If there’s one thing we like more than a talented, unconventional film director, it’s one who also writes extraordinary music.  John R. Hand is one of these talented artists. His band, User Assumes Risk, mixes their disturbing electronic music with horrifying, gruesome images for a live performance that would make Marilyn Manson envious. CORRECTION: Although Hand is also a composer, the music in this video was actually written by Lemmie Crew.

2 thoughts on “SATURDAY SHORT: [USER ASSUMES RISK] JUNE 18, 2008”

  1. Thanks for posting the video! Actually User Assumes Risk is my friend Lemmie Crew’s electronic music “project,” I guess is what he would call it. He does pull of some pretty wild shows and I’ve only been able to capture a handful of them on video. Lemmie also did the make-up effects in my film Scars of Youth.

  2. Mr. Hand, thank you for the correction. It’s my fault, I assumed that the composition was yours. I updated the post to give Lemmie Crew proper credit. I first saw the [user assumes risk] video as an extra on the Scars of Youth screener DVD, and it looks great (and even scarier) on a TV screen.

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