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Please do not ask “what was that movie?” questions on this page. We set up an entire site here to answer those questions. This page is for suggesting movies to be reviewed.

Know a weird movie? Something strange that glued you to the screen with awe, amazement or reverence, while your more mundane minded friends left the room (or theater) in boredom, confusion or disgust? A movie whose omission from a list of the 366 weirdest movies of all time would offend you on a personal level? Something even I haven’t heard of or considered? There are potentially thousands of forgotten films, critically dismissed films, foreign or independent films that never got a proper release, or misplaced oddities hiding out there that may deserve a place at the table. One man can’t be expected to track them all down. Here is the place to mention those treasured curios that no one else seems to have even heard of. Nominate a movie in the suggestion box and I’ll move it up on my review queue, or at the very least, explain why I’m not going to review it.

NOTICE: The “Suggest of Weird Movie!” feature has become a victim of its own success.  At the time of this update, we have about 250 reader suggestions (!) in queue. (More than that since I last updated the page)! Since we can only do 1 or maybe 2 reviews a week, be aware there may be a huge delay—currently, possibly over a year!—between the time you make a suggestion and the point at which it’s actually reviewed.  I considered shutting down the suggestion box as of 2011, but I decided to let you keep your suggestions coming (if nothing else, it tells us what types of movies readers are interested in seeing reviews of). Just be aware that when you make a suggestion, it may not receive the promptest of attention. The best you can really hope for at this point is to bring something to our attention that we might have overlooked. (Also note that although we prioritize the earliest nominations later suggestions may get reviewed before earlier ones if they receive a re-release on DVD or Blu-ray, or interest us for our own inscrutable reasons).

If you can’t wait for one of our staff to review your movie, why not review it yourself and submit it to us via the contact form?  We can’t swear we’ll publish every submission we receive, but we want reader participation and we are fairly liberal.

All serious suggestions will receive a response, as well as all most non-serious ones.

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  1. Here’s the review queue of reader suggestions that have yet to be reviewed, in alphabetical order. You can always see this list ordered according to intended order of publication in the weekly “What’s in the Pipeline” column (published on Sundays).

    Be aware that, given the number of titles here, there will be a (long and ever-growing ) delay between suggesting a title and its eventual review.

    1Day; 8 1/2 Women; The 10th Victim; 2001: A Space Odyssey; 11:14; “The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes”; The Adventures of Mark Twain; The Adventures of Picasso; “Afraid So” from “The Films of Jay Rosenblatt, Vol. 2″; Aguirre, the Wrath of God; Air Doll; Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams; “Alicia” (1994); Alien Alibi; Allegro; Alphaville; Alucarda; Amazon Women on the Moon; Amanece, que no es poco; An American Hippie in Israel; “Analog”; Anatomy of Hell; L’Ange; Angel in the Flesh: The Confidential Report on Mr. Dennis Duggan AKA The King of Super 8 (if it’s ever released); Angelus; Angst; Anguish [Angustia]; The Annunciation; La antena; The Appointment (1981); Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters; Arrebato; Ascension; As Filhas do Fogo; The Atrocity Exhibition; Audition; Avida; Bad Taste; Bad Timing (AKA Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession); Battle in Heaven; Beauty and the Beast (1978); Berberian Sound Studio; Bernie (1996) (depending on availability); The Beyond; Bhoner; Bibliotheque Pascal; Big Man Japan (official review); Big River Man; Big Time; “The Big Shave”; Birth of the Overfiend; Black Devil Doll; Blind Beast; Bliss; Blood for Dracula; Blue (1993, Jarman); Blue Velvet; Born of Fire; The Boxer’s Omen [aka Mo]; Boxing Helena; Brain Dead (1990, d. Adam Simon); Brain Dead [AKA Dead-Alive]; Brand Upon the Brain!; The Brave Little Toaster; Breakfast of Champions; Brick; “The Brothers Quay Collection”; Bruce Lee vs. Gay Power; Bubba Ho-Tep; Buddy Boy (1999); Buffet Froid; Burnt Offerings; La Cabina [AKA The Telephone Box]; The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari; Cafe Flesh; Calamari Wrestler; Candy (1968); Cannibal! the Musical; Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death; Casshern; The Cat in the Hat; “Cat Soup”; Celestial Wives Of Meadow Mari; Celine and Julie Go Boating; The Cell; The Cement Garden; Chappaqua; “Charleston Parade”; Charly: Dias de Sangre; Che strano chiamarsi Federico [How Strange to Be Named Federico]; Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things; Christmas on Mars; Christ the Movie; The Chumscrubber; La cicatrice intérieure; Citizen Dog; City of Pirates; City of Women; Color of Pomegranates; Confessions; Confessions of a Dangerous Mind; Conspirators of Pleasure; The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover; Coonskin; Crash (Cronenberg); La Cravate; Creating Rem Lezar; Creatures of Destiny; Crimewave; Criminal Lovers; Cube; Cutie Honey; Dance With The Devil; Dandy Dust; Dante’s Inferno (2007); Dark Arc; The Dark Side of the Heart; Dark Waters; Daughter of Horror; Daymaker; Day of the Wacko; Death by Hanging; Death Powder (1986); Decasia (second review); Detention; The Devils; The Devil’s Chair; Diamond Flash; Dirty Duck; A Dog Called Pain; Dolls (2002); The Doom Generation; The Double Life of Veronique; The Drifting Classroom; Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam; Drowning by Numbers; Drunken Wu Tang [AKA Taoism Drunkard]; Dumplings; The Earl Sessions; Earth Girls Are Easy; Edward II; Eika Katappa; Electric Dragon 80,000 V; The Element of Crime; Emperor Tomato Ketchup; Encounters at the End of the World; The End of Evangelion; The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser; Evil Ed; Excision; Executive Koala; eXistenZ; Eyes Wide Shut; The Fall; The Falls; Fando y Lis; Faust: Love of the Damned; Fear X; Feherlofia; Felidae; Felix the Cat: The Movie; Fellini’s Cassanova; Fiend (1980); Fiend Without a Face; The Fifth Season; Finisterrae; Flaming Creatures; The Fool and the Flying Ship; The Fountain; Four Rooms; The Fox Family; Frankehooker; Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster; Freeway; Frontier; Fudge 44; Funeral Parade of Roses; Gahjini; Galaxy of Terror; Gandu; Genius Party; Gerry; The Giant Claw; The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai; “God Hates Cartoons”; The Godmonster of Indian Flats; Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell; Goodbye 20th Century; Gorod Zero; Green Snake; Grendel Grendel Grendel; Grimm Love; Haggard; Hair Extensions; Hanger; “Hansel and Gretel” (T. Burton, 1983); Happiness; Hard Candy; “Harpya”; Head (re-review); Heartbeeps; Heart of Glass; Heavenly Creatures; Hitler: A Film from Germany; Homebodies (1974); “Hospital Brut”; House (1986); Hugo the Hippo; ‘Hukkunud Alpinisti’ hotell [Dead Mountaineers Hotel]; Human Highway; I Am Here Now; Ichi the Killer; ID; Idaho Transfer; The Idiots; If…; I [Heart] Huckabees; The Illustrated Man; I’m Not There; Impolex; In a Glass Cage; “Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome,” Incubus; I Never Left the White Room; L’Inferno; Innocence (2004); In Search of the Titanic; Insidious (2010); In the Realm of the Senses; I Think We’re Alone Now; I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse; Jabberwocky; Jack and the Beanstalk (1974, Japan); James and the Giant Peach; Johnny Aquarius; Journey to the West [Xi you]; Junkie; Kárate a muerte en Torremolinos (depending on availability); The Keep; Killdozer; Killer Nun; Killer Condom; The Killing Room; King Lear (1987, Godard); Koyaanisqatsi; Krysar (AKA The Pied Piper of Hamelin); Kung Pow; La Razon de Mi Vida; The Last Days of Planet Earth; Last Life in the Universe; The Last Sunset; The Last Wave; Last Year in Marienbad; Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural; Leolo; Let the Right One In; Liquid Sky (re-review); Litan; Little Deaths; Little Murders; Live Freaky! Die Freaky!; The Living and the Dead; Lo; Love Me If You Dare; Lovers on the Bridge; Lucia (2013); Lucky; Mad Detective; The Magic Toyshop; Man Facing Southeast; The Manipulator; Marebito; Marketa Lazarova; Marutirtha Hinglaj; Master of the Flying Guillotine; Matador; Me and You and Everyone We Know; Mécanix; Meet the Feebles; Meet the Hollowheads; Memento Mori; Memoirs of a Survivor; Mermaid in a Manhole; Messiah of Evil; Metropia; The Midnight After; Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater; “The Mighty Boosh” (TV show); The Million Dollar Hotel; Mind Game; Moebius (1996); Mom (1986); Monday (depending on availability); Monobloc; “The Monster of Nix”; “Mouse Soup”; Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium; Multiple Maniacs; Murder Party; Mutant Aliens; Myra Breckenridge; The Mysterians; Mystics in Bali; Nails; Neighbors; Neji-shiki [AKA Screwed]; Never Belongs To Me; The Neverending Story; Nick the Feature Film; Night of the Lepus; Night on the Galactic Express; The Nine Lives of Thomas Katz; The Ninth Configuration; Nitwit; Noroi; No Smoking; Nuit Noire; Of Freaks and Men; Om Dar-B-Dar; One Eyed Monster; “One Soldier”; Only God Forgives; On the Silver Globe; Open Your Eyes; Organ; Le Orme [AKA Footprints on the Moon]; Orpheus; “The Ossuary”; Overdrawn at the Memory Bank; Palindromes; Paperhouse; Parents; The Passion of Darkly Noon; Pastoral Hide and Seek; Peeping Tom; Perfect Blue; Perfect Sense (2011); Period Piece; Phase IV; Philosophy of a Knife; Pierrot Le Fou; Pink Narcissus; The Pit; The Point; Pola X; Porcile [AKA Pigpen]; The Pornographers; Portrait of Jennie; Possession (official re-review); Post Tenebras Lux; Predestination (2014); “Premium” (if it can be found); The President’s Analyst; Príncipe Azul; “Prometheus’ Garden”; A Pure Formality; Quicksilver Highway; The Quiet Earth; A Quiet Place in the Country; R100; “Rabbits”; Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure; Rampo Noir; Ravenous; The Real McCoy; Reflections of Evil; Return of the Living Dead; Return to Oz (official review); Revolver; Riki-Oh: The Story of Riki; Rock n’ Roll High School; Roller Blade; Safe; The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea; Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom; Santa Claus (1959); The Saragossa Manuscript (official review); Savages; Save the Green Planet; The Sea That Thinks; A Scanner Darkly; Schramm; Screamplay; The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb; The Shape of Things; Shinbone Alley; The Shining; The Shout; The Signal; Singapore Sling (official re-review); Sir Henry at Rawlinson End; Sitcom; Skeletons; Slaughterhouse Five; SLC Punk; The Slit [AKA United Trash]; “Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions”; A Snake of June; Snow White and Russian Red; Society (official review); Something Weird; Space Is the Place (official re-review); Space Thang; A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness; Spermula; Sphere; The Spirit; Spirited Away; Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds; Spirits of the Dead; Spookies; “Star Maidens” (TV show); Static; Strange Circus; Strangers in Paradise; Stroszek; Suddenly Last Summer; Suicide Club (re-review); Surviving Life: Theory and Practice; Svidd neger (depending on availability); Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song; Symbol; Takeshis’; Talking Head; Talk to Her; Tammy and the T-Rex; Tampopo; Tank Girl; Tasher Desh; The Taste of Tea; Teknolust; The Tenant; La Teta y La Luna; That Day; That Deadwood Feeling; Themroc; Theodore Rex; They Came Back; Things; This Filthy Earth; Three… Extremes; Thriller: A Cruel Picture; Throw Away Your Books Rally in the Streets; Thundercrack!; THX 1138; Time Masters; Titicut Follies; Der Todersking; Totò che visse due volte; Tourist Trap (1979); Tout Va Bien; Troll 2; “Turkish Star Wars” [Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam]; The Twonky; Uncle Meat; Underground; Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer; Uzumaki [AKA Spiral] (official re-review); Vakvagany; Vase de Noces; Vermillion Souls; Versus; Vigasiosexploitation; Visions of Suffering; Visitor of a Museum [Posetitel muzeya]; Waiting for Godot; Waltz with Bashir; The War Zone; Wave Twisters; Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees; We Are the Strange; Welcome to the Dollhouse; Where the Dead Go to Die; Wicked City (1992 live-action version); Wild at Heart; “Wild Palms”; Wild Tigers I Have Known; Wings of Desire; Without Warning; A Woman’s Face (1940); Womb; Wool 100%; W.R.-Mysteries of the Organism; Yesterday Was a Lie; Zachariah; A Zed and Two Noughts

    1. I see “Bad Taste” on the list of possible inductions, but no “Killer Clowns from Outer Space”? Or “Bunraku”? Both straightforward in their stories, but definitely weird sets/characters/direction. I remember “Xtro” being pretty weird, too.
      I’m new to your site/list, but I own prolly 25% of the films you mention, as well as a few on the suggestion list.. nice to get some outside affirmation of their enduring & treasured weirdness!
      “Little Dizzle” was shot a couple blocks from me, with current barflys/ friends here in Seattle. Great to see it on the list as well.
      And is “9” too mainstream? The post-WWII alternative timeline is kinda interesting…

    2. Baal: We’ve considered all the titles you mentioned. A search should pull them all up immediately except maybe for 9. You can also see every feature-length title we’ve already covered on this page. Not too much we haven’t either seen or shortlisted out there, but there are still a few gems waiting to be found.

  2. Rosto AD Alert! The new intensely bizarre short film Thee Wreckers: Splintertime is coming out soon so keep an eye out for it at film festivals! The trailer for it can be seen at Thee Wreckers’ official YouTube page, along with the trailer for Lonely Bones and the full short film No Place Like Home.

    Also, for those curious, all of Rosto AD’s short films (Jona/Tomberry, The Monster of Nix, Beheaded, Anglobilly Feverson, Thee Wreckers series, etc.) all fit in and around his interactive graphic novel called “Mind My Gap.” Anyone who likes surreal, trippy worlds and characters should go check it out, and ‘keep an eye out’ for Splintertime!

  3. Sorry I posted it somewhere else, but I’ll repost them here. “Mirror mask” and “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.”

  4. Why is not 2001 a Space Odyssey in there? I mean, the last 20 minutes aren’t enough to consider it weird?

  5. Algus: We’ll keep an eye out, feel free to let us know when it’s available. (We don’t review short films that only play festivals).

    Spencer and Dan: I have been too busy to update the list that’s usually at the top of the page (it’s more time-intensive than you’d think), but if you go back a page in this thread you’ll see that Breakfast of Champions and 2001 are already in the queue.

    And Jenn, helpful reader Caleb Moss actually addressed your suggestions here (we’ve already reviewed them, he provides the links).

    Brad: The only movie I can find by that exact title is a family film about a heart surgeon. If you mean a different movie o that name, please provide a link.

  6. Here is a list of weird movies I’m surprised aren’t on this list as well as some recent movies that should be considered once they are out of thearters:
    -Crank: High Voltage
    -The Beast Pageant
    -Inherent Vice

    1. Nick:
      Although I’m personally a huge fan of Ex Drummer, Mr. Smalley wasn’t as impressed as I was when he declined to include it on the list(He did admit that it was WEIRD though (;). Here’s the archive:

      Birdman and Inherent Vice we’re both covered recently too, as you can see here:

  7. Wow… thanks for saving me some time, Caleb.

    I’ll add that you’re not the first person to suggest Crank 2, Nick, and this film kind of intrigues me. We mentioned The Beast Pageant back when it was a Kickstarter project, then never heard about it again. It does not look to be available anymore. Shame. I will add an official review for Crank: High Voltage in the queue.

  8. I suggest “The Acid House”, Paul McGuigan, 1998. Damn, that movie is WEIRD.
    Indelible Image (for me): The slow-motion death of the fly (a Righteously transformed Stephen McCole), at the hands of his mother and father, bouncing on the dusty carpet behind the couch, landing in crinkled-legged repose… Frickin’ Weird!

  9. I’m sure you guys are probably already aware of it, but just in case you aren’t, Yorgos Lanthimos has his first English language release coming out in March called “The Lobster” It’s a dystopian future feature in which single people are arrested, thrown into a hotel and forced to find a mate in 45 days or else they get turned into an animal. Should be interesting to see how it turns out with bigger names like Colin Farrel to star. Just something to keep an eye out for!

  10. Baal: One of our writers agreed with you on Acid House, but I haven’t seen it. I’ll need to check it out.

    Der Ubermolch: Don’t I know you? Yeah, I agree we need to look at The Face of Another. (You could do it yourself if you don’t want to wait).

    Brad: Interesting, that’s not in IMDB at all. OK, I’ll add Hands of God (2005, d. Alyson Levy) to the queue.

    Peter: You’re right and we will keep an eye out for The Lobster! Looks like it’s getting released in March. We’ll treat it as a new release and be on top of it when we can.

  11. I’m in the middle of watching Lakki, The Boy Who Grew Wings (1992) and I’m surprised (as per usual) that it hasn’t been brought to the attention of 366. Numerous dream/fantasy sequences and some very odd themes appear in, what the film suggests is, a very disoriented, harsh world.

  12. I saw a truly bizarre film on Netflix just the other day. “It’s such a beautiful day” , by Don Hertzfeldt, had one of the strangest animation styles I have ever seen. Technically speaking, the movie is actually 3 short films made by Hertzfeldt put together, but they flow together seamlessly. it has a general look and feeling of strangeness through and through. A must watch for lovers of the odd.

  13. I made a surprising discovery on Veehd the other day… . A movie called ‘Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds.’ Is it already there in the list? I haven’t watched it yet (except for the first few minutes) and it surely looks weird. (“Brother and sister endure alone together in a post-apocalyptic Outback until the sudden arrival of a stranger.” – imdb description.) One imdb reviewer from Melbourne has this to say about the film: ‘This film has some of the most beautiful imagery and haunting music ever. A three hander set in a post apocalyptic Oz outback (but one which is wildly more fantastical than Mad Max), Spirits of the Air tells the story of Smith, a stranger on the run who happens upon Felix and Betty, far into the desert. All around them are amazing images of cars buried into the ground like totems, huge flags blowing madly in the desert wind and their house itself is of the old oz pioneer style but decorated everywhere with crucifixes. ” One can also find this movie on Youtube (a poorer copy) and a far better copy (480p) on a site called vdownload (sorry if i’m violating norms here by stating sites with downloadable videos). But considering the rarity of this movie, it is a must-watch from any available source as some day it might disappear completely from cyberspace. Here’s a piece of info on the film by Brian Shutle of “The movie is not officially available on DVD in the States, but a website called Not Available on DVD had made it available by transferring the VHS image to DVD. Based on reader feedback, and my own inquiries, it appears the website is no longer in business.”

  14. there was this movie where a girl is getting stalked by a man and one day she walks home and she sees him and he invites her to his underground hideout which is under the leaves since its fall. She didn’t want to at first but she went because of him. Then idk he traps her there and she tries to leave and gets up the wooden ladder thing but he grabs her and i guess kills her. It doesn’t show the killing but then somewhat her ghost appears or idk i think it was her ghost. But she was running down a street with another girl watching her. That’s what i remember from my weird movie.

  15. L. Holt: I can add Hertzfeld’s It’s Such a Beautiful Day to the review queue.

    Brad: We’ll keep an eye out for Reality as a new release, and thanks for the tip on Where is Rocky II?

    Debashish: Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds is in our review queue, but I’m discouraged by its lack of availability.

    aubss: Wrong spot, please try asking here.

  16. “The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears”

    I apologize if it’s already on the pending list, I checked numerous times buuuuut I still could have missed it. But as far as a visual stunning triptastic yet highly disturbing ride… Yes.

  17. Brad: Now that’s interesting. Not sure how I missed that. I’m going to have to look into Tomorrow Night (if you don’t know the story behind this movie you can read Dana Stevens review for Slate). I’ll put it in queue for the moment.

    Sam: I’ll mention it to our shorts guy but in the meantime anyone willing to take a chance on an experimental film that’s under 3 minutes long can follow the link.

    Vincent: Strange Color is covered here.

    Chelslyn: Black Moon is here but I can add Poultrygeist to the queue.

  18. The Tracey Fragments, starring Ellen Page is fairly strange. The actual plotline is pretty straightforward, and in all honesty pretty short, but the way the story is actual told, through a series of manic, schizophrenic “fragments,” coupled with delusions which are more or less completely unrelated to the main story, make it a fairly strange film. Also the entire film is filmed in Mondrian, with a bunch of smaller squares each containing a separate scene playing at the same time. Pretty confusing movie, to say the least.

  19. A strange sounding suggestion, but Escanaba in Da Moonlight is a pretty odd film. Freaked is also pretty strange, declared too weird for general audiences. There’s also Takeshis’, a film by Takeshi Kitano, and the film Punch Drunk Love.

  20. Predestination with Ethan Hawke and Sarah snook is amazing. As is peacock with Ellen Paige and Cillian murphy. Just a couple weird ones I’ve seen lately. I always found the 12th gate to be weird too, but maybe that’s just me.

  21. The Voices…I have to say this is such an awesome disturbing and weird little movie…the end song has been banging around my head for days

  22. Some suggestions (the links refer to my personal reviews):

    01. Dead Leaves ( crazy art style, insane jokes, impossible to follow)
    02. Pop Skull (Adam Wingard, low-budget horror, insane editing)
    03. Tenshi no Tamago (Oshii & Amano, girl walks around with an egg, also something about fishermen chasing shadow fish, Oshii himself isn’t entirely sure what it all means)
    04. Survive Style 5+ (Taste of Tea on steroids, birdman, what’s your function in life)
    05. Jigoku no Banken: Akai Megane (Oshii again, slapstick meets scifi, Japanese Alphaville)

  23. Operation: Endgame is weird! It has genre elements but bucks those in favor of moving the plot forward. Odette and Ellen Barkin lend both beauty and sexiness but the humor and weirdness come through.

  24. Hi rla, we’re still waiting for The Voices to be released around here, we’ll get to it when it comes to DVD if it doesn’t show up in a local theater.

    Onderhond: Dead Leaves is a List Candidate. Tenshi no Tamago [Angel’s Egg] and Survive Style +5 are quarantined in our “awaiting release on Region 1 DVD” pile. Of the remaining two, Jigoku no Banken: Akai Megane [The Red Spectacles] is rare but available and looks like the better bet. I’ll put it in the queue.

    Tony: I didn’t get good reviews, but I guess we could add Operation: Endgame to the queue.

  25. I hate to keep adding stuff into your ever expanding queue, but the trailer for Julio Medem’s Tierra (1996) made my jaw drop.

  26. You guys all say you don’t want to add to the queue, but you can’t resist… kidding. In this case it really is fine though since Tierra is one we would want to look at on our own anyway. So your request is granted.

  27. Naturally, I love Blade Runner but I think it’s too far afield from “weird” to spend a review slot on. Villeneuve is an intriguing choice for the sequel, but I imagine they will want to reign in his surrealism, or the fanbase will go ape.

    R.I.P. Mr. Nimoy.

  28. Brad: I can add Kafka. Sorderberg said he planned to rework it and release a new cut, so we will get to it as a new release if he follows through.

    s: Normally I would scoff at the suggestion of Babe 2: Pig in the City, but I actually believe you’re not the first person to suggest it (although I can’t find the other mention), so I’m going to allow it. I know just which writer to assign it to…

  29. try some Yevgeny Yufit’s movies. Serebryanye golovy [Silver Heads] (1998) or Papa, umer ded moroz [Daddy, Santa Claus Is Dead] (1992).

    try some Christoph Schlingensief’s movies. Terror 2000 (1994) or Das deutsche Kettensägen Massaker (1990).

  30. The Hunger, (1983). I think this would make for a good review for the site just for the films approach and atmosphere.

  31. i see “waiting for godot (2001)” in the list . loved it
    i dont see the other Beckett play they put to film “endgame”
    this one is also great and probably weirder than godot.
    “there is a rat in the kitchen , if i dont kill it it will die”

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