Now that we’ve Certified 242 of an eventual 366 movies as Weird, we’re now officially almost two-thirds through the List of the Best Weird Movies ever made (basic arithmetic tells us we’ll hit this landmark with entry #244). We’re passed the point of no return and are on the downhill slope. We’d like you, the loyal (and even the not-so-loyal) readers to chose the movies to celebrate this upcoming milestone.

As observant readers notice, some movies make the List on a first screening, while we nominate others as “List Candidates.” Sometimes these films are lovable classics with powerful imagery, but they’re only a little bit weird. Sometimes they’re amazingly bizarre, but utter crap. Sometimes the reviewer was in a bad mood when they screened it and didn’t give it a fair chance. And, although we’d never admit it, sometimes a movie was good enough to make the List on the first ballot, but we were too busy to write up a full Certified Entry that week and dashed off a List Candidate review instead. The end result is that any of the films listed below could have been placed on the List of the 366 Best Weird Movies, but we chickened out and made each of them “List Candidates” instead.

Although these movies arrived at this point by different routes, they’re all in the same boat now. They all need your help to ensure their rightful spot on the List! You can vote two films to be placed onto the List of the 366 Best Weird Movies of All Time: one candidate from Group A (movies up to 1990) and one from Group B (1991 to present). You can vote once per day, and we’ll leave the poll up for two weeks. Voting closes at midnight (EST) on July 20, 2016.

Past Reader Choices that made the List were Alice, Visitor Q, Pink Floyd: The Wall, Trash Humpers, The American Astronaut, Dead Ringers, Keyhole, Sweet Movie, Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, Ninja Champion, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Movies that are not easily available on DVD at the present time are generally not listed in this poll as we keep our fingers crossed for an eventual release.

Comments are encouraged: maybe you can sway others to vote for your favorite?

Vote below:

(if you can’t see the polls, try clicking

here [Group A]

and here [Group B]).


  1. I think ‘Hard to be a God’ is without a doubt one of the strangest film-experiences I’ve ever had..

    .. and I’ve seen about 60% of the current Certified Weird List.

    It deserves your vote, really. It deserves your undivided attention as well. Peace out.

  2. I would encourage voters to go for the Brothers Quay film “Street of Crocodiles”. Currently Jodorowsky’s “Fando & Lis” is in the lead, and while it is a decidedly weird film its also the least satisfying of Jodorowsky’s canon, whereas “Crocodiles” is arguably the Quay Brother’s best. It is equally weird and transporting, luring you into its absorptive, nightmarish, sensual atmosphere and imagery.

    I think part of the selection criteria, especially for an exclusive list, should encompass whether a film is a satisfying viewing experience, along with being batshit strange:)

  3. “Cube” was a great movie, but I wouldn’t call it weird. Innovative, yes, but not weird. Your review already explains why it’s not weird enough for the list, and I have nothing to add to that.

    The sequel, “Cube 2: Hypercube” was weirder, but it also wasn’t nearly as good.

  4. Truly a fine smattering of titles. I’d be interested in perhaps a “reverse” poll for least seen of the bunch. My money would be on “Get Mean” — it would not surprise me if only myself and the nominator had seen that strange little outing. (If I’m wrong, let me know; I’d take comfort knowing more people had been able to take a gander.)

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