It turns out that several behind-the-scenes projects have come together at the same time, so rather than dragging out the announcements over several self-serving posts, we’re putting everything together in one mega self-serving post.

First up, contributor Alfred Eaker’s first movie, Jesus and the Gospel of Yes (2004), is now available on Amazon Video-on-Demand ($1.99 rental—producer James Manaan points out that’s cheaper than a tab of LSD, though I haven’t personally scoped out prices—or $9.99 for a full digital download).  From the product description: “Jesus is a woman, Moses is a cross-dresser, and Judas is a crack addict in this retelling of the New Testament narrated by a hopped-up beatnik poet and played out in front of a constantly shifting series of eye-popping surrealist canvases. Mixing Star Trek references with fine art, absurd wordplay with lesbians, and superficial blasphemy with deep reverence, Jesus and Her Gospel of Yes is a psychedelic gauntlet thrown down at the feet of fundamentalists of all stripes.” You can see the first 2 minutes free at Amazon by clicking the link to the right.

Buy 366 Weird Movies 2010 YearbookNext up in the plug-a-thon is the highly-anticipated, long-delayed ““366 Weird Movies 2010 Yearbook.” The 2010 Yearbook should appear on Amazon very shortly, and we’ll be working on putting out an affordable e-book version as well. It comes in at a ridiculous 116 pages (versus a mere 53 pages for the necessary-to-complete-your-collection 2009 Yearbook), yet the price has only risen a paltry $0.50 to $6.99!

Since many of you will doubtlessly, and quite sensibly, ask yourself “why should I buy a book when I can read the damn website for free?,” we reprint our top 5 answers to that question from this time last year:

  1. Unlike the digital version, you can take the paper “Yearbook” into the “can” with you.
  2. If you unexpectedly run out of toilet paper in said “can,” the “Yearbook” can do double duty.
  3. This site may not always be here in the current form. (That’s not a hint, it’s a scare tactic).
  4. It’s distinctly within the realm of possibility that this Yearbook will become a collectible worth thousands/hundreds/a few cents over what you paid for it in five years. Collect them all! In the very near future, anything printed in ink on paper will be a valuable antique!
  5. Each copy sold will contribute a few cents towards paying our hosting/domain registration bills.

Buy 366 Weird Movies T-shirtWe should be finished there, but there’s actually more… because now you can confuse your friends and mystify strangers with the official 366 Weird Movies t-shirt! I wanted one of these for myself and it costs nothing to offer it to others, so here it is. I have “street tested” a prototype garment, and I can confirm that the product 1). effectively covers the human torso when correctly sized, and 2). is guaranteed to elicit responses like “Hey, isn’t that Count Orlock from Nosferatu?” from would-be hipsters. T-shirts come in two varieties: one with the logo on front and the ever-growing, ever-changing List printed on the back ($19.49—buy a new one every couple of months!) and one with just the logo (only $16.49—one-sided printing is significantly cheaper). You can choose from a variety of colors but I would stick with white, as none of the others have been tested.

Buy 366 Weird Movies Coffee MugFor anyone for whom a t-shirt is too expensive but who would nonetheless like to spread the 366 brand, there’s the 366 Weird Movies coffee mug at just $10.49—what weirder way to start your day than with Conrad Veidt’s glassy-eyed stare accosting you as you gulp down your morning joe?

All available at the seldom-visited, never-equaled 366 Weird Movies Merchandise shop! All items subject to predatory shipping & handling charges outside of our control. Reseller handles all returns and complaints.


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