Voices’ (good guy actor Ryan Reynolds playing a psychotic? You HAVE to see to believe!) and Ana Lily Amirpour’s brilliant ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’ (see it for the soundtrack alone if Persian horror films aren’t your thing…)

  18. I’d also like to suggest Coraline, the 2009 stop-motion animation film. Indicated as a family movie and fan of nightmare before christmas, I thought that my 4 year old and I would like it. Between the pseudo-parents with buttons for eyes, the older neighbor ladies who used to be in the theater dancing in pasties, and the evil mother turning into a spider, it was weird creepy and strange. Enjoy!

  19. You might already know this, but I posit Derek Jarman’s JUBILEE (1977). It is not often I see a film that features time travel, John Dee’s Enochian magic, bisexual incestuous ”twin” brothers, a lambent orgy involving Christ and William Blake’s JERUSALEM inside an empty Westminster Cathedral, a burlesque dance to RULE, BRITANNIA!, and a score from punk bands to Brian Eno. I like how the film opens in a calm paradise setting, then journeys through a depraved wasteland, then returns to the timeless Arcadia. I cannot watch the RULE, BRITANNIA! scene without thinking of Brexit.

  20. Brazil (1985) – “A bureaucrat in a retro-future world tries to correct an administrative error and himself becomes an enemy of the state.

  21. So that’s a lot of suggestions in just a couple of days for a queue that’s already overburdened.

    I hope those of you who came here from the “metafilter” link will stick around, as there will be another, more direct chance to affect the shape of the list relatively soon.

    Normally I’d try to give more personal responses but too many suggestions came in too quickly.

    Movies that we have already covered in some fashion (too many to link individually, use the search feature or to find them): The Voices, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Coraline, Brazil, and Dreamchild.

    Titles I’ll add to the queue: Devil’s Rain, Jubilee, Welcome Home Brother Charles.

    Problem child we’re still wrestling with how to handle: Matthew Barney’s Cremaster series.

  22. Anomalisa

    Written and co-directed by Charlie Kaufman. Made with stop motion animated models that fall squarely in the uncanny valley.

  23. I haven’t seen ‘Bunny and the Bull’ (2009) on the list.. a deeply odd, very funny story about a tragic road trip

  24. The Manitou, 1978 -” A psychic’s girlfriend finds out that a lump on her back is a growing reincarnation of a 400 year-old demonic Native American spirit. ” Starring Tony Curtis.

    1. I remember seeing parts of this movie as a kid and then later reading the book. It was really weird and creeped me out. :) Thanks for the reminder!

  25. Steve: whoa! Thanks for that link. I suspect River of Fundament will fall into the same boat (that’s not a pun, is it?) as Cremaster My theory is Barney wants as few people as possible to see his films, to increase their legendary status. But we’ll keep an eye out nonetheless.

    Justin: Anomalisa.

    Dave H: Bunny and the Bull.

    Mark P: The Mantiou is a fun, bad, weird movie, but I don’t think it has the stuff necessary to make the top 366 of all time. It might be reviewed here in some form, though.

    1. Does look good doesn’t it. And the trailer at around 8 minutes is like a mini-movie.

      I was lucky enough to see Cremaster 3 some years ago at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton London. Barney dumped 11 and a half tons of Vaseline in the foyer.

      They are irritatingly hard to see, although for some reason (possibly unknown to Barney but I doubt it) you can watch the entire cycle (Cremaster 1-5) on YouTube right now, here’s a link to Cremaster 1

      And if that doesn’t do you there are some rare OOP DVD’s knocking around for around $571.000 per disc. Problem solved!

  26. Kung Fu From Beyond the Grave (strange throughout, highlights include a random attack by Dracula and corpses using radio antennas to communicate).

    Who Wants to Kill Jessie? (as long as you’re doing Czech New Wave, this beauty features comic strip characters who speak via dialogue bubbles that can be manipulated by other characters).

    The Spook Who Say By the Door (black CIA agent treated as a token then trains and leads an armed insurrection against the authorities in Chicago).

    Best of all, these movies are genuinely well-made and entertaining unlike, say, Death Bed.

  27. If “Tough Guys Don’t Dance” doesn’t belong on this list, I don’t know what does. It’s absolutely nuts, and very quotable. I once ran across a 15-hour series of lo-fi podcasts about the film, full of great interviews and trivia.

  28. Southland Tales- Directed by Richard Kelly. Set in a slightly dystopic republican-dominated future where the world is on the brink of collapse. Weird highlights include (but not limited to): Jon Lovitz as a racist homicidal cop, A sex scene between two cars, and the medium from poltergeist.

  29. straight to hell (1986). I think Joe strummer, the pogues and Courtney love were getting high when they decided to film a spaghetti western. They found a bag of money, more drugs and some cameras then drove into the desert with a hijacked truck filled with random stuff including a hot dog vendor cart and a lot of green garden hose. They must have ran out of gas (or beer) near an old film set so they put up the cameras, lit a bonfire, ingested more drugs (that somehow got mixed in with the coffee) then started shooting the film. Someone remembered his/her guitar so a couple musical numbers were filmed too.

    I don’t think this is true but at least it is what seems a plausible explanation for this film.

  30. You have to review Wild Zero – Japanese band Guitar Wolf save the planet form an alien zombie invasion using the power of Rock and Roll!!!

  31. Doing my best to keep up with these suggestions and still find time to eat and sleep:

    daustin: I’ll add Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave to the queue. (I only take one suggestion per post).

    Dan: Same for Norman Mailer’s Tough Guys Don’t Dance.

    Bryan: Southland Tales.

    CR: Adding Straight to Hell to queue.

    levide: I Will Walk Like A Crazy Horse is already listed in the large to-be-reviewed queue at the top of the page.

    Phil W: Wild Zero.

    Stick around and see what happens, guys! New movies are usually certified every Wednesday evening.

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