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Please do not ask “what was that movie?” questions on this page. We set up an entire site here to answer those questions. This page is for suggesting movies to be reviewed.

Know a weird movie? Something strange that glued you to the screen with awe, amazement or reverence, while your more mundane minded friends left the room (or theater) in boredom, confusion or disgust? A movie whose omission from a list of the 366 weirdest movies of all time would offend you on a personal level? Something even I haven’t heard of or considered? There are potentially thousands of forgotten films, critically dismissed films, foreign or independent films that never got a proper release, or misplaced oddities hiding out there that may deserve a place at the table. One man can’t be expected to track them all down. Here is the place to mention those treasured curios that no one else seems to have even heard of. Nominate a movie in the suggestion box and I’ll move it up on my review queue, or at the very least, explain why I’m not going to review it.

NOTICE: The “Suggest of Weird Movie!” feature has become a victim of its own success.  At the time of this update, we have about 250 reader suggestions (!) in queue. (More than that since I last updated the page)! Since we can only do 1 or maybe 2 reviews a week, be aware there may be a huge delay—currently, possibly over a year!—between the time you make a suggestion and the point at which it’s actually reviewed.  I considered shutting down the suggestion box as of 2011, but I decided to let you keep your suggestions coming (if nothing else, it tells us what types of movies readers are interested in seeing reviews of). Just be aware that when you make a suggestion, it may not receive the promptest of attention. The best you can really hope for at this point is to bring something to our attention that we might have overlooked. (Also note that although we prioritize the earliest nominations later suggestions may get reviewed before earlier ones if they receive a re-release on DVD or Blu-ray, or interest us for our own inscrutable reasons).

If you can’t wait for one of our staff to review your movie, why not review it yourself and submit it to us via the contact form?  We can’t swear we’ll publish every submission we receive, but we want reader participation and we are fairly liberal.

All serious suggestions will receive a response, as well as all most non-serious ones.

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  1. Here’s the review queue of reader suggestions that have yet to be reviewed, in alphabetical order. You can always see this list ordered according to (very rough) intended order of publication in the weekly “What’s in the Pipeline” column (published on Sundays).

    Be aware that, given the number of titles here, there will be a (long and ever-growing ) delay between suggesting a title and its eventual review. Also, the days of these suggestions may be numbered as we get closer to the completion of the List.

    1Day; The 4th Man; 8 1/2 Women; The 10th Victim; 11:14; 12 Monkeys; “The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes”; Adam’s Apples; The Adolescence of Utena; The Adventures of Mark Twain; The Adventures of Picasso; “Afraid So” from “The Films of Jay Rosenblatt, Vol. 2″; Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams; “Alicia” (1994); Alien Alibi; Allegro; Alphaville; Alucarda; Amazon Women on the Moon; Amanece, que no es poco; “Analog”; Anatomy of Hell; Andy Warhol’s Bad; L’Ange; Angel in the Flesh: The Confidential Report on Mr. Dennis Duggan AKA The King of Super 8 (if it’s ever released); Anguish [Angustia]; Anna and the Wolves; The Annunciation; La antena; The Appointment (1981); Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters; Arrebato; Ascension; As Filhas do Fogo; The Assignment: The Witches Talisman; Audition; Avida; Baby of Macon; Bad Lieutenant; Bad Taste; Bad Timing (AKA Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession); Battle in Heaven; Beauty and the Beast (1978); The Beguiled; Berberian Sound Studio; Bernie (1996) (depending on availability); Bhoner; Bibliotheque Pascal; The Big Crime Wave [AKA Crime Wave]; Big Man Japan (official review); Big River Man; Big Time; “The Big Shave”; Birth of the Overfiend; Black Devil Doll; Blind Beast; Bliss; Blood for Dracula; Blue (1993, Jarman); “Bobby Yeah”; Bone; Born of Fire; Boxing Helena; Brain Dead (1990, d. Adam Simon); Brain Dead [AKA Dead-Alive]; Brand Upon the Brain!; The Brave Little Toaster; Breakfast of Champions; Brick; Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia; Brothers of the Head; Bruce Lee vs. Gay Power; Bubble Bath; Buddy Boy (1999); Buffet Froid; La Cabina [AKA The Telephone Box]; The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari; Cafe Flesh; Calimari Union; Calamari Wrestler; Candy (1968); Cannibal! the Musical; Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death; Casshern; Cast a Deadly Spell; Catch-22; The Cat in the Hat; Cat Sick Blues; Celestial Wives of Meadow Mari; Celine and Julie Go Boating; The Cement Garden; Chappaqua; Charly: Dias de Sangre; Cheap Smokes; Che strano chiamarsi Federico [How Strange to Be Named Federico]; Christ the Movie; The Chumscrubber; La cicatrice intérieure; Citizen Dog; City of Pirates; City of Women; Coming Apart; Confessions; Confessions of a Dangerous Mind; Cool World; Coonskin; Crank: High Voltage; Crash (Cronenberg); La Cravate; Creating Rem Lezar; Creatures of Destiny; Crimewave; Criminal Lovers; Dance With The Devil; Dandy Dust; Dante’s Inferno (2007); Dark Arc; The Dark Side of the Heart; Dark Star; Dark Waters; Daughter of Horror; Daymaker; Day of the Wacko; Death Powder (1986); Decasia (second review); Decoder; Detention; The Devils; The Devil’s Chair; Diamond Flash; Dirty Duck; La Distancia; A Dog Called Pain; Dolls (2002); The Doom Generation; The Double Life of Veronique; Dreams That Money Can Buy; The Drifting Classroom; Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam; Drunken Wu Tang [AKA Taoism Drunkard]; Dumplings; The Earl Sessions; Earth Girls Are Easy; Earth Minus Zero; Edward II; Eika Katappa; Einstein’s Brain [AKA Relics: Einstein’s Brain]; Electric Dragon 80,000 V; Electric Dreams; The Element of Crime; Emperor Tomato Ketchup; Encounters at the End of the World; Endgame (2000); The End of August at the Hotel Ozone; The End of Evangelion; Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend; Evil Ed; Excision; Executive Koala; The Fabulous Baron Munchausen; The Face of Another; The Falls; Fateful Findings; Fatty Drives the Bus; Faust: Love of the Damned; Fear X; Feherlofia; Felidae; Felix the Cat: The Movie; Fellini’s Cassanova; F for Fake; Fiend (1980); Fiend Without a Face; The Fifth Season; Fight Club; Finisterrae; Fish Story; Flaming Creatures; Following; The Fool and the Flying Ship; Four Rooms; Frankehooker; Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster; Freeway; Frequencies [AKA XVO: The Manual]; Frontier; Funeral Parade of Roses; Future War; Gahjini; Galaxy of Terror; Gandu; Genius Party; Gerry; “Ghosts Before Breakfast”; The Giant Claw; The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai; “God Hates Cartoons”; The Godmonster of Indian Flats; Golem (1980) (depending on availability); Goodbye 20th Century; Gorod Zero; Gory Gory Hallelujah; The Great McGonagall; Green Snake; Grendel Grendel Grendel; Grimm Love; Gwen le Livre de Sable; Haggard; Hair Extensions; Hands of God (2005, d. Alyson Levy); Hanger; “Hansel and Gretel” (T. Burton, 1983); Hanzo the Razor; Happiness; Happy End (Czech, depending on availability); Hard Candy; “Harpya”; Heartbeeps; Heat; Helter Skelter (2012); “Hen, His Wife” [AKA “His Wife is a Hen”]; Hentai Kamen; Hitler: A Film from Germany; The Hole; Homebodies (1974); “Hospital Brut”; Hotel (2001); House (1986); Hugo the Hippo; ‘Hukkunud Alpinisti’ hotell [Dead Mountaineers Hotel]; Human Highway; Human Nature; The Hunger (1983); Hysteria; I Am Here Now; I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle; Ichi the Killer; Idaho Transfer; The Idiots; I Married a Strange Person; I’m Not There; Impolex; In a Glass Cage; “Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome,” Incubus; I Never Left the White Room; The Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a Serial Killer; L’Inferno; In Search of the Titanic; Insidious (2010); In the Realm of the Senses; The Intruder (2004) [L’intrus]; I Think We’re Alone Now; It’s Such a Beautiful Day; I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse; Jabberwocky; Jack and the Beanstalk (1974, Japan); Jacky in the Kingdom of Women; Jigoku no Banken: Akai Megane [The Red Spectacles]; Johnny Aquarius; A Journey Into Bliss; Journey Through the Past; Journey to the West [Xi you]; Junkie; Kafka; Kárate a muerte en Torremolinos (depending on availability); The Keep; Killdozer; Killer Nun; Killer Condom; The Killing Room; Kin-Dza-Dza; King Lear (1987, Godard); Koyaanisqatsi; Krysar (AKA The Pied Piper of Hamelin); Kung Pow; Lakki… The Boy Who Could Fly (AKA Lakki… The Boy Who Grew Wings); The Last Days of Planet Earth; Last Life in the Universe; The Last of Us; The Last Wave; Last Year in Marienbad; Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural; Let the Right One In; LFO; Liquid Sky (re-review); Litan; Little Deaths; Little Murders; Live Freaky! Die Freaky!; The Living and the Dead; Lo; The Loved One; Lucia (2013); Lucky; Mad Detective; Magdalena Viraga; The Magic Toyshop; The Magus; Man Facing Southeast; The Manipulator; The Man Who Wasn’t There; Marebito; Marketa Lazarova; Marutirtha Hinglaj; Matador; “Max Headroom” (TV); Mazeppa; Me and You and Everyone We Know; Mécanix; Meet the Feebles; Memento Mori; Memoirs of a Survivor; Mermaid in a Manhole; Messiah of Evil; Le Météore; Metropia; Mickey One; The Midnight After; Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater; Midori; “The Mighty Boosh” (TV show); The Million Dollar Hotel; Mind Game; The Mirror [Zerkalo]; Moebius (1996); Mom (1986); Monday (depending on availability); Mondo Trasho; Monobloc; “The Monster of Nix”; Motel Hell; “Mouse Soup”; Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium; Murder Party; Mutant Aliens; Myra Breckenridge; The Mysterians; The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians; Mystery Men; Mystics in Bali; Naboer [Next Door]; Nails; Neighbors; Neji-shiki [AKA Screwed]; Never Belongs to Me; Newsboys: Down Under the Big Top; Nick the Feature Film; The Nine Lives of Thomas Katz; Nitwit; No Smoking; Nuit Noire; Oh Dad, Poor Dad (Momma’s Hung You In the Closet & I’m Feeling So Sad); Om Dar-B-Dar; One Eyed Monster; One Point O; “One Soldier”; Onibaba; Onirica: Field of Dogs; Only God Forgives; Open Your Eyes; Operation: Endgame; Organ; Orlando; Le Orme [AKA Footprints on the Moon]; The Outskirts; Overdrawn at the Memory Bank; Overturn; A Page of Madness; Palindromes (re-review); Paperhouse; Parents; Passages from Finnegans Wake; The Passion of Darkly Noon; Pastoral Hide and Seek; Perfect Blue; Perfect Sense (2011); Period Piece; Phase IV; Pink Narcissus; The Pit; Plague Dogs; The Point; Pola X; Porcile [AKA Pigpen]; Post Tenebras Lux; Poultrygeist; “Premium” (if it can be found); The President’s Analyst; Príncipe Azul; “Prometheus’ Garden”; A Pure Formality; Quicksilver Highway; The Quiet Earth; A Quiet Place in the Country; “Rabbits”; Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure; La Razon de Mi Vida; “Red, White and Zero”; Reflections of Evil; Return of the Living Dead; Return to Oz (official review); Revolver; Riki-Oh: The Story of Riki; The Ring Finger;Rock n’ Roll High School; Roller Blade; Rows; The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea; Santa Claus (1959); The Saragossa Manuscript (official review); Sauna; Savages; Save the Green Planet; The Sea That Thinks; Screamplay; The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb; Shakespeare’s Plan 12 from Outer Space; Shakes the Clown; Shinbone Alley; Shock! Shock! Shock!; The Shout; Sh! The Octopus; Siesta; The Signal; Silver Heads; Singapore Sling (official re-review); Sir Henry at Rawlinson End; Sitcom; Skeletons; Slaughterhouse Five; SLC Punk; The Slit [AKA United Trash]; “Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions”; Snow White and Russian Red; Something Weird; Something Wild; Sonatine; Space Is the Place (official re-review); Space Thang; A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness; Spermicide; Spermula; Sphere; The Spirit; Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds; Spirits of the Dead; Spookies; “Star Maidens” (TV show); Static; Strange Circus; Strangers in Paradise; Subway (1985); Suddenly Last Summer; Suicide Club (re-review); Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story; Survive Style 5+; Surviving Life: Theory and Practice; Svidd neger (depending on availability); Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song; Symbiopsychotaxiplasm; Tag (2015); Takeshis’; Talking Head; Talk to Her; Tammy and the T-Rex; Tampopo; Tasher Desh; The Taste of Tea; Teknolust; The Tenant; Terror 2000; La Teta y La Luna; That Day; That Deadwood Feeling; Themroc; Theodore Rex; They Came Back; Things; The Thingy: Confessions of a Teenage Placenta; Three… Extremes; Thriller: A Cruel Picture; Throw Away Your Books Rally in the Streets; Thundercrack!; THX 1138; Tierra; Time Masters; Titicut Follies; Tokyo Decadence; Tomorrow Night; Totò che visse due volte; Tourist Trap (1979); Tout Va Bien; Toys; The Tracey Fragments; The Tune; “Turkish Star Wars” [Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam]; Turn in Your Grave; The Twonky; Uncle Meat; Underground; Until the End of the World; Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer; Uzumaki [AKA Spiral] (official re-review); Vakvagany; Vase de Noces; Vegas in Space; Vermillion Souls; Versus; Vigasiosexploitation; Village of the Damned (1960); The Virgin Psychics; Visions of Suffering; Visitor of a Museum [Posetitel muzeya]; Waiting for Godot; Waltz with Bashir; The War Zone; Wave Twisters; Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees; We Are the Flesh; We Are the Strange; Welcome to the Dollhouse; Werckmeister Harmonies; Where the Dead Go to Die; White Tiger; Who Can Kill a Child?; “Wild Palms”; Wild Tigers I Have Known; Wings of Desire; Wise Blood; Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies; Without Warning; A Woman’s Face (1940); Womb; Wool 100%; A Writer of Ghost Stories; W.R.-Mysteries of the Organism; You Never Can Tell (1951); Youth Without Youth; Zachariah.

    1. The Greasy Strangler (2016)
      Ronnie runs a Disco walking tour with his son, Brayden. When a sexy woman takes the tour, it begins a competition between father and son for her love. It also signals the arrival of an oily strangler who stalks the streets at night.

      Purposefully weird. Utterly gross.

  2. Hi guys:

    I thought of another possible: “Die Fighting” from 2014 (aka “The Price of Success”). It’s a low budget martial arts flick that wasn’t very widely seen. It’s fairly standard in terms of staging/direction, but my abiding impression of it was of it being colossally odd due to the layers upon layers of metafiction it piles on. To say more would be a spoiler, but it gets into territory pretty far removed from what you’d expect from a B-action DTV cheapie.

  3. Hi!

    I’m looking for two Movies. I dont know so much, just few sceenes.

    Movie 1: is about a man/ woman who tries to change a car accident. And we see how this effect present day. And I just remeber a scene where a woman sings beautiful in a bar. And then a cabbin.

    Movie 2: is a Movie my mother have asked me about for many years. Its about (sorry if I’m being a bitch) a black/dark woman who runs from a violent husband, and she ends up in a town (I think) where there are Three woman who takes care of her. And she Plays piano and sings. My mother belived it was Whoopie Goldberg in the main character. But I’ve given up the search!

    And I’m sorry for my bad English (I’m from Norway and suck at it)

  4. Dead Billy (2016):
    Sobering drama with surreal bits and a lyrical connection with the Big Black song of the same title (suprisingly not in the film). Flashbacks are juggled with hallucinations enough to keep you guessing.; subtly twisting and turning, I say a slow-burner weird, uneasy even in the humorous parts.

  5. I remember seeing this movie when I was little but I only know very small details of it. Okay so there is this lady with some kid and they are in a white room with I think it was a play ground in the room but there was this I think it was a yellow scuba diver or like those old scuba helmets but I remember a red string coming out of its mouth and it was wiggling so the lady goes to grab it for some reason and then it gets up and chases them…. I’m pretty sure it was a movies not a dream but I’ve tried to search it up and I can’t find anything please help. Thanks lol

    1. Peter, although those films all may be offbeat and worth seeing (especially Last Tango), I think that given the length of the queue and the low likelihood of any of them being strange enough to earn a place among the Weirdest Movies of All Time, I am going to pass on adding them to the queue. After receiving thousands of suggestions, there’s not that much left out there… although new movies come out every week.

  6. I recomend DEATHGASM, a fun New Zealand heavy metal horror comedy. Kinda Evil Dead ish… I saw it at a film festival, and I don’t think it’s got the attention that other Kiwi horror comedies like WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS have. I think it came out last year?

    I’d also toss in the Australian classic psychological thriller WAKE IN FRIGHT.

  7. I’ve followed 366 Weird Movies since 2012, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about it. Keep up what you’re doing.

    Here’s some suggestions.

    Goodbye 20th Century (1998)
    Kamikaze Girls (2004)
    Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets (1971)
    Pastoral: To Die in the Country (1974)
    Save the Green Planet (2003)
    Who Wants to Kill Jessie? (1966)
    Green Snake (1993)
    The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb (1993)
    Survive Style 5+ (2004)
    Freak Orlando (1980)
    Underground (1995)
    Zabriskie Point (1970)
    Bliss (1985)
    Volere Volare (1991)
    Who Are Your Polly Maggoo? (1966)
    Mr. Freedom (1969)
    The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973)
    Fudoh (1996)
    Accion Mutante (1993)
    El Dia De La Bestia (1995)
    Perdita Durango (1997)

  8. Some more Aussie oddities: THE ROLY POLY MAN is a b-movie detective/horror spoof. THE ETERNITY MAN is a made for TV opera about the famous Australian, Arthur Stace, who wrote ‘Eternity’ endlessly on the city streets.

  9. Ryan: MirrorMask.

    Lovecraft (1): We can look into Deathgasm. I originally decided to pass over it when it came out as a new release but I’ll see about reviewing it now—no firm promises.

    Real BPilgrim: Thanks for your loyalty! A number of those titles are already in the suggestion queue at the top of the page. Kamikaze Girls is a good one that we missed, though, I’ll add it.

    Lovecraft (2): We can consider The Eternity Man, assuming we can find a decent source, since Alfred Eaker loves atonal operas.

  10. I don’t think these have been proposed for consideration yet:

    Pistol Opera (Seijun Suzuki, 2001)
    Funky Forest: The First Contact ( Katsuhito Ishii, Hajime Ishimine, 2005)


    Gayni**ers from Outer Space (Morten Lindberg, 1992) – No, it’s not some bigoted hate piece as it’s title might suggest.

  11. Here are a few that haven’t already been listed. Happy hunting!

    Korolevstvo Krivykh Zerkal (1964)

    Ticket of No Return (1979)

    The Third Generation/Die Dritte Generation (1979)

    Tokyo Drifter (1966)

    Lickerish Quartet (1971)

    Nude on the Moon (1961)

  12. Goto: island of love , ripa hits the skids., tribulation 99. Also themroc (already in the to watch list) good on you.

  13. Where’s RE-ANIMATOR?

    I’ve also got an ANTI-RECOMENDATION. The Nick Cave documentary 20,000 DAYS ON EARTH is not weird, despite what trailers and posters may suggest, but it’s worthwhile for fans.

  14. So i saw this one movie about 6 years back and I remember this guy killing this girl and he put her dead body in a safe and pushed it down a mountain or huge hill or something. It was a creepy movie. Anyone know what movie that was?

  15. Saw LATITUDE ZERO last night, a fun Toho/American co-production with Joseph Cotton and Ceser Romero, directed by the director of the original Godzilla. It’s got beautiful sets and some shoddy puppets, plus the sexiest costumes this side of Barbarella and a really dodgy plot. Dunno if it’s truly WEIRD – there’s probably odder Japanese live action movies I haven’t seen – but it’s fun.

  16. Anything in the pipeline for British Weird heroes Ben Wheatley (KILL LIST, HIGH RISE, A FIELD IN ENGLAND) or Adam Curtis (trippy documentaries like CENTURY OF THE SELF and ALL WATCHED OVER BY MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE)? They both have that real creepy ‘hauntological’ feel to them…

    I’d also love something on the Micheal Moorcock adaptation THE FINAL PROGRAMME, based on one of his psychadelic Jerry Cornelius novels. It may overlap with all the other trippy 60s films though.

  17. I made a super weird movie. Just finished it this year. 100% green screen, thriller/horror/exploitation. Maybe I have to wait a year for a response but that’s cool with me!

  18. Lovecraft: we’ll take Latitude Zero as a recommendation, but not a weird movie recommendation. No Adam Curtis, but we’ve discussed all thre of those Ben Wheatley movies. The Final Programme is here.

    Eric: I’m afraid the wait will be well over a year by now, but what I can do instead is give you a plug in next Friday’s “Weird Horizon” column.

  19. Blood Freak. Genetically modified turkey and experimental Marijuana transform an ex-vet biker into a turkey headed monster that craves the blood of drug addicts. This one has to be seen to be believed. The narrator, a late middle-aged 70’s style hipster, lectures us on not putting strange chemicals into our body while chain smoking continuously, leading to the final moments where he practically coughs up a lung on camera. A stunt where a man gets his leg cut off with a bandsaw uses an amputee who sacrifices his fake leg in a blind stab at verisimilitude. The main actor is the star of a series of Tarzan style rip-offs, who was badly burned in a stunt accident and has the scars to prove it. An incredibly stupid and misguided film.

  20. I’d recomend the ultra-underground LA filmmaker DAMON PACKARD, who skulks around LA and assembles psychadelic footage and strange edits into movies like REVELATIONS OF EVIL and a no-budget remake of Miyazaki’s NAUSICAA… but I know him casually, so it may be a conflict of interest. Still, he’s ultra-weird, and could probably be convinced to give a quote or something for the site.

  21. Sorry the spam, but while I haven’t seen it yet, the movie ENTERTAINMENT looks pretty weird… it stars anti-comedy hero NEIL HAMBURGER and I think either Tim and/or Eric is directing, but it looks super-depressing and weird. It’s out on video on demand and some festivals.

  22. Have you ever covered THE WORLD’S GREATEST SINNER, Timothey Carrey’s deranged one-man vanity project where he plays an insurance agent who quits his job and becomes a rockabilly singing Presidential candidate before declaring himself God?

  23. I just saw K GORDON MURRAY’S LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND THE MONSTERS, both dubbed and subtitled. It’s a weird little Mexican ripoff of Wizard of Oz that has Tom Thumb, ogres, pinheads (the Zippy kind, not the Hellraiser king), witches ripped off from Disney, vampires, a robot, and a villian defeated not by the power of love or friendship but by a gang of Mexican kids with rocks and sticks. In the current political climate, I found the latter development to be pretty heartening, and I may have cheered.

  24. Mr. Smalley, have you got room for one more? (I thought I had previously seen it listed here in one of the “What’s in the Pipeline” lists, but I guess not).


    My goodness, where to begin? Yup, you guessed it, this is a vampire movie shot in 1975, in black & white, spoken entirely in sign language. Obviously made at an unfortunate time just before the advent of closed-captioning, the film is every bit the disaster you might imagine. You name it, it’s here: Hilarious inept voiceovers (for our non-deaf friends), laughable “special” effects, complete disregard for vampire mythology (vampires transform in broad daylight), troll-like police inspectors (“I’m from England. I know he’s a vampire.”) and very lax local law enforcement (“Promise not to escape?”), flashback vampire origins that feature a young kid (unconvincingly) making his very playful puppy his first victim, and many more hysterical surprises. The signing during some of the “action” scenes is off-the-chart entertainment. And I love how when some of the characters argue, they simply sign more rigorously. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not making fun of deaf people. Just the awful movie that they made.

    And don’t get me started on the mute hunchback. How do we know he’s mute? Because he’s got TIN CAN HANDS. Get it? Bwahahahaha.

    Trivia: This is the only film ever to be released in the Signscope format.

    Oh, and good luck finding a copy.

  25. Russ: I, too, kind of thought Deafula was in the queue. I’ll add it.

    Adam: Can’t find much info on BoXed besides the title, but I can add it… given the length of the queue it’s unlikely we’ll get to it in our lifetime without a screener.

  26. I saw THE GREASY STRANGLER last night at the Night of Horror International Film Festival. If I wasn’t with some friends, I would have walked out. It was as disgusting as it wanted to be, on every single level – visually, morally, etc. I’m guessing about 85% of this site’s readers will love it, but others will hate it. It’s basically a Tim & Eric/Napolean Dynamite style cringe-comedy with lots of nudity, farting, close-ups of grease, and zero empathy for anyone involved. It deserves a full review because it’s truly WEIRD, even though it tried very hard to be weird (there was a ‘Greasy Down Under’ tour and lots of hats and merch)… part of me thinks it shouldn’t get the attention it wants, but it does belong here.

  27. I can’t find Magnolia referenced on your site. Perhaps you’ve seen it and dismissed it. I saw it myself just a week ago. It’s the most amazing movie about fate and coincidence and synchronicity and the interconnectedness of people and things. An ensemble movie with a very large cast of character actors we all know, it seems very melodramatic at times. If you’re the type of person who cries at movies, this is a movie you’ll cry at. It is based upon the ideas of Charles Fort, whose surname became an adjective: “Fortean”. Plus it has two of the greatest music features ever…the “Wise Up” sequence where the actors in the movie all sit in their loneliness and mouth the words of the song playing on the soundtrack. And “Save Me” over the end credits. Movies that climax with rains of frogs, I tend to find weird. :)

  28. I know almost all anime is weird, and putting anime on the list opens up a can of worms, but may I suggest END OF EVANGELION? The entire NEON GENESIS EVANGELION series was a rite of passage among nerdy teenagers, and the last movie – written while the director had a nervous breakdown over his love for his voice actress and his hatred for his fans – is famously ‘weird’.

  29. That new Neil Young movie reminds me of a few weird music movies: Todd Haynes’ VELVET GOLDMINE, a glam rock fantasia trip that starts with Oscar Wilde and a UFO and turns into a massive Bowie/Lou Reed tribute with the plot of Citizen Kane (and nude Christian Bale and Ewan McGregor). I used to watch it on repeat in college, along with HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH and, for some reason, FIGHT CLUB.

    There’s the Bob Dylan oddities – MASKED & ANONYMOUS, a pretty weird road movie, I’M NOT THERE (by Todd Haynes, who also directed VELVET GOLDMINE), and the Western RENALDO AND CLARA, which I haven’t seen.

  30. Stef P: We’ll pass on Magnolia as weird—great movie, like all P.T. Anderson, but the final scene is too little, too late. Inherent Vice represents PT for now—hopefully he’ll go full weird again.

    Lovecraft: End of Evangelion is already up there. I can add Velvet Goldmine, though.

  31. Huh, SUPERSTAR: THE KAREN CARPENTER STORY, Todd Haynes’ short film made using dolls, isn’t on here either. I still haven’t seen it, but it belongs on the list.

  32. I have to suggest this even though you may never get to it, IF you even decide to put it in the queue. If nothing else you may enjoy watching it, as a fan of weird movies. “The Cannibals” by Manoel de Oliveira. Extremely hard to find but I just saw it on YouTube with english subtitles. Essentially a direct-to-celluloid opera that takes place in 19th c. Initially a tame love story gets not just weird, but Bunuelian. Here’s a little blurb on Letterboxd

  33. The Eyes of My Mother (2016).
    You’ve probably already heard of it and despite its newness it’s making quite an impact for first-time director Nicolas Pesce. It’s as pretty a B/W film as indie horror darling The Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, or Oscar-winner Ida, and it’s been compared to a blend of Bergman, Tobe Hooper and Tim Burton. I would throw in Korine and Tarr with a smidgen of Lodge Kerrigan and Elias Merhige as well (this is one of the few films I can say have ever actively reminded me of Begotten, your review of which is probably the best thing I’ve read on this site). Check it out if you can.

  34. “Master of the Flying Guillotine”(1976)-Most bizzare and crazy kung-fu film ever.Especially the main charcter is big mindfuck,but the plot goes around fighting tournamet.

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