2 thoughts on “SATURDAY SHORT: EARTHWORM HEART (2014)”

  1. I don’t know if its the same range of films… But there’s two that come to mind that aren’t on the list. Which, like I said, may be because they aren’t the types of films you’re looking for, but its bugging me not saying anything so…

    Perfect Sense- kind of ciche ‘romance’ movie about the world ending through senses. A virus which slowly makes everyone in the world lose their senses after a compulsive set of events. You have insane urges to eat anything and everything around you, and I mean anything, for only a few moments then lose the sense of taste, different range o events for each sense. It turns into a sort of apocalyptic world.

    Perfume: story of a murderer (based on the book) a man with an extremely sensitive nose that can smell things other people can’t starts killing women (virgin I believe?) to bottle their scent in perfumes. The ending was just as shocking reading it as watching it on tv.

    Anyway. May not be what you’re looking for, but they are weird. So. Yea. Do with (or not) what you will.

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